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Resident Evil 7 guide 2-0 Main house (all sections)

This main house is creepy

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Table of contents

  • Full Resident Evil 7 guide table of contents
  • 2-1 From Jack to the garage

    2-2 Main hall and Mia tape

    2-3 Jack's back and the basement

    2-4 The final dog's head and Jack's boss fight

    Look around

    Technically, you did escape the attic, so good job! In Resident Evil 7 biohazard's next location, the Main House, things happen fast and there’s a lot going on, so we’re going to break it into multiple sections.

    When you come to, you’re having a nice meal with your new family. After the worst game of "here comes the airplane!" ever, the phone rings and it’s time for you to get out of there.

    You’ve got a couple seconds to breathe before everything goes sideways again, so poke around some. You can explore the kitchen, the pantry and the living room without being harassed. Let’s start in the living room. Turn right from the dinner table and start walking toward the living room. Right before you go in, turn left and approach the back side of the kitchen cabinets to pick up a File — the receipt pinned there for a completely normal set of things to buy at a hardware store. Now you can continue into the living room.

    The first important thing to notice is the clock against the wall on your left — there’s nothing you can do now (it’s missing its pendulum), but this is something we’ll be coming back to later. Continue around the room clockwise. There is some ammo in the table in the back right corner. If you crouch down right there and look behind the speaker, you’ll find a green herb. Check the newspaper on the coffee table for an article about the Sewer Gators’ disappearance.

    Next, check out the kitchen. There are three disturbing notes on the refrigerator and some questionable foodstuffs inside. Turn around and pick up the green herb out of the trash. Go ahead an open the door from the kitchen to the hallway — you’re going to be using it in a few minutes and you don’t want it to slow you down.

    Continue through to the pantry. There are only two things of note in here. Against the wall on your right, you’ll find a boot with the name Eveline written on it. The other, more important thing, is the locked hatch in the floor in the back left corner. This is your escape. You can’t open it yet, but this is where you’re going to be running in a second.

    Getting away from Jack

    Now, it’s time to face Jack Baker. Go back to the dining room and open the doors into the hallway. Turn right and ignore the stairs down to the garage for now. Continue down the hall. At the end, on the left, you’ll find a locked door — you’ll be opening this in a minute. Follow the hallway around to the right. Before you make it very far down the hall, you’ll see Jack stumble into view. He’s carrying a shovel and that’s not a good thing. Things are going to happen fast now, so read ahead a little and try to prepare.

    Jack is going to chase you, but he’s not fast. Your goal is to stay out of reach of his shovel and just outmaneuver him — you don’t have any weapons to fight back with anyway. To reiterate (because we tried several, increasingly frustrating times), there’s no fighting back here — you goal is simply to run away.

    There are two things you can practice using here — sprinting by clicking the left thumbstick and rapidly turning around by pulling back on the left thumbstick and pressing circle/B.

    Kite Jack back along the hallway, around the corner and past the door to the kitchen. Lead him all the way back to the dining room doors and put the table between you. Jack will destroy the table, giving you your window. Sprint past him to the right, into the kitchen and out through the (open) door into the hallway. Follow the hallway right.

    You’re not going to get far before Jack Kool-Aid Man-s his way through the wall. Just kite him back toward the dining room again. There’s no table to distract him this time, so your goal is to wait until he’s in the hall between the kitchen and dining room doors, then sprint through the kitchen and into the pantry. Go through the convenient door he just created in the wall and turn right into the hallway. Follow the hall all the way to the end and pick up the Hatch Key from the table. There are other things to look at in the hallway down to your right, but let’s focus on the homicidal maniac wielding a shovel first.

    Turn around and pause for a second. Jack is going to be taunting you, but if you keep a cool head, you can figure out where he is without him noticing you. This has suddenly become a stealth mission. Crouch and creep back toward the hole in the wall. If Jack sees you, focus on your dining room kiting loop again. If he doesn’t, wait until he leaves the pantry (or just moves out of sight) and, staying crouched, move quickly into the pantry and to the hatch in the floor. Unlock the hatch and drop inside.

    If Jack does catch you, your goal remains the same — get away from him. Use the rooms and the hallways to get some distance and break line of sight. You might even be treated to a weird scene where Jack further reduces your original limb count. But don’t get (too) distracted. You need to grab the key and get to the hatch.

