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Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero guide and walkthrough

Resident Evil 7’s Not a Hero downloadable content is free for everyone who owns the game. In this guide, we’ll show you how to navigate your way through the salt mines as Chris Redfield, a returning franchise favorite and the protagonist of this DLC.

The salt mine

Not a Hero’s first few minutes take place in the salt mines, which you’ll recognize if you’ve played through Resident Evil 7. There isn’t much to say about this area beyond combat.

Treat these hallways and corridors as good places to get reacquainted with the game and practice your new punching skill. Your goal throughout Not a Hero should be to conserve ammo, which is a scarce resource.

The best way to do that is to shoot your enemies in a limb to stagger them. Then approach and, without aiming, punch or stomp them with the fire button.

The central cavern

Eventually, you’ll enter the central cavern, which serves as Not a Hero’s hub. There aren’t any enemies here, so you’re safe to explore and collect items.

When you exit the elevator, follow the right wall.

  • On a barrel in front of a green shipping container, pick up handgun ammo.
  • On a white sack near the machine in the middle of the room, pick up shotgun ammo.
  • On a barrel in the center of the room (to the left of the green shipping container, if you’re facing the far end of the room), pick up handgun ammo.
  • On a barrel on the other side of the shipping container, pick up an antique coin.
  • On a sack up the stairs on the far left side of the room is a grenade.

Save your game at the tape recorder. Up the stairs on the left are two cages. Follow our walkthrough, and you’ll get enough currency to unlock both. There’s nothing up on the right staircase (yet). There’s also a clown face, but you don’t have the item you need to interact with it.

There are three doors leading out of the central cavern. The green and gray doors have requirements. Your only option is the red door.

Behind the red door

Enter the red door, where you’ll find a soldier behind a locked door. Speak to him. Press the red button to take the elevator at the end of the hallway.

Exit the elevator and turn left. At the end of this hallway, at about the point where you enter the big room with the green box that has “key” written on it, several molded zombies will awaken. Turn around and run down the hallway (back the way you came). Use grenades to blow them up when they’re bunched up together, then charge, look down and stomp them to death.

Another wave of molded zombies will follow those. Repeat the process, using grenades when they’re bunched up together and shooting the legs off of any stragglers. This is the best way to conserve ammo. Get them on the ground, and then stomp them.

At the very end, a four-legged molded will appear. A headshot will take it down in one hit, though you can also shoot off its limbs.

Collect everything

There are several things to collect in the next room. Our walkthrough will focus on getting those first, which isn’t exactly what Resident Evil 7: Not a Hero wants you to do. But it’s cool. We promise.

From the entrance of the room, turn right and follow the tracks. Sitting on a sack on your right, you’ll find an antique coin. Further down on a cart to your left, you’ll find handgun ammo. Follow the track back behind the mine cart, where you’ll find a grenade on a barrel to your right and a gear (which will make sense in a minute) on a rock. Turn around, and walk to the right of the cart. On a barrel to your right, you’ll find more handgun ammo.

Right about now, a four-legged molded should appear back where you found the grenade and gear. Kill it.

Follow the path up and right from the cart, and turn left toward the center of the room. Follow the path left, so that you walk clockwise around the green crate with the key on it, and you’ll find two neuro-stun grenades on a barrel and, next to that, the crank (which will soon make sense) on a wooden spool. Continue clockwise, and check the top of a barrel next to the truck to find a med injector. Continue clockwise (away from the truck), smash the wooden box with your knife (to conserve ammo) and pick up the shotgun ammo.

Get the cell key

Continue your loop around the center of the area, and use the gear and crank in the rusty red contraption near the door with the clown face painted on it. Crank the crank, which will lower the green box holding the key. It’ll also unleash a gigantic monstrosity of an enemy.

Ignore the monster, collect the cell key and backtrack to take the elevator down. (As far as we can tell, you’re destined to take one hit from the monster before you leave.)

