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Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough 7-1 Into the salt mines

By the way, Evie’s looking sick or something.

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Table of contents

Into the depths

After the confrontation with Eveline, you’re Ethan again and you’ve got one goal.

Head down the hallway in front of you. Go through the door, then walk around the table. There’s a hole in the fence on the bottom left that you can pass through. Just keep following the path in front of you until you get out of the ship.

Slosh forward through the swamp (which is how we imagine all directions start in Louisiana). When you climb over the log and enter the deeper water (with all the dead fish) in front of the shack, cut to the right. There is a flame round against the bank.

Duck under the broken pier to find the way into the shack. After you climb the ladder, check the white shelves behind you for some enhanced handgun ammo and a couple things to read. Turn left and head into the office. There’s a photo on the right of a helicopter that sure looks like it has a familiar logo. On the shelf below the photo, grab the psychostimulants Interact with the radio to eavesdrop on some people that seem to be talking about you.

Turn to the right to find you next safe room including a very helpful map. Actually helpful things in the room include the inventory box with all of your and Mia’s stuff in it and those bird cages from the trailer. The first thing you should do is grab all of your remaining antique coins and buy that 44 MAG. You don’t have a ton of ammo for it at the moment, but you’ll be finding more soon.

In case you haven’t guessed it, you’re about to fight your way toward the conclusion of the game. You’re going to be able to hit your inventory box one more time before the end, so this won’t be your final final loadout, but the trip to the next inventory box isn’t a pleasant one.

Plan ahead

Here’s our advice, in bullet form:

  • Leave the machine gun behind. It’s not powerful or accurate enough to help you much. Unless you’re way more effective with it than we were, it’s just not worth it.
  • Leave the burner behind as well, as much as that pains us to say. It’s powerful, but it deals damage too slowly to justify taking up three inventory slots.
  • You can take grenade launcher, but you might want to consider leaving it. We know that’s crazy talk, but it takes up a lot of room and you won’t have much opportunity to use it. If you do take it, only devote one slot to ammo for it.
  • Take the 44 Mag. It also takes up a lot of room, but its power makes it worth it. Just try to use it sparingly — it’ll be more satisfying to use this in the big fight at the end.
  • Take your M19 handgun and mix up a bunch of enhanced handgun ammo for it. Two slots worth at least. We had a lot of luck with this gun and ammo — a well-placed headshot will take down a molded with one shot — and it doesn’t take up too much space. We can’t recommend this enough.
  • Make sure there’s a fresh clip of regular handgun ammo in your handgun. You don’t need to bring extra, but we’ll use those regular bullets on some tripwires shortly.
  • Take the M21 shotgun. Sure it takes forever to reload, but it packs a very satisfying punch.
  • Take your remote bombs. You have a ton of them and they’re a great solution to multiple molded ganging up on you.
  • Take Mia’s survival knife. It never runs out of ammo, so it’s good to have a fallback. And this way you don’t have to waste any ammo smashing crates.
  • Finally, take a slot or three worth of first aid meds and strong first aid meds, obviously.

As you can see in that picture above, we didn’t follow our own advice — we hadn’t figured it out yet. That one empty slot of inventory was a real pain to deal with. (The coin you see in our backpack is the defense coin — a pre-order bonus.)

You’re also going to be encountering a lot of collectibles in the mines. Now that you’ve survived this far, you can start to be picky about what you pick up. Do you need more machine gun ammo that you’re never going to use? Is that neuro round worth a slot in your backpack(s)? Think about what you’re picking up from here on out. We’re going to try to stop saying "grab" or "pick up" when talking about the items you’ll find — it’s up to you to decide what you need.

The mines

When you’re finally sorted out, it’s time to head into the mines. Head out the back door of the shack and follow the path to the right. When you pass the end of the shack, turn to your left to look at the window. You’ll find a Mr. Everything on the windowsill and some 44 MAG ammo below it. Continue along the path. There’s some chem fluid and strong chem fluid under the mine carts.

Continue along the path until you can see the mine’s elevator shaft, but don’t approach it yet. There are three molded standing around waiting for you. Pick them off from a distance. When you get closer, two more molded will spawn — one to the right of the elevator and one behind it and to the left.

To the right of the elevator, there’s machine gun ammo in a crate. Turn right from there to find a green herb in an orange box on a bulldozer. There’s some strong chem fluid on the barrels on the right side of the elevator and handgun ammo in the crate behind it.

Take the elevator down into the mines. When the doors open, walk straight forward. Before you reach the end of the tunnel, a molded will drop from the ceiling. The room it’s protecting has four tripwire bombs inside. You’re about to encounter two molded — they’re coming down the tunnel on the other side of the cage — so you can try to lure them into the tripwires. We’re too clumsy for that, so we shot the bombs and handled the molded the old-fashioned way (face shooting).

The crate on the left has some handgun ammo, while the one on the right has machine gun ammo.

Follow the tunnel the molded came out of as it winds down deeper into the mine. You’ll come to a four-way intersection. Go straight across first to find two remote bombs, then into the left branch to find 44 MAG ammo inside the barrel on (in) the ground.

When you start down the tunnel on the right, two molded will jump you from behind. When they’re handled, continue into the next descending tunnel. When you hit the mine cart tracks at the bottom, turn around to take out the addition pair of molded that followed you down the tunnel.

Follow the tracks up the ramp to find a mine cart. Walk around it and give it a shove to open up your path. Follow the cart and take the left branch when you see it.

In the large chamber, head to the back left corner to find a crate with shotgun shells inside, then look up to see another Mr. Everywhere. Turn around and look behind the cart on the right side for a neuro round.

Before you blindly rush up the stairs, watch for the tripwire on the bannister. The crate at the top is similarly trapped. Take the right at the top of the stair and go into the room. There are emails to read on the laptop and two green herbs on the counter to the right of it. Before you leave, turn right at the door and look on the ground between the bathtubs for some steroids.

The next room doesn’t have any items to pick up, but it contains all of the game’s remaining files to read. There’s one on the shelf in front of you as you walk in, photos on the light box on the wall to your left, a file behind that refrigerated crate and another on the desk opposite the door out.

When you’re done with your homework, interact with the refrigerated crate. You need to drop in Eveline’s tissue sample and the crate will give you back a dose of serum.

The next room is a safe room. There are two flame rounds on the shelf to your left and a neuro round in the drawer below them and to the right. Save and attend to your inventory one last time. Take any remaining ammo you have or can make. It’s time for the final push.


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