    The Laundry Room

    Under the floor, you’re safe for the moment so you can catch your breath. Start moving forward. Watch for the bottle of HeyBro laundry detergent(?). Stop next to it and turn left. There is a lawnmower against the far wall (which is a weird place to keep a lawnmower) with an antique coin on the deck. Continue along the path to its end.

    You’ll climb up inside a laundry room — this room is behind the locked door you saw earlier in the hallway. Explore the room and grab anything not nailed down. You’ll find the Main House map on the tables in the middle. On the far side of the room from where you entered, open the filing cabinet to find some chem fluid and another green herb — these items can be combined in your inventory to create a first aid med. Next, head to the shelves immediately right of the door. There’s a box to pick up and examine. Rotate it around until you can interact with the latch and open it to pick up a lock pick.

    Now, turn your attention to the large green create behind the tables. This is your Item Box — it’s a storage locker and gift center all in one. Pre-order bonuses and the Dirty Coin from the demo are found here. You may have noticed that your inventory is rather small — only eight slots — so this is where you can store your extra items when you’re playing inventory Tetris. Right now, you’re probably okay on space, so you shouldn’t have to worry about shuffling anything around.

    When you’re done looking around the laundry room, hit the tape recorder to save. Now it’s time to head back into the house. Before you make it into the hallway, though, the phone rings again. Talk to Zoe, who will tell you your new goal is to make it out of the house via the Main Hall — a room you can’t get to yet. She’s a hell-of-a-girl.

    The cop

    Out in the main hallway, head toward the dining room doors. Jack’s wandered off, so you’re in the clear for the time being. There’s a locked drawer to the right of the doors that you can open with your fancy new lock pick. Open it up for a first aid med. Poke around in the dining room and kitchen for a minute — there’s nothing to find, you’re just waiting for the next event to trigger.

    You’ll hear a banging and see a flashlight through the window at the end of the hall (to the left of the dining room doors). Go to it and talk to the cop outside. He’s less than helpful, but you eventually convince him to give you a knife. He wants to meet you in the garage. That will surely go well.

    Before you head down to the garage, it’s time to put that knife to use and explore a little while we’re at it. Turn around from the window and follow the hallway all the way around to where you picked up the Hatch Key. Turn right again and explore the hallway here. There are some pictures on the tables along the way to look at (and comment on). The main thing we’re here to learn about is the locked door to the Main Hall. There’s nothing you can do about it just yet, but you’re going to be coming back here in a few minutes, so it’s good to know your surroundings. The door is locked with some elaborate statue-based mechanism that seems to be missing a piece. Good to know. Continue down the hall to the end to find your first Mr. Everywhere to destroy. There are 20 of these bobble-head statues scattered throughout the game. Destroying them all unlocks the Mr. Nowhere trophy. (We’ll point out the obvious ones in this walkthrough, but we’ll be writing up a full collectibles guide in the days to come.)

    Go back along the hallway and into the laundry room again. Crouch in front of the tape recorder for the second Mr. Nowhere. While you’re here, go ahead and save again because things are about to get interesting.

    The garage

    Now it’s time to head to the garage. Turn right out of the laundry room and take the next right. There’s a convenient sign that lets you know you’re going the right way. Before you go down the stairs, look to your right. There’s a box on the table that you could probably break. Hit it with the knife to pick up some handgun ammo. Now, head down the stairs. Use the knife to cut the tape holding the cabinet to the left of the door closed, then push the big red button.

    Your conversation with the cop goes about as well as you’d expect and now it’s time to fight for your life. While Jack is distracted with his non-traditional shovel use, run behind him to pick up the cop’s G17 handgun. Before you use it, there’s one more thing you need to pick up. Turn around and face Jack again. Sprint past him to the left and head for the back left corner. There is a car key on a table. Pick it up.

    Now, your goal is to get into the car and get it started before Jack grabs you. Once again, worry about getting away first. It’s tempting to use the gun, but you’re already pretty low on ammo and, in the end, it’s not the point of this fight. If you’re going to shoot him (and it’s very satisfying to do so), only go for head shots. Just like Mia before, they slow him down. You can use some well-timed headshots to create the distance you need to maneuver around Jack. Get him to follow you around the car. When he’s behind it and you feel like you’ve got some room, sprint to the car and get inside. Mash the interact button while looking in the general direction of the steering column to get the car started.