Back on the first floor, use the cell key on the cell holding the operative, and collect the high grade filter. Then return to the hub room and save your game. It’s time to go through the green door.

Behind the green door

Surviving behind the green door requires a high-grade filter, which you get from behind the red door (see above). The path ahead of you is almost entirely comprised of corridors. They don’t branch away from each other, meaning that the path forward is straightforward. Rather than constantly telling you to turn left or right, we’ll use milestones like enemies or items to guide you through.

Through the corridors and hallways

Enter the green door, and take the grenade on the shelf to your left.

Continue forward, and after a few twists and turns, you’ll see a monstrosity called a fumer appear. When this happens, turn around and run away. Pay attention to the sound, which is basically creepy ambient noise. You’re hiding at this point, and when the sounds return to normal, it’s safe to resume your journey.

There’s an antique coin next to a cart with buckets on it, just past a light on the ground. In that same room, pick up two neuro-stun grenades.

A fumer appears again, just beyond this room. Backtrack, and it’ll disappear. (As far as we can tell, the quicker you run away from a fumer, the quicker it’ll disappear. You can see that in the video above.)

Keep going through hallways (that don’t branch) and a fumer will appear for the third time. Backtrack, wait a few seconds, and it’ll be gone.

Get the night vision device


After that, the hallway will get so black that it requires night vision goggles, which you don’t have yet. Go right, through the rusty red door.

On the other side of the door, you’ll find shotgun ammo on a generator on the right side of the hallway. The hallway deadness, and you’ll find the night vision device as well as a short manual next to it. Check the surrounding area for anti-regen ammo (RAMRODs) and a manual explaining how they work. In short, use these on the fumer monstrosities that keep appearing. There’s also a med injector on a shelf.

On your way out, grab two incendiary grenades that are sitting on a spool to your left.

Walk back through the red door, and turn right into the darkness. Open the door, and smash the wooden crates with your knife. You’ll find an incendiary grenade in one box. You’ll also find one sitting on a sack to the right of the hole in the ground.

The basement, the puzzle and the elevator

Hop down the hole. At a dead end in front of you, there are three switches. Remember that. Keep going until your night vision turns off. See those three arrows painted on the wall? Up, down, up is the sequence for the switches. Backtrack and make them match.

Between you and the elevator, a herd of horrifying zombie frog-spider-things — little crawlers — will spawn. It’s best to ignore them. Just make your way back to the elevator, and press the button.

You’re stuck for what feels like forever, so you’ll have to fight off the little crawlers for a while. Chuck grenades at them from a distance to take several out at once.

After the elevator and the turrets

Exit the elevator, walk straight and pick up the antique coin from the barrel. Follow the hallway into the next room. Collect the med injector on your left and the shotgun shells on the bottom shelf in this room. The fumer monstrosity will appear ahead of you. Use your RAMROD ammo on it. (If you accidentally used all of that ammo, run past it. It’s not super difficult to do.)


Crouch! In the next room, turrets will automatically fire at you (but only if you’re standing). And unless you killed it, the Fumer will always be at your back. Other molded will appear in the next room. Your incendiary grenades are great for taking a couple out at once. If you see a red barrel at any point, you can shoot it to make it explode. That’ll come in handy soon, when a fat molded charges you.

Interact with the door with the red light, and turn right to fight off two molded who spawn from the room there. Don’t go too far into the room. You can see the green glow of three turrets that will kill you good and dead, even if you’re crouched. If you stick around this area, more molded will spawn. There’s really no advantage to killing them. It’s just a waste of ammo. Instead, head away from the turrets and follow the path.

Crouch again when you enter the room with the light on the floor. You’ll avoid a turret there.

You’ll enter the room where you picked up the antique coin earlier, and the fumer will arise from the mud ahead of you. Run past it or shoot it with your pistol’s RAMROD ammo.

In the doorway to the left past where the fumer spawned, two more molded will appear. This is a dead end, and there’s nothing to find there. Ignore them and head through the door with the red light.


