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Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough 6-1 The wrecked ship

You need to remember — so we can be a family.

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After your cruise is cut short, it’s time to get some answers. And you’re going to look for them in the wrecked ship. The first section of this new area is actually pretty straightforward — just walk forward, drop to the water, then continue forward. Your reunion with Ethan doesn’t last long (reunions never do in this game). (Also, we definitely didn’t picture Ethan as a blonde.)

Continue forward and go up the stairs and head into the ship. There’s only one hallway for you to follow for now. Just keep following it (it will turn right, right, left, then left) until there are some stairs you can go climb — remember you can check your map if you get disoriented. Climb the stairs past the black ooze modern art until you run out of stairs to climb.

Head into the middle of the room at the top of the stairs to trigger a flashback/hallucination that will show you where to go next. Drop through the hatch because Mia just can’t get enough of crawlspaces. Again, your path is pretty straightforward, but you’re about to pass two really easy to miss items. After you drop into the crawlspace, turn to your left and follow the tunnel as it turns left, then right. At the next intersection, the right path looks like a dead end, but look under the pipes on the left side for an antique coin.

Turn around and follow the tunnel a little farther until you drop through another hatch. Turn to your right and follow the hallway again — there are a couple side rooms with some stuff to read, some creepy messages and some former crew members, but the hall only has one destination.

Turn left when you get outside and head up the stairs and through another hallucination. Head back inside at the top of the stairs and go straight down the hallway. When you run out of hall, climb the ladder. Go past the crew member and drop back into the water. Before you climb the next ladder, turn to your left and look around in the water at your feet for another antique coin.

Climb the ladder, then the stairs and try to follow Eveline. She’s going to lock herself behind a door, though, and you’ll need to find a fuse to get inside. You’re about to start encountering molded, but, since you don’t have any weapons, you’re going to have to run from them. You’re safe for the moment as long as you don’t wander too far.

Turn away from Eveline’s door and start back the way you came. Before you get to the stairs, turn right into the first room you pass and grab the green herb from inside the green cabinet. Get back outside and turn right. Go past the stairs and get ready to go into the next room.

Turn to the right as soon as you get inside and check the trash cans for some chem fluid — why not combine this with the green herb for a first aid med? Now, look at the back of the room, but don’t go there yet. That glowing green light is your target — there’s a fuse there — but a molded is going to appear to attack you when you head for it. You don’t really have a choice in the matter, though. Just sprint back there, grab the fuse and sprint back out. If you’re quick, you can completely avoid its attacks.

Take the fuse and install it in Eveline’s door to unlock it. Climb the stairs to the third floor — look for the "3F" sign — and go through the door on your right. Weave your way through the halls and rooms inside until you get to the room where Eveline is watching TV.

She’s going to ask (insist) that you watch the old videotape. It’s really not up to you, so it’s time to watch. There’s a lot going on in that tape, so we’ll walk you through it in the next section.


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