    When you’re safely locked inside, Jack will move in front of you. Your job is now to prove the age-old adage of "never bring an axe to a car fight." Use the limited space available to back up and launch forward repeatedly, steering into Jack as best you can. There’s no need for fancy maneuvers here — you’re not getting out of the garage, you’re just using a car to bludgeon Jack. After a few collisions, Jack won’t get back up. Yay! Fight over.

    Nope. Jack rips the roof off of your car and offers to give you a driving lesson. Just slam the car back and forth until the solution presents itself. Jack ends up worse off than you do, so tumble out of the car and take a look around. There’s a filing cabinet in the front right corner of the garage — across from where you picked up the car key. Open it for more chem fluid.

    About this time, the car bursts into flames. Unkillable Jack climbs out and makes his way toward you. For this part of the fight, you’re really just killing time. Keep backing away from Jack and keep him slowed down with headshots. When the car explodes and Jack dies, you can finally take a breath.

    Go to the locker to the left of the garage door for another first aid med. Turn left from there to find some more ammo on a bench in the back corner. Now, look at the bench where you picked up the car key. A ladder has fallen from the balcony above you. Climb up the ladder. Nope. Jack’s back for one last assault on your senses. Once he’s dead again (temporarily, we’re sure), get up the ladder. Turn to the left at the top to pick up some shotgun shells. Until you get a shotgun, they’re useless, but their existence certainly points to better armaments to come. To the right of the ladder, look at the shelves. Pick up the bull relief frame and flip it over. Unscrew the wing nut on the back to get the key to the Ox Statuette which sure looks like it’d fit into the door to the main hall. Interact with the left side of the shelves to open up a path to the stairs you originally took down to the garage.

    From here, head back to the laundry room to save before you move on.

    The main hall

    After you’ve saved, it’s time to manage your inventory at the Inventory Box. We know what’s coming up, so take our word for it here — dump pretty much everything. You’re going to be picking up a bunch of stuff in the very near future and you’ll be just about out of room pretty quickly.

    Keep one slot of first aid meds, but you can probably dump any extra ingredients. You’re really only going to need three things here — the Ox Statuette, your trusty pocketknife and the cop’s G17 handgun. First aid meds are optional, but, you’re kind of asking for trouble if you don’t bring them along. Ideally, you’re going to need less than one clip of ammo, so how much you bring is up to you — technically, you can get through this next section without firing your gun at all, but we sure don’t recommend it.

    There’s nothing new — neither items nor enemies — in the rooms you’ve already been through, so just head straight for the door to the Main Hall — the one with the elaborate bull lock. When you get there, place the Ox Statuette in the left side of the lock and the door will unlock for you. Push it open to find the Main Hall. Sadly (and unsurprisingly), there’s no open door or flashing exit signs, so let’s get exploring.

    It’s creepy in here, but safe and nothing’s going to jump out at you, so you can move freely. Work your way around the room clockwise. Immediately to the left of the door, there’s a table with a green herb and a Mr. Everywhere statue. A little farther along, there’s some gunpowder in an armoire — this can be combined with chem fluid to create handgun ammo. Just to the right of that, there’s an Antique Coin in a drawer.

    As you continue around the corner, the phone will ring and you’ll have another conversation with Zoe over the phone. She helpfully tells you to get out of the house and doesn’t seem to notice you screaming "WHAT DO YOU THINK I’VE BEEN DOING!?" at the television. She also drops that Jack was (is — we’re just assuming that Jack follows horror movie villain rules at this point) her father. Just to the right of the telephone table, you’ll see the door you’ll be exiting through. It’s got a similar lock to the one that got you into the Main Hall, but this one is Cerberus-themed (or Fluffy-from-Harry-Potter-themed, if you prefer).

    Continue your circuit around the room to find another door you can’t open yet. To the right of the scorpion door, you’ll find a grandfather clock that sure looks a lot like that one in the Living Room. Pick up the clock pendulum from inside. Next to the clock, you’ll find a newspaper with an ominous article on the front. As you continue right, you’ll see a room with a projector, a pedestal and an incomplete painting. There’s nothing to do here yet — you need whatever goes on that pedestal — so just note its location for later. Continue along the wall to the closet under the stairs and pick up the chem fluid. As you complete your loop, you’ll see a statue holding a shotgun. As tempting as it is, you can’t grab it yet — the statue is a Raiders of the Lost Ark-style trap that will lock you inside the room unless you have something shotgun-weighted to swap in. Just remember where it is and we’ll come back for it later.