Head down the hallways until you find another door with a red light on it. Open it and walk through. Just beyond the door with the red light that you open, pick up handgun ammo on a barrel (pictured above).

Walk through a couple of rooms until you see a red barrel on a shelf to your right. Back up, and wait for a big, fat molded to walk in. Shoot the barrel as he walks past it. It’ll explode and kill him. Wait a few seconds for the corpse to explode, and then continue past him.

Turn right, and shoot the final fumer. Fight the molded that appear in this hallway, and turn left into a dead-end hallway. Break the two wooden crates for a med injector and handgun ammo. On a shelf in this room, collect a neuro-stun grenade. Continue to the dead end, and turn right. Collect the antique coin on a sack and the lock pick to its right.

Backtrack out of this hallway, and turn left. Beyond the third door with the red light, head straight. (Or head right if you want to get shot by three remote guns and die. It’s a heck of a deterrent for exploring that area again.)

Exit through the rusty red door. On the other side, there’s a clown door to your left (which you still can’t get into). Walk through yet another door and up a flight of stairs. Open the green door, and you’ll be back in the central hub.

Save your game. It’s time to go through the gray door.

Behind the gray door

Surviving behind the gray door requires a night vision device, which you pick up behind the green door.

The first room


Enter and hug the right wall. On the ground are several plates. If you walk onto them, they’ll kill you.

Enter the alcove on your right and smash the wooden crates to collect shotgun ammo, and handgun ammo. There’s an antique coin on a bucket, too.

Exit the alcove, turn right and take your first left. Use the lock pick you collected behind the green door to open the toolbox and collect (anti-regen ammo RAMRODs).

Continue away from the door deeper into the room. Avoid the glowing traps. Duck after the last of these to avoid a tripwire that isn’t glowing. Press the buttonto open the door at the end of the hallway.

The rooms with the mine carts


There’s a locked door inside of this room. Don’t worry about it. Push the mine cart into the wall with the logs, and have a weapon equipped. Shoot the fat molded who comes running out from behind the log wall you obliterated with the mine cart. (Remember that it explodes after it falls, so keep your distance.)

Enter the next room. On a mine cart in the northwest corner (relative to where you walked in), pick up a med injector. Now you have to push a few mine carts.

  • Push the mine cart nearest to the log wall. It’ll smash through a log wall of its own. Another fat molded will appear. Shoot its legs and keep your distance when it falls to avoid the explosion.
  • Push the mine cart nearest to where you found the med injector.
  • Push the mine cart nearest to the door where you came in.
  • Push the final mine cart (the one with the balloons in it) through the log wall.

Exit the room.

Getting the clown key


At the far end is a clown door. Don’t worry about it. Enter the other door. In this room, collect shotgun ammo and a med injector on the shelves to your right. After you cross the tracks, there are two crates stacked on top of each other straight ahead. Approach, and collect the antique coin sitting on one of them.

Interact with the clown to collect the clown key. You can now unlock everything with a clown painted on it (but not until you get out of this area).

As soon as you take the clown key, molded will appear. Most are four-legged molded. The first will crawl into the area around the clown machine. Two more will appear when you leave that area. The shotgun makes short work of them. There’s also a fumer. Use your pistol’s RAMROD ammo on it.

Exit the room, turn right and shoot another four-legged molded. Then use the clown key to open the door at the end of the hallway. (We’ll be backtracking soon to open another clown door that’s off the critical path, so make sure to read the section about the green door below.)

To another operative


Walk through the dark hallway and enter the next room. Descend the staircase. Shoot the farthest laser — the one that’s most horizontal. That will make it much easier to pass by without getting hit. (And it’s only one round, so it’s not a big sacrifice.)

Enter the next room. Do not save your comrade. Instead, walk through, avoiding the laser beams, and interact with the switch the deactivate the lasers. On your way, pick up the shotgun ammo on the shelf just after the barrel. Then save your friend.

