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Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough 3-3 The greenhouse, lantern puzzle and D-Series arm

Stay away.

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Table of contents

The greenhouse

Well, since Zoe apparently already has the D-Series head needed for the serum recipe, it’s up to you to find the D-Series arm. The first thing we need to do is get that lantern back. It’s going to take a fight to get it, so you need to prepare. You should have enough antique coins to purchase the steroids from the cage in the trailer.

You’re going to want your fancy new grenade launcher and any flame rounds you’ve found or made (from strong chem fluid and solid fuel) so far (and we’ll be getting a few more shortly). Keep at least one full slot of first aid med. You’ll also want your burner and your shotgun. Also bring a lock pick if you have one — you’ll exchange it for a couple flame rounds in a minute. All of this accounts for eight of your 16 inventory slots (and your extra ammunition for all of your weapons will take up even more), so it might take some maneuvering to fit it all. You’re also going to be picking up several items before the fight, so be prepared to run back and forth some to gather it all (we made at least three trips).

You might not need all of your weapons for the first couple trips into the greenhouse, but, like we said, you’re about to have a fight, so it feels foolish to even approach it unprepared.

After you save, head toward the greenhouse. The door on the ground floor of the greenhouse (on your left as you approach) is locked, so you’ll have to enter through the second floor (the covered stairs on your right).

Turn left immediately before the stairs to find another treasure photo. This one is of the toilet in the trailer. Head back to find some 44 MAG ammo (and immediately stash them in the inventory box since we don’t have that gun yet), then return here.

Enter the greenhouse, then turn to your right and go into the room there. There’s a locked drawer on your left. Use the lock pick we mentioned to open it for two flame rounds. Continuing clockwise, pick up the separating agent, solid fuel and two green herbs. As you gather them, turn any strong chem fluid and solid fuel into more flame rounds. You may have noticed that we’re stressing those flame rounds. There’s a reason for that.

Head back to the door you just came through, turn right and drop through the hole to the first floor. There’s nothing to pick up in the room you drop into (not even in the toilet, surprisingly) and the door in front of you is locked, so head into the dark room on your left. In the far right corner, there’s a crate to break for some handgun ammo next to the hole in the wall.

Head out of the door on your right and turn left. Go to the sofa at the end of the hall to pick up some psychostimulants. Turn around and go to the other end of the hall and clean the spiders off the door and open it — this will make running around the house like a crazy person (which you’ll be doing momentarily) easier. Turn around and burn the spiders off of the locker behind you to pick up more shotgun shells and strong chem fluid. This is your last chance to regroup and sort out you inventory before things get interesting. Head back to the middle of the hall and climb the stairs.

Marguerite fight

New and improved Marguerite will bust through the window and grab you, starting the big fight of this area. It works like this: Marguerite will grab you and toss you around a little, but mostly she wants to run away. When she gets away from you — usually by jumping up, climbing a wall or dropping through the floor — she’ll release a swarm of bugs to bother you.

So your job is to chase her around, keeping her in sight, and hit her with a steady barrage of flame round grenades, burner flames and shotgun shells. Reload every chance she gives you — and be aware that your grenade launcher only holds one shot at a time and takes a long time to reload.

If she gets away from you, use your burner to deal with the bugs she releases and reload all of your weapons while you seek her out. Any time she starts to run, hit with another blast of whatever you have loaded at the time to keep her on the defensive.

She’ll eventually fall to her knees in a weird, full-body spasm and the fight is over. The lantern will be among her remains.

Greenhouse collectibles

We’re giving the rest of the collectibles in the the greenhouse their own section for a couple reasons — as we wrote above, your inventory is probably pretty full already (so you may need to pick and choose what to seek out) and, if you need one of these items during the fight, you’re going to be in a hurry. If you’ve defeated Marguerite, you’re free to leave the house and stash what you’ve gathered in your inventory box before coming back to grab the rest.

  • Continue to the top of the stairs where Marguerite grabbed you and turn around to the left, there’s another spider-covered locker with a green herb and some solid fuel inside.
  • To the right of that cabinet, the run-down room with a bathtub in it has some handgun ammo in a breakable crate and some burner fuel in a green table.
  • Continue through that room onto the balcony over the first floor. Climb down the ladder on the left side. There’s some burner fuel on the ground to the right of the ladder and some chem fluid on the mower behind you. (That’s the fourth appearance of a mower in this game, by the way.)
  • To the right of the mower, there’s a cabinet with more burner fuel in a drawer.
  • Head into the room behind that cabinet and turn left to find a green herb and a first aid med on the ground on the left side and another green herb in a breakable crate.
  • Turn around and make your way all the way back across the front of the building to find a cabinet in the far corner with solid fuel and chem fluid inside.
  • Turn around from that cabinet and pass through the doorway. Just inside, there’s more chem fluid on your right.
  • Continue in that direction to the green table next to the refrigerator to find some shotgun shells in the drawer. Turn around from that table to unlock the door into the main hallway.

Old house lantern puzzle

When you’re done clearing out the greenhouse, unlock the front door and return to the trailer. Save and rearrange your inventory however you want. This next part only requires a gun (we prefer the shotgun if you have the shells left over or the handgun with enhanced handgun ammo) so you can fill the rest of your inventory as you like.

Leave the trailer and return to the door attached to the lantern puzzle. Place the other lantern on the left side of the scale and the door will unlock. Everything behind this door is creepy as hell, but you’re not going to get attacked for a few minutes, so be careful, but don’t be too trigger-happy — we squeezed off more than a couple rounds jumping at shadows. We’ll warn you when things are about to get shoot-y again.

The D-Series arm

Head through the door and turn right at the back of the room. This will lead you into another room where you’ll see your first of several jump scares. Look on the floor to your left for a picture that Eveline drew of her family. Continue through the room to the right. In the back, there’s another drawing and a teddy bear in a rocking chair. If you pick the teddy bear up and turn it over, it says, "I love you!" Haha, just kidding, black mold pours out of its mouth because everything is awful.

Go through the door next to the teddy bear into the hallway and turn right — which is the only way you can go. Continue through into the room that is more black goo than room and just keep pushing forward through it. After the falling dolls jump scare, there’s a note on the yellow table on your left. Continue through the door.

Turn left, then right and just keep stubbornly walking deeper into the horrifying house. When you get to the long hallway with the metal door at the end, you’re almost there.

In the back right corner of Eveline’s bedroom, open up the dollhouse to find a hand-drawn map showing you where the secret passage is. Turn left and crawl through the passage.

Pull the D-Series arm off the mannequin-thing at the end of the secret passage. Turn around and start your trip out of here.

Things are about to get shooty again

You didn’t think you were just going to waltz out of here with the arm, did you?

Your escape is going to be plagued by molded. At least it’s only molded and not worse enemies. Remember that the shotgun will drop them with one headshot and just (try to) keep your wits about you as you retrace your steps to the main part of the old house. The first molded with jump you as soon as you try to leave Eveline’s room.

The next one, unsurprisingly, attacks in the black ooze-filled room and there’s one more behind the screen right before the lantern-locked door. Once you’re out, head to the trailer to meet Zoe (and save).

But, obviously, things don’t go quite according to plan.


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