    There’s nothing to see in the middle of the room, so it’s probably a good time to go use that clock pendulum. Backtrack through the house to the living room. Interact with the clock and place the pendulum inside. You’ll receive the White Dog’s Head in return. Take that back to the Main Hall and install it in the Cerberus door. One down, two to go.

    Now it’s time to head upstairs in the Main Hall. Take the stairs on the far side of the room — over the closet where you picked up the chem fluid, to the left of the shotgun statue’s room. It doesn’t actually matter which side you go up, but going up this side means that Grandma Baker will freak you out marginally less. She’s harmless (for now, we assume) and she just stares. There’s a photo of Eveline in the table at the top of the stairs. There’s another door you can’t open on the right. Cross the room to the left side, as hard as it is to head toward the creepy-as-all-get-out old lady. There’s nothing in the closet, so just head through the door next to Grandma.

    The recreation room

    We’re going to take you on a quick loop before going to the Recreation Room. You can examine the football helmet on the table in front of you when you first walk in, but there’s nothing to be gained from it. Turn right and head out onto the walkway outside. Turn left and take the walkway all the way to the end. Destroy the crate for some handgun ammo. Unless you’ve picked up a lock pick we didn’t see, there’s nothing to do about the locked box on the shelves. Turn left and head into the hallway.

    Pick up the chem fluid in the drawer on your left. At the end of the hall, there’s a bathroom on the right. You can open the door, but don’t go in yet — this will be the location of a fight in a few minutes, but we have to do something else first. Turn left and continue following the hallway. Pick up the green herb out of the drawer next to the chair. Turn left from there to complete your loop and head through the door into the Recreation Room.

    Do a loop of the room for collectibles. Going clockwise, there’s gunpowder in the trashcan behind the door you just came through. To the right of that, pick up the orangish-yellow book. Spin it around until you can open it to find the Blue Dog’s Head. Continuing around, there’s a diary in the drawer behind the bar that hints at some recent happenings in the bayou. On top of the bar, grab the "Mia" VHS tape.

    Continue around the room until you’re over by the pool table. There’s a note on the table that mentions a Processing Area — which you’ll be visiting shortly. Above that, you can look at a stuffed cow head, but the only point is to give you a better appreciation of the Baker family’s taxidermy skills. A little farther to the right, there’s a cabinet with an antique coin and a Mr. Everywhere. Turn right from here to find a shotgun — you’ll use this shortly to swap for the one downstairs.

    Take a quick detour before you go much further to put the Blue Dog’s Head in the Cerberus door downstairs. While you’re down here, head to the Laundry Room to save and hit the Inventory Box if you want, but we’re going to be finding a new save point soon.

    Mia’s tape

    Get back upstairs to the Recreation Room. Put the "Mia" VHS tape in the VCR on the bar. This time, you’re going to play the flashback as Mia. Once again, a lot is going to happen kind of fast, so read ahead to prepare yourself.

    The video opens with you, Mia, talking to you, Ethan, but that’s soon cut short by the arrival of Marguerite. You job from here until the end of the tape is to avoid getting caught by her. That’s it. There’s no fighting (and nothing to pick up), it’s just avoiding getting caught.

    As soon as you gain control of Mia, head straight down the babydoll-lined bridge because you’re living in a horror movie, so why not just lean into it. Go through the double doors at the far end. The door on your right will close on its own, so don’t go that way. Turn left instead and follow the wall around to your right. If you want to, you can look across the gap in the floor to your left to see a creepy little girl. We don’t recommend it. Go through the door in front of you. Weave your way through the old-TV-and-mold room as the candles go out around you and go through the door at the far end.

    There is a crate directly in front of you, a door to your right that is locked and a door to your left that Marguerite is about to come through. When you hear Marguerite approaching, crouch behind the crate and wait. She will yell at you a little, but if she doesn’t see you, she’ll eventually move on into the next room. With the door shut behind her, you can come out of hiding and turn left to go through the door she came through.

    You’ll enter a room with a projector puzzle that looks very much like the puzzle downstairs in the Main Hall. Don’t mess with it yet, though, because Marguerite is about to come in. Run through the room and out onto the balcony. Turn right and crouch on the other side of the window. We say right and not left because Marguerite is going to come through the room and check the balcony as well, but she’ll only check the right side, not the left. You can watch her through the window, but make sure to duck to the left if she looks your way.