A 10-minute timer will begin counting down. Time to go back through the central cavern. When you return to the dark hallway just on the other side of the gray door, several molded will be waiting for you. Let the first one walk into the tripwire you ducked underneath. The rest are entirely optional. And since your ammo is scarce, avoid the ones you can and get through the door and back to the central cavern as quickly as possible.

The red door (again) and Mama Molded boss fight

You need to find cannisters of liquid nitrogen, and that’ll take you back behind the red door. Dispatch the molded in the hallway with as few shots as possible, and take the elevator up.

On the next floor, kill the fumer with RAMROD ammo and make a beeline to the clown door. Unlock it, and pick up the two incendiary grenades on the crate just inside the door.

Go through the next door, and make your way right, around the machine, barrel and light. Follow the path down and you’ll find shotgun ammo, steroids, an antique coin a neuro-stun grenade and anti-regen ammo (RAMRODs). Use the steroids immediately to increase your max health.

Backtrack and follow the path into the next room. A boss fight is imminent. Smash the wooden crate next near the entrance for anti-regen ammo (RAMRODs) and the shelf above that for shotgun ammo. Explore the truck in the middle of the room to find grenades (on the back bumper), shotgun ammo (in a wooden crate on the far side of the truck), handgun ammo (in a wooden crate beyond the truck) and shotgun ammo (on the truck’s front passenger side fender).

Walk to the far end of the room, and boxes will drop with “EAT SHIT AND DIE” written on them. It’s time for the boss fight with a mama molded.

Mama molded boss fight

The trick to beating the mama molded is simple: Shoot her with RAMROD ammo and, when she falls to her knees, approach and punch her. That’s most of it, but of course there’s more to know.

  • Your best shot at avoiding her attack when she runs is to loop around the central truck, keeping as close to the truck as possible. As far as we can tell, your ability to make tight turns outmaneuvers her ability to run fast.
  • When she squirts the spidery little crawlers, toss a grenade at her and them. The splash damage has a good chance of damaging them all.

We used a cadence for the fight, assuming that her health reset after she stood up from falling on her knees. When she was back up, we shot her with RAMROD ammo. Then we did enough damage with other weapons until she fell again. Then we repeated the process until she fell, at which point we punched her and repeated the process again.

After you defeat her, push through the crates, stick your hand in the liquid nitrogen, and take the door out to return to the central cavern.

The green clown door

Now that you have the clown key, return to the green door. At the bottom of the stairs, you’ll see a clown door. Use the key, and collect the stabilizer (which increases your max health) on the barrel, and smash the wooden crates for handgun ammo.

The shield machine

If you’ve followed our walkthrough, you’ll have eight antique coins. Ascend the staircase on the far right (near the gray door) and purchase the steroid and stamina upgrades for more health and faster reloading, respectively.

Use the clown key on the console near the save point, and ascend the staircase on the right. Walk through the yellow door, and collect the items in this room: anti-regen ammo (RAMRODs), shotgun ammo, a grenade, two med injectors and an incendiary grenade.

Walk up the stairs and enter the next room. In here, you’ll face four waves of enemies. Equip your RAMROD ammo on your pistol, and use your shotgun as your primary weapon.

  1. With your back to the door you just entered, the frist wave comes from the front. Use grenades to hit them at a distance. (Even if the grenades don’t kill the molded, they’ll weaken them enough to take them down with one shot.) Shoot them as they come closer. A fumer appears about halfway through. Take it out with your pistol. (You can find more RAMROD ammo on a crate to your let after you descend the stairs.)
  2. The second wave starts from the left (if you have your back to the door) and incorporates four-legged molded. Head to the far side of the room to give yourself some distance at first, and move back and forth from the door to the far end as enemies spawn from both places. There’s also one fumer.
  3. The third phase is tricky. It includes two fumers who are also fat molded. Begin with your back to the door to give yourself some space, since they burst through the debris farthest from the door. Shoot them with your RAMROD ammo. Two shots each will bring them down.

