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Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough 6-3 Looking for Ethan

We will never be a family.

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Table of contents

Getting into the elevator

After the tape ends and you have a brief (and chilling) conversation with Eveline, turn to your right to find a save point on the desk. Go through the door to the right of the tape recorder and turn left. Grab the chem fluid out of the green cabinet, then continue along the hall toward the elevator. Make sure to check the case on the floor at the end of the hall for a(n incomplete) foreshadowing note.

Continue through the door behind the case to enter the room where you found the laptop in the old videotape. Turn around to your left to find a locked box — there’s an antique coin in here we’ll come back for in a minute — and some machine gun ammo. The wooden locker against the wall to the right of the ammo has some chem fluid inside. Turn around from there and grab the gunpowder from the desk drawer. Then get the green herb from the desk above the (now broken) laptop.

The door out of this room is locked and you, sadly, don’t have any of your corrosives anymore. Return to the elevator and pull the doors open. You can’t get down into the elevator car (yet), so you’ll have to climb up the ladder. At the top of the ladder, turn left, then drop through the hatch in the floor. You’ll find yourself on the bridge of the ship. Turn to your right to find a conveniently still operational security monitor. Interact with it and flip through the feeds until you spot Ethan.

Head to the right and down off of the raised platform. There’s a remote bomb on the console right ahead of you. Turn left from there and go to the far end of the room to find some gunpowder in a filing cabinet.

Turn around and return to the other side of the bridge. In the back right corner, you’ll find the captain’s cabin. You can ignore the locked red locker for now (but we’ll be back in a minute) and turn your attention to his desk. Grab the ship map and the lug wrench.

Leave the captain’s cabin and head straight along the hall to the elevator. Turn to your left and get the green herb out of the closed locker, then continue forward past the elevator shaft. Follow the hall around to the right and down the stairs. There’s a remote bomb at the bottom. When you turn around and climb back up, watch on your right for a Mr. Everywhere. Use the remote bomb you just picked up to destroy it. (Or, we suppose you could make a note to come back later, but it’s super satisfying to blow him up.)

Go back to the elevator and pull the doors open. Drop down onto the car and use the lug wrench to open the hatch in the roof. Climb into the car to discover that the elevator is now missing a cable and a fuse. The note on the wall tells you where you’re going to have to go for the cable and, if you remember, we already know where there’s a fuse.

Finding weapons

Before you go wandering around this mold- and molded-filled ship, you should probably arm yourself with more than a few remote bombs. From the elevator, climb up to the second floor. Right in front of you, you’ll find a survival knife stabbed into a bench.

Turn right and make your way toward the room where the old videotape started. Crouch when you hit the corner to make sure the armless molded there doesn’t see or hear you. Duck into the safe room behind his back. Grab the handgun ammo from the bedside table and the corrosive from the floor at the foot of the bed. Then you can hit the inventory box and save point.

Turn left when you leave the safe room — the molded should’ve wandered off by now. Smash the crate where he was standing for another remote bomb. Turn around and follow the hall around to the left. Go past the elevator shaft to the far corner. The door to the bunk room is locked now. Use the corrosive you picked up to open it. From left to right:

  • there’s a remote bomb on the overturned bunks
  • and another remote bomb on the desk
  • the captain’s cabin locker key next to that bomb
  • a strong chem fluid in the white cabinet to your right

Let’s go use that locker key and get a machine gun, shall we?

Return to the elevator and climb the ladder up to the roof. Take the ladder from the roof the rest of the way up the shaft. Once again, turn left and drop through the hatch in the floor. There’s now a crawling molded on the bridge with you when you drop down. Plant one of your remote bombs to take him out.

Head for the captain’s cabin in the back corner. Use the captain’s cabin locker key to unlock the locker in the captain’s cabin (say that three times fast). Grab the remote bomb and the P19 machine gun. Turn around quickly because there’s a molded on its way to ruin your fun. At least you’ve now you’ve got a machine gun.

Before we get around to fixing the elevator, let’s pick up a few more exploding toys. Head back to the elevator and drop down onto the car. Climb down inside, then climb up onto the second floor. Turn left and follow the hall around to the left — past the bunk room you opened last time. You might run into that armless molded again, so be careful.

Open the door to the other side of the bunk room about halfway down the hall on the right. A molded will drop right on the other side of the door. Duck inside to grab the chem fluid from the microwave and the gunpowder from the desk. Before you leave, check the magazine on the table for a neat note.

Head back to the hall and turn right. Follow the hall to the left and go back into the dining room. A molded will come at your from your left. After you take him out, duck through the hole in the wall to go into the kitchen and pick up the machine gun ammo on your left.

Head back out into the main room and go into the attached room on your left. Turn to the right when you enter and get the gunpowder out of the wardrobe. The door at the back of this room is no longer molded over, so you can go in.

On the other side of the door, you’ll see six paintings and a safe (and a green herb on a sofa on your right). Compare the paintings on your right to those on your left. You need to get both sides to match by rotating the paintings on the left until they’re aligned the same way as the paintings on the right. Getting them right will unlock the safe and net you three corrosives.

Finally, head back to the hall and turn right. Go through the door in the back corner in front of you and climb the ladder. At the top, you’ll find two more remote bombs and a lock pick in the orange box. Before you climb back down the ladder, take out the Mr. Everything.

Now we’re ready to get to work on that elevator. Since you’re here, hit the inventory box and save point, then get to the elevator shaft and climb all the way up to the third floor.


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