    Just wait her out. She’ll move on after a couple tense minutes. When she leaves, she won’t be coming back, so you can investigate the puzzle now. Interact with the abstract statue on the pedestal to start solving the puzzle. Your goal is to spin the sculpture in such a way that it casts a shadow in the shape of a spider — to match the painting on the wall. There’s no trick to it, just spin the sculpture with the right thumbstick until it starts looking like a spider. If you rotate it all the way around without any luck, try spinning it up or down for a new perspective. When you get it more or less aligned (it doesn’t have to be exact), hit X/A to accept the position.

    This will open a secret door in the wall that leads to a narrow passage. Squeeze down the passage to the exit at the other end.

    You’ll see a pile of boxes in front of you and a path that leads left and right on the far side of the room. Your goal is to get to the right and down through a hatch in the floor there. You can’t just run, though, because Marguerite shows up again. Crouch down and keep that pile of boxes between you. She’s going to approach and circle the pile counterclockwise. Keep an eye on her and match her movements.

    When she’s on the side closest to the hole in the wall you just crawled through, back away from the pile and down the hall to the right. Don’t worry about doing the timing — if you don’t back away from the pile the first time she circles around, she’ll just keep circling. Just stay out of sight and wait for your next opportunity.

    Drop through the hatch in the floor and into the crawlspace. Crawl away from Marguerite’s shouts toward the other end of the tunnel. You’ll see another lawnmower on your left because that’s just where the Bakers keep lawnmowers. You’ll come to a small room-like area with two things to interact with just as the door in front of you slides closed. The thing on the left is just an unidentified piece of machinery. The one of the right is a picture of two girls. When you try to go any further, the lights go out and then Marguerite captures Mia. The end. Roll credits.


    Jack’s back

    Now that you know how the silhouette puzzles work, it’s time to put that knowledge to use.

    Head back to that bathroom we told you to ignore earlier. Do a quick loop to pick up the handgun ammo out of the vanity and the antique coin out of the toilet (ew). Turn your attention to the tub. Interact with it to drain the fluid and it will reveal an abstract wooden statuette. This is your key to the puzzle downstairs. Now you can wander brazenly out of the bathroom because everything’s fine and nothing is going to go wrong.

    Well, rats. It’s time to face a freshly-resurrected Jack with a new and more deadly gardening implement. You’ve got two choices here and, frankly, we think they depend on the difficulty setting as much as anything else. You can stand and fight, or you can run. Whichever approach you choose, the first thing to do is run back into the recreation room and crouch down behind the pool table. If you’re quick enough, this will keep you out of Jack’s sight and let you plan a little.


    It’s possible to "kill" Jack here — probably temporarily, since you’re already killed him a few times and it didn’t seem to stick. Keep the pool table between you to stay out of reach of his beefed-up Garden Weasel and focus on landing headshots. When he falls, you’re free to wander downstairs to the puzzle.


    Running from Jack is a much smarter thing to do, even if it’s not as satisfying. Treat him like you did Marguerite in the Mia tape or like you treated him in your first encounter. Use shortcuts and corners to break line of sight.

    The quickest way away from him is to drop down to the laundry room. Run to the balcony, then to the end where you broke the crate. Drop down the broken staircase and you’ll land in front of the laundry room. Duck inside to catch your breath (and save while you’re in there).

    From here, your goal is to just avoid him as you make your way back to the puzzle on the first floor of the main hall.

    Sky Hunter projector puzzle

    However you choose to handle Jack, your goal is to get to the projector puzzle on the first floor of the main hall without him following. You solve the puzzle the same way you did in the Mia tape. Spin the wooden statuette until it casts a hawk-shaped shadow. The result is the same, too — a narrow passage opens behind the wall. Follow it to the end to find the drawing room.

    Turn right and make another counterclockwise item loop. There is a green herb in the potted plant in the corner, handgun ammo in the drawer to the left of the fireplace, chem fluid in the refrigerator, and some more ammo in the breakable crate. To the right of the locked door — the one with a two-headed crow nailed to it — there’s another Mr. Everywhere. Before you leave, grab the psychostimulants off of the table in the middle of the room — these highlight items on your HUD for a limited time.

    Head out through the white door into the next room. There’s an antique coin in the ashtray on the table next to the locked box. Check the wall behind you for a disturbing note and a drawing of (by?) Mia.

