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Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough 4-3 Lucas’ Party

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the barn fight!

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Table of contents

Lucas’ party

You probably have a sense by now of the kind of person Lucas is, so you can guess what we’re going to tell you about his party: Bring guns. You don’t, however, have to bring your biggest gun — save the grenade launcher for now. We went with our standard knife-handgun-shotgun-burner kit and it worked just fine. You’re also going to be picking up quite a bit, so make sure to leave some room in your pack.

When you’re ready, install the red and blue keycards in their respective slots and head up the stairs to Lucas’ party. Head through the door and sit in front of the TV to watch a welcome message from Lucas. After it’s over, dust yourself off and head through the door behind the TV.

Follow the hallway around to the right and just keep going until your way is blocked. Pick up the green herb, then turn right and go through the door. Smash the crate in front of you for some shotgun shells, but don’t go any further into the room. Strung across the path to your right is the first of this area’s many explosive tripwires. You can’t destroy these with your knife (we tried, it didn’t go well) and you can can only safely shoot them with your handgun from a good distance away. The safest (and most ammo-conservative) way to deal with them is to just duck underneath. Follow the room around to the other side of the shelves, duck under another tripwire, then pick up the handgun ammo from the shelf.

Continue into the next room carefully — there’s another tripwire right on the other side of the door. Duck under it and head to the back right corner of the room. Look at the top of the shelves you find there to see the location of the most recent treasure photo. Move the mannequin head to find a repair kit. With this kit, you can repair that broken shotgun and turn it into an M21 shotgun — which only holds two shells at a time, but is much more powerful. We’ll do that in just a minute — you don’t have to run back to the trailer (you can, if you can’t wait, but we’ll hit an inventory box before you need your shotgun).

Head back to the doorway and use your handgun to destroy at least one (if not both) of the crossed tripwires blocking your way. Before you go through the door, turn to your left and check around the rolling shelf for some 44 MAG ammo (this is another one you might need to pop some psychostimulants to find). Head through the door and smash the crate in the hallway for more handgun ammo. Follow the hallway to the left and down the stairs. The crate on the stairs is a trap — it will explode if you smash it — so that’s a new thing to worry about.

Follow the hallway all the way to the end, past the door. Turn around and use the angle to shoot the tripwire explosive next to the door so you can get inside the room without blowing up. Hit the inventory box to repair the shotgun and swap it with the one you’ve been carrying. Clean up anything else you want to in your inventory, then head to the keypad.

Lucas will show up and give you some super helpful advice about the PIN to get through the gate. Obviously, none of those codes are right. In fact, he’s just trying to distract you. When he backs away from the gate, back up to avoid the giant spiked hammer-thing booby trap. Lucas is a great guy. Turn to your right to see a hidden door open in the wall.

Follow the hall and take the first door you see on your right. Smash the closest crate to the door for some chem fluid. The other crate is a trap. Get the shotgun shells out of the wheelbarrow, then you can exit through the other door. Smash the crate right outside for some burner fuel.

Continue all the way along that hallway, but watch for the tripwire at the end. About when you see the cages on your left, turn around — remember that pulling back on the left thumbstick and hitting circle/B will spin you — because there’s a crawling molded sneaking up on you.

Carefully open the door to the storage room at the end of the hall. It is full of tripwire explosives that you’ll need to destroy from a distance — even with that out of the way, stay crouched and move slowly in this room. It’s dangerous in here, but worth it. There’s an antique coin on the table on the left and some steroids in the locker on the right.

Now you can go around the corner into the barn, but there will be a walking molded to your right and one walking and one crawling molded approaching from in front of you. Take them all out.

The barn

Head straight back into the barn and pick up the gunpowder off the shelf on the right. Turn to your left and look behind the hay bales for some more 44 MAG ammo. Now, look up and shoot the Mr. Everywhere off of the top of the fence post. Follow the path around to the right and take the stairs up. Head through the door at the top of the stairs to find your next safe room. Grab the solid fuel from the green shelves on the left and the shotgun shells out of the trash can. Hit the inventory box and the save point.

Head out of the safe room and turn left. Take the first left and follow it around to the left. Smash the crate for some chem fluid. Head back to the middle walkway and go all the way to the far right corner. Smash the crate there for some strong chem fluid.

When you’re ready, head back to the middle and turn left to drop from the walkways down to the first floor. You’ll land next to the machine you’ll need to activate to continue. Turn right and go smash the crate you see for some burner fuel, then head to the back left corner for some shotgun shells.

Head upstairs. At the top, pick up the battery and smash the crate behind it for a green herb. Head to the shelves off to your left to find another green herb, but ignore that other crate — it’s another trap. Take the battery downstairs and install it in the machine to trigger the next sequence.

Barn fight!

Lucas will trigger the elevator and announce the beginning of a barn fight(!). When the doors open, you’ll be faced with a vomiting, fat, lumbering molded. He’s got some new tricks to watch out for — specifically, projectile vomiting — but he still has the same weakness to shotgun blasts to the face as other molded.

We had a lot of luck rushing the elevator and then staying just off to the left. This will keep you out of the direct line of fire (line of vomit) and give you a little cover when you reload. Just keep pumping shotgun rounds into the lumbering molded’s face and ducking to the left.

After the fight, hit the button inside the elevator to take you to the next hallway.