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Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough 4-4 To the boathouse

There are children in the building — somewhere — I think.

Table of contents

Test of skill

After the barn fight, ride the elevator up. It’ll open on a new hallway. Follow the hallway around to the left and go through the door at the end. Pick up the supplements on the other side of the sink as soon as you walk in and the chem fluid from the bookcase on the opposite side of the room.

Check out the charred corpse — presumably Clancy, but, with this family, who knows — and read the note attached to him. Those four digits are the PIN to Lucas’ room. Turn around from the corpse and head through the door. Grab the antique coin off the shelf on the right side before you hit the button to lower the stairs. Head down the stairs and you’ll find yourself right outside the room you need to get to. That’s the first thing that’s gone your way this entire game.

When you punch in the code on the keypad, Lucas won’t let you through until you empty your inventory into the inventory box — don’t worry, it’ll still be here when you’re done.

What follows is a reenactment of the Happy Birthday tape. However, we already know the password, so we can skip everything involving the corpse-clown — thank goodness — and hopefully not burn to death in the process of escaping. Grab the candle from the corpse-clown. You can’t actually do anything else just yet, so walk into the cake room to trigger a speech from Lucas.

Now, skip to the steps at the end of the Happy Birthday tape — burn the rope lock, go to the door in the hallway and dial in ‘LOSER,’ grab the valve handle, turn off the water, light the stove, light the candle, and return to the cake room. When you place the candle on the cake. As with most video games involving cake, your success isn’t met with pleasure over the PA.

Grab the bomb (Lucas gives the worst birthday presents) and look at the wall to the left of the barrel. Pull away the loose board and you’ll stuff the bomb inside. When it explodes, it’ll open up a new path for you.

Head through the wall and turn left to find Lucas’ room. Turn left inside to pick up the Testing Area map, then grab the D-Series head out of the crate next to the monitor. Hit the inventory box to retrieve all of your stuff, then save at the tape recorder. When you’re done, sit down at the monitor. Before you leave, make sure you grab the crank from the old house and put it in your inventory.

To the boathouse

Head outside onto the docks. As soon as you go through the door, turn around and look above you for a Mr. Everywhere. Turn right as soon as you get outside and grab the shotgun shells. Continue along and turn right again for some handgun ammo. Turn around and use the crank to raise a walkway for you to cross.

Keep following the walkways as they wind into the swamp. You’ll come to a branch in the path, but the way forward is currently underwater, so take the right. Take another right at the next intersection and go into the shack to pick up some chem fluid, handgun ammo and shotgun shells. There’s a Mr. Everywhere behind the net on your left.

Turn around and follow the pier to the end. Smash the crate for some more shotgun shells, then use the crank to raise the walkway to the boathouse. You just have to get there.

When you turn around, it’s time to start putting all that ammo you’ve been picking up to use. A crawling molded will leap out of the water onto the pier in front of you. When you turn right and head back toward the main walkway, two walking molded will head for you. Another crawling molded will jump out of the water when you cross the walkway you just raised. And finally, a walking molded will drop right in front of the door to the boathouse.

Head inside to find another safe room with a lot to pick up (which is pretty much textbook video game foreshadowing):

  • there’s a green herb on a chair to the left as soon as you walk in
  • three flame rounds on a metal table next to the inventory box (nothing ominous about that)
  • psychostimulants on the table next to the tape recorder
  • the shelf above the tape recorder has bags of chem fluid, strong chem fluid and separating agent
  • there’s some gunpowder on a crate to the right
  • smash the crate in the right corner for another green herb

Hit the save point and attend to your inventory. Spoiler: there’s a big fight coming up, so plan accordingly. Make sure you’ve got plenty of first aid med in your backpack(s) and any extra ammo you can carry. We didn’t actually use the grenade launcher in the fight that’s coming up — we’ll explain why in the next section — but your mileage may vary. When you’re ready, make sure to also grab the D-Series arm and head, then make your way upstairs.


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