    Equip your gun and head into the next room — the monitoring room. As you come around the corner, a molded — a squishy-looking ooze monster — will drop from the ceiling and move to attack you. Body shots will slow it down, but headshots will drop it in just a few shots.

    Continue through to the hallway on the other side of the monitoring room. About halfway to the scorpion door, turn right into the hallway. At the end of that hall, there are stairs down to the basement on the right and another room on the left. That room is your next safe room and save point. Go there.

    Safe room

    Before you save at the tape recorder, do another item loop around the room. Start at the wardrobe right inside the door to pick up some handgun ammo, then turn around and check the drawer to the right of the inventory box for a pair of disturbing notes.

    From here, things are going to get interesting (shooty), so spend a minute at your inventory box and shuffle things around. Dump the Mia tape and convert any chem fluid into either first aid med or ammo — whichever you need more.

    When you’re done, save at the tape player.

    Processing area (first visit)

    Keep your gun out, head down the stairs right outside and go through the door. Follow the hallway straight, through the dogleg and around the first right turn. You’re going to get jumped by another molded at the second turn. Just get its attention and back away while firing.

    Follow the hall around to the right and open the white door on your right, but don’t go in yet. You’re going to get jumped by another molded coming from your left. Duck in to get its attention, then back out again. Use the doorway as a bottleneck and shoot it in the face.

    This is the incinerator room. Do a sweep from right to left before you touch the incinerators. The clue to your purpose here is in the note over the sink. Continue across the room to pick up some strong chem fluid from under the table to the left of the sink and some gunpowder from under the gurney on the far left. These can be combined into enhanced handgun ammo. We suggest doing that for what’s about to happen.

    The "3 a’s and a handprint" [sic] mentioned to in the note refer to the names on the fronts of the incinerator drawers. Open the one on the far right — Tamara — and the third from the left — the one with the red handprint, Craig. This will unlock the far left incinerator. Pull it open and the thing that Travis became will pour out. Unload some enhanced handgun ammo into his face to drop him. Pick up the dissection room key from his drawer.

    Head back out of the incinerator room and go straight down the hallway. At the intersection, turn right. Open the gate at the end of the hallway. The shelves inside hold the processing area map, a breakable crate with a first aid med and a green herb. The breakable crate to the right of the shelves has some more handgun ammo for you.

    Follow the room to the right, where it opens up. Loop around the room counterclockwise to get the treasure photo from the shelves in the back corner, the lock pick from the freezer to their left and the green herb from the meat-cage to the left of that. Turn around and pick up the scorpion key from the bag of meat in the middle of the room.

    There’s more to pick up down the hallway behind you, but we’re going to be coming back this way later and your inventory is probably close to full by this point. When you go to leave the way you came, another molded will drop gracefully from the ceiling. Shoot his face, then continue on your way.

    Retrace your steps to the save point. We’re going to go on an adventure to pick up the treasure mentioned in the treasure photo and the shotgun before we go back down to the processing area, so we’ll pick that up in the next section.

    Prepare for a fight

    Now that we’ve got the scorpion key and a treasure photo, it’s time to go get better prepared for the final fight.

    Head left out of the safe room, then follow the hallways back — take the first left, then the next right — through the monitoring and storage rooms until you get back to the taxidermy room. This is where you emerged from the projector puzzle passage. There’s a steroid shot behind a loose stone in the upper right of the fireplace. This will permanently increase your max health, so and use it immediately.

    Go back to the safe room and dump the treasure photo and anything else you’re not going to use immediately — stash the dissection room key, but keep the scorpion key.

    Turn right out of the safe room this time and use the key to open the scorpion door. This is a shortcut back to the first floor of the Main Hall. Carefully, go upstairs to the recreation room. Remember Jack? Even if you "killed" him, he’s probably stalking around up there looking for you. Stick with your policy of avoidance and you should be fine.

    Get the shotgun

    Use the scorpion key to get into Grandma’s room. Grab the items inside with a clockwise loop from the door:

    • the broken shotgun
    • some dentures in a drawer (but they don’t do anything and there’s no "drink to forget" combo in Resident Evil 7)
    • a note on the desk laying out the dog’s heads locations
    • burner fuel on the ground to the right of the desk
    • handgun ammo in the wardrobe
    • chem fluid on the dresser in front of the window
    • shotgun shells on the bed and finally a troubling note from Grandma’s doctor in the drawer to the left of the door.

