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Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough 6-2 Old videotape

We’ll be together forever.

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Table of contents

Activating the elevator

After the introductory scene, you’re again/still playing as Mia. Your inventory box is to the left side of the door over by the TV, but it’s probably empty (unless you pre-ordered). On the opposite side of the room, grab the machine gun ammo and note from the desk. Oh yeah, by the way, Mia’s got a P19 machine gun.

Go out through the doors and turn right. Follow the hallway past the elevator (you can’t call it yet anyway) all the way to the end and go through the door you see there into the bunk room. There are some supplements on the desk in front of you as soon as you walk in. Turn left and grab the green herb off of the table in the adjoining room. There’s a locked cabinet on the wall by the table that you can’t do anything about yet, but we’ll be back for.

Turn left from the table and head back into the hall. There’s another locked cabinet back in the corner (if you attempt to open these even when you can’t, they’ll get marked on your map). Follow the hall around to the left. Take the first door on your left into the dining room.

Turn left when you walk in and grab the machine gun ammo from the bottom of the cart. To the right of the locked doors, grab the supplements from the shelves against the back wall. Turn around from there and the chair on the far left of the table has some chem fluid.

Continue through the doors to the left of the table into the next room. The door into the next room is molded shut, but there is some machine gun ammo on the couch. Turn right from the couch and look in the upper corner of the room. There’s a window/vent there that we’ll be using later.

Turn around and head back to those locked doors in the dining room. Crouch down and pass through the hole in the wall to the left of the locked doors to enter the kitchen. After a quick phone call on your Dick Tracy watch about the writhing pile of Eveline vomit (how’s that for a sentence?), grab the green herb out of the sink and you can get out of there.

Back in the hallway, turn left. The door in front of you is locked. So don’t rush for it. Around the corner on your left, there’s going to be a molded approaching. This feels like a good time to try out your new machine gun. Our advice about fighting molded with the machine gun is a little different from our usual advice. You still want to shoot them in the face, but the recoil makes the machine gun’s aim drift like crazy. You have two choices: either aim a little lower — it does a good job of dropping them with enough shots to the chest and throat region (and the recoil will still send a few bullets into their faces) — or you can fire in short, controlled bursts. We tend toward the first approach for two reasons. First, molded move fast enough that short, controlled bursts won’t drop them before they reach you. And more importantly, c’mon, it’s a machine gun.

When the molded is dispatched, complete your loop around this floor and return to the elevator and push the button to call it. There’s a molded that will drop on you as soon as you get on, so make sure your machine gun is reloaded. After he’s handled, hit the button to take the elevator down to S2.

Finding the corrosive

Head straight out and follow the hall around to the right. When you go through the dogleg, get ready for a molded in that alcove on your left. Continue along the path until it turns left.

In that room, grab the green herb from the crate on your left and the machine gun ammo from the pallets by the door. Continue through the door and turn left. Another molded will drop from the ceiling before you get too far. Go past the locked door (we’ll be back for that, too) and head to the end of the hall. Pick up the two remote bombs before turning left and entering the next room.

Before you pick up anything, watch the raised floor in front of you for another molded to spawn. You can take a couple pot shots at him while he’s up there, then wait for him to make his way down to you to finish him off with the machine gun, or you can practice placing a remote bomb and blowing him up when he walks over it.

To the left of the door, grab the chem fluid from the ground between the ducts, then turn around to get the machine gun ammo from the tanks behind you. Follow the path that brought the molded to you and go out the door at the top of the stairs.

Turn left and follow the hallway down. You’ll pass another locked door, then get another phone call. Turn to the right at the end of the hall to get the chem fluid from behind the step ladder. Turn around and go into the luggage room. Smash the crate in the corner for more chem fluid, then open the gate. Grab the three bottles of corrosive — these are what we’ll use to get into those locked doors and cabinets (don’t worry, you’ll find more).

With the corrosive in hand, make your way back to that last locked door you passed. Open it by selecting the corrosive when it asks for a key. There’s nothing to pick up in the next room, it’s just there for Eveline to freak you out. Do a quick loop of the walkways, then head back to the door.

Follow Eveline to the left and keep retracing your steps. Two molded will come at you from the ground floor in the next room, but you’ll see them coming from your elevated perch. Since you’ve got the time to plan, plant a remote bomb on the stairs and you can take them both out at the same time.

Keep backtracking the way you came until you find the next locked door you passed. Pop the lock and go inside to grab the green herb and machine gun ammo from the shelves to the left of the door and two remote bombs and another bottle of corrosive from the shelves on the back wall.

Head back to the hall and turn left to keep retracing your steps. When you get to the walkway where someone seems to’ve started a fire, a total of three molded will attack you. The first will be alone, so he’s easily handled with your machine gun. Then, plant a remote bomb and back up to take out both of the remaining two at once.

Eveline beats you to the elevator and doesn’t hold the door for you like a little jerk. Wait for your turn, then take the elevator up to the third floor.

Finding Alan

When the elevator doesn’t make it all the way up, climb out on the second floor to go check on Alan. Turn right out of the elevator to return to the room you started in. Of course he’s not there, but at least he left a note.

As long as you’re here, you might as well hit those two locked cabinets. The first is straight out of the door and down the hall in the bunk room’s kitchen. Exit through the bunk room kitchen door and turn right. The second cabinet is at the end of the hall on the right, but there’s a molded waiting to attack you on the left. Both cabinets contain remote bombs each.

The hallway the rest of the way around the floor is blocked by a blast door so you can’t pass. Take the first door on your left to duck into the dining room. Remember that window we looked at earlier? Turn right in the dining room and pass into the attached room. Two more molded will spawn as soon as you walk in. When they’re taken care of, the window in the back right corner will let you bypass the blast door.

Drop down and turn to your left. Go through the open door into the stairwell and climb up to the third floor. There’s nothing to pick up here and there are no branches to the path. Just keep pushing deeper into the rooms until you get back to the hallway with the elevator and find Alan.

It doesn’t go well.

When you wake up from your ooze-nap, continue forward past Alan and go through the door. Interact with the laptop in the middle of the room for a blast from your past, then continue through the room.

Just keep pushing forward as everything turns to mold and eventually the tape will end.


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