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How to get the shotgun in Resident Evil 7

Get the shotgun as early as possible

Resident Evil 7's shotgun is one of the most powerful and effective weapons in the game. In this guide, we'll show you how to get the shotgun in Resident Evil 7 biohazard early in the game. It'll make the fights you need to have much easier.

How to use this Resident Evil 7 guide

Getting Resident Evil 7's shotgun is a two-step process. We also cover the steps below in Polygon's full Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough. If you're looking for more detail, you can hop over to section 2-3 Jack’s back and the basement to find the scorpion key and section 2-4 The final dog’s head and Jack's boss fight to get the shotgun.

We've included links throughout the guide, which will take you directly to the relevant sections of our Resident Evil 7 walkthrough.

Get the scorpion key

Before you get the shotgun, you need to have the scorpion key. It's available relatively early in the game, after your confrontation with Jack in the garage, after you solve the projector puzzle using the wooden statuette — and while you're in the basement.

In the basement (aka the processing area)

Begin in the safe room (pictured above), right around the corner from the stairs that lead down into the basement processing area.

How to get to the room with the scorpion key

Head down the stairs into the basement, following the path that leads past the incinerator room and through the hate. Follow the room to the right, through the hole in the wall where the room opens up.

Loop around the room counterclockwise to get the treasure photo from the shelves in the back corner, the lock pick from the freezer to their left and the green herb from the meat-cage to the left of that. Turn around and pick up the scorpion key from the bag of meat in the middle of the room.

Retrace your steps to the save point up the stairs and out of the cellar. We’re going to go on an adventure to pick up the treasure mentioned in the treasure photo and the shotgun.

Get the shotgun

Once you have the scorpion key, you can unlock grandma's room. It's on the upper level of the main house, in the far left corner facing away from the dual staircases.

Use the scorpion key to get into grandma’s room. Grab the items inside with a clockwise loop from the door:

  • the broken shotgun
  • some dentures in a drawer (but they don’t do anything and there’s no "drink to forget" combo in Resident Evil 7)
  • a note on the desk laying out the dog’s heads locations
  • burner fuel on the ground to the right of the desk
  • handgun ammo in the wardrobe
  • chem fluid on the dresser in front of the window
  • shotgun shells on the bed and finally a troubling note from Grandma’s doctor in the drawer to the left of the door.

If you run out of room in your inventory, you can always come back or you can prioritize what you really want — we recommend the ammo and the chem fluid. You’re about to pick up another two-slot item — the real shotgun — so you’ll probably have to play some inventory Tetris (or just run back to your inventory box).

Listen to and avoid Jack as you make your way down to the shotgun statue on the first floor. Pick up the shotgun, which will trigger the pressure plate and lock the door behind you. Replace it with the broken shotgun to open the door back up. Now you’ve got a shotgun!


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