    If you run out of room in your inventory, you can always come back or you can prioritize what you really want — we recommend the ammo and the chem fluid. You’re about to pick up another two-slot item — the real shotgun — so you’ll probably have to play some inventory Tetris (or just run back to your inventory box).

    Listen to and avoid Jack as you make your way down to the shotgun statue on the first floor. Pick up the shotgun, which will trigger the pressure plate and lock the door behind you. Replace it with the broken shotgun to open the door back up. Now you’ve got a shotgun!

    Run back to the safe room to save and clean up your inventory one more time. Use the lock pick to unlock the drawer to the right of the tape recorder for some more handgun ammo. You no longer need to carry the scorpion key, and you’re going to want some room for ammo, shells and first aid meds.

    Get the third dog's head

    Go back down to the basement. Retrace your steps to the incinerator room. Turn left, take the right at the intersection, then open the door on your right. This opens into a super creepy bathroom. Go down the stairs and cut back to your left. Grab the handgun ammo out of the first tub and the chem fluid out of the last one. Carefully walk toward the hallway on your right.

    A molded will pour through the hole in the wall. Around the same time, one will drop from the ceiling to your right. If you’re careful, you can trigger them one at a time. Your best strategy remains face shooting. Grab the green herb from the hole in the wall as you pass and continue along the hallway.

    The next room is the boiler room. There’s a molded to your left as soon as you walk in, one more along the back wall on your left and one that will attack you from the center of the room. The shotgun will drop them with one headshot.

    Pick up the shotgun shells from the cart along the far wall and the strong chem fluid from the locker by the door on your way out. Use the dissection room key to unlock this door and shove the very heavy door open. Turn right before anything else and get the shotgun shells out of the locker. Return to the middle of the room and (try to) grab the red dog’s head. YAY! It’s Jack.

    Turn left and follow the stairs down and to the right. There are more shotgun shells and a green herb on the shelves to the left of the next door you come to. Open the door, turn right and go up the stairs on your left. Duck through the door on your right to visit the room Jack just left. There is some chem fluid under the table to your right as you walk in, but nothing else to pick up. Lament the tragic death of the deputy, then head back outside.

    Continue around to the right and follow the walkway left. The red dog’s head is dangling just off the left side of the walkway on a chain that in no way resembles bait on a fishing hook, so just go ahead and blindly attempt to grab it because nothing ever goes wrong for you.

    Chainsaw fight with Jack!

    A lot is happening fast here, so take a second to think about your surroundings.

    Phase 1: Anger Jack

    Use the pillar to get some distance from Jack and kick the body bags to knock him off balance (just like the monster in the demo). Off to the side, you’ll see two more of Jack’s impressive assortment of gardening tools inside a cage.

    Your first goal is to upset Jack (more than he is already). Use the pillar and the body bags to keep him off balance, and use your firearm of choice to pulp Jack’s face. After an infuriatingly long time, Jack will fall to one knee. This will launch phase two of the fight. Jack will rip the cage open and arm himself with some crazy Jaws of Life contraption. Run right up next to him and grab the chainsaw.

    Phase 2: Use the chainsaw

    What follows is a long, all-out brawl with power tools. We’re not going to lie, it’s rough.

    Run away from Jack, kick the body bags into him and block his attacks. Your attacks on Jack have to come from the sides or back or while he’s off balance from a body bag hit. If he’s prepared, he’ll just block them with his power tool in a truly impressive shower of sparks. Watch for that light on the chainsaw — when it turns red, you’ll have to take time to restart the saw.

    Take your swings carefully. As tempting as it is to treat the chainsaw as a wild-swinging, brute force weapon, you need to be a little more surgical about it.

    If you spend too much time swinging at Jack, he’ll ignore the damage you’re dealing and attack you right back — land a hit (or two if you’re feeling extra confident) and back away to regroup. When Jack goes down on one knee, get close and thrust the chainsaw into his mutated head region.

    Repeat this process a couple times, and he’ll get really upset. When he knocks down the pillar in the middle of the room, you’re almost there. Drive him to his knees again, and you’ll be treated to a very, very satisfying finale to the ballad of unkillable Jack.

    Hit the breakable crate next to the exit for a few shotgun shells, then use the chainsaw to cut through the bar blocking your exit. Sadly, you have to leave the chainsaw behind. Retrace your path back to the safe room one last time.

    We’ll use that final dog’s head and get outside in the next section.

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