At this point, Lucas will talk to you. During the conversation, an oddly slow timer will begin counting down. While he’s talking, make your way up the staircase to smash wooden crates and collect items, including handgun ammo, more handgun ammo, shotgun ammo and anti-regen ammo (RAMRODs).

Walk back down the stairs, and as the timer counts down, search the floor for grates to pull on. The one that worked for us was closest to the door where we entered.

Make your way through the tunnels and enter the research facility. Just before the last door, you’ll see another tool box. You don’t have a lock pick for this. But you will soon.

The research facility

There are two paths ahead in the research facility. To your left, there’s a door at the top of a staircase. Ignore it. It’s locked. (For now.)

The first floor

Head straight down the hallway, examining the photo on the cart to your right. Enter the blue double doors to your left. In the distance, you’ll see two fumers through windows that look into another room.

Turn right, and at the far end of the first table on your left, you’ll find anti-regen ammo (RAMRODs). On the table with the computers, you’ll find an image to examine next to a laptop. There are two more images to examine on a whiteboard to the left of the computer desk.

Walk through the door next to the whiteboard, and equip your pistol with RAMROD ammo. Kill the fumers in the next room. Here, you can examine some creepy dolls. Listen as you look, and turn around to kill the fumer that snuck up behind you. You’ll find a photo to examine on a cart near the dolls. You’ll find anti-regen ammo (RAMRODs) on a shelf on the opposite end of the wall with the dolls. There’s a med injector on a cart near the bed. There’s a file to read on the same cart where you examined the photo (the one near the dolls).

Backtrack to the hallway, and head up the stairs.

The second floor


There’s a molded playing dead on a cart to your right. Kill it. In the corner of the alcove where the molded was laying down, there’s a note on a locker.

Continue down the hallway, and turn right at the intersection. Collect the handgun ammo on a crate at the dead end.

Walk the opposite way down the hallway, and you’ll see Lucas through glass. He’s behind a locked door. Walk through the blue door to enter the room on the opposite side of the hallway. Flip the switch to turn on the power, and then reenter the hallway so Lucas can see you. He’ll run away.

Enter the previously locked door (that leads to where Lucas was) and then enter the first room on your left. Lucas is gone, but you’ll find two incendiary grenades on a cart just beyond the door. You can examine and read the laptop Lucas was using. There’s a book to read on the table beyond the laptop (on the side of the room farthest from the window). There’s a tape recorder to save your game and a box to put in any items you don’t need. In a bowl next to the tape recorder, you’ll find a lock pick.

There’s a blue door beyond the tape recorder (and some handgun ammo and a note on the wall to read on your left before you get to the door). That’s the locked door at the top of the staircase near the entrance to the research facility. Backtrack down to the first floor and take the door out to where the tool box was. The turret will make noise, but it has no ammo. Use the lock pick on the tool box for more anti-regen ammo (RAMRODs).

Return to the room where you saved, and exit to the hallway with the turret. Like the turret near the tool box on the first floor, it’s harmless. Turn left into the alcove, and open the locker there for shotgun ammo.

Now it’s time to confront Lucas.

Mutated Lucas boss fight

Defeating mutated Lucas requires a couple of things, none more important than paying attention to his glowing parts. Whenever you’re firing your gun, that’s where you want to aim.

  • At first, he’s steaming. Shoot him with RAMROD ammo. Then shoot him with regular ammo in his glowing head whenever you can.
  • After you’ve done a certain amount of damage, you’ll also see his chest glowing. We like to think that’s his zombie heart. Shoot there.
  • Keep your distance whenever possible. And as you’re running around the room, look for small wooden crates to destroy. There’s ammo inside.

The simple truth is that this boss fight is about shooting the right targets and keeping your distance to avoid damage. It won’t take more than a couple of minutes for Lucas to fall.