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Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough 7-2 Finding Eveline and the final battle

Why does everyone hate me?

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Table of contents

Escaping the mines

When you leave the safe room, turn to your right immediately to find some enhanced handgun ammo, then cross to the locked door ahead of you for some 44 MAG ammo on the ground to your left.

Go down the stairs and walk into the light (that feels symbolic, huh?) to find a remote bomb and some chem fluid. Turn around and take the tunnel on the left down into a flooded tunnel.

There’s a neuro round on the other end of the mine cart in front of you and some 44 MAG ammo behind the big rock to the left of the exit. Crawl through the tunnel and be ready to fight when you stand up.

Three armless molded spawn when you try to cross the room. Straight ahead of you, there’s a green herb in a little alcove. Follow the ramp as it winds up and to the right. Two more molded will spawn in front of you before you get to the top. At the top, smash the crate behind the cage if you need burner fuel.

Take the tunnel to the right the cage. There’s a molded coming for you, though, so be prepared. Stick to the left in the next room to find another remote bomb. Follow the path around to the right. There are two crates inside the cage on your left, both holding machine gun ammo.

As you start to climb the stairs out of this room, a line of four molded will come for you. Keep climbing up until you reach the broken stairs. Drop off to the left side and catch your breath for a second.

Two of the projectile-vomiting fat molded will spawn when you enter the arena-like room ahead of you. If you’ve got your grenade launcher with you, now’s a great time for it. Regardless of you weapon of choice, just use the ample cover provided and pick away at them. There are four crates around the edge of the room. From left to right, they contain a strong first aid med, shotgun shells, machine gun ammo and burner fuel. To the right of the rightmost crate, there’s some first aid med on a rock.

Climb the ladder out of the arena and follow the tunnel in front of you until it is blocked. Turn to the right and squeeze through the crack. There are two crates on your left. The first has machine gun ammo and the second has a strong first aid med. Grab the mine map from next to the tape recorder and then save. It’s time for the final push.

The guest house

Push through the wooden planks to the right of the tape recorder to find yourself somewhere familiar. Before you leave the first room — right when you have your first hallucination — turn around and look on the shelves right behind you for the final Mr. Everywhere.

There’s nothing to pick up in the guest house, so we’re not going to say much and let you focus on the experience. Just remember that what you’re seeing are hallucinations, so don’t waste any ammo on what’s happening around you. Work your way through the entire house until you end up in the attic.

Eveline is in full Carrie mode when you find her in the attic. Her psychic blast will knock you back, but won’t damage you. Sprint forward as far as you can, then block when you see a wave coming. When you reach her, you’ll inject her with the serum. Now things get interesting.

The final battle

Phase one

Shoot. Her. In. The. Face.

That’s it. It’s what you’ve trained the entire game for. You’re trapped in a small room with an insanely powerful monster-child. Switch to your most powerful weapons — like the 44 MAG, shotgun and grenade launcher — and just unload into her face. Now isn’t really a good time to worry about reloading, so be ready to switch between weapons when they’re empty.

Phase two

Eveline will take the fight outside. Shoot. Her. In. The. Face.

You’re going to be shooting from the ground on your back. Just keep unloading everything you have left into her face. When you’ve dealt enough damage, she’ll toss you into the air. Keep shooting her in the face.

Phase three

Take the advice of the strange man that calls you on your watch and crawl over to pick up the Albert-01 gun from the crate near where you landed. There is a little strategy involved this time — you have to wait for those flailing tentacles to get out of the way. Then you can continue your face-shooting rampage.

Congratulations, you survived the night.

The two endings

The ending you play is going to be the same. What will change is the cutscene that follows. Who you gave the serum to back at the boathouse will determine your companion in the evac helicopter. One ending is more optimistic than the other (though, we sure didn’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling from the good ending).


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