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Resident Evil 7: Banned Footage Vol. 1 ‘Bedroom’ walkthrough

I’m not enjoying this, dang it!

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Everyone’s favorite cameraman is back again! In this chapter of Resident Evil 7’s Banned Footage Vol. 1 downloadable content, Bedroom, your job is to play as Clancy and escape the clutches (and the food) of Marguerite.

Table of contents

How to solve the puzzles

Before we get started, let’s take a second to explain what to expect from this puzzle.

You’re going to solve several puzzles, but every step you complete will make noise, and Marguerite will return to check on you. Your job is solve the puzzles, then return the room and all of the items in it to their original state before she gets there — you even get a helpful timer to let you know when she’ll get there. If anything is out of place when she comes in, Marguerite will attack you, which won’t kill you.

You’re going to repeat this explore/make noise/put stuff back/get back in bed loop a few times. Each time will give you an answer or a hint for the next step until you "escape." We say "escape" because this is Clancy, and we all know how that ends. (He started out as a cameraman on a cable access ghost hunting show — Clancy obviously doesn’t have a history of good decision-making.)

Getting the sewing needle

Your first task is to lie to Marguerite about the food. When given the option, choose to say, "Wow, this looks delicious." She’ll believe you and leave you alone to eat your dinner. Once you get control, look down and pick up the spoon off of the tray. Feel free to eat some of the delicious food, but know that you’ll take damage for your effort.

Interact with the shackle on the left of your breakfast-in-bed table to free yourself. Once free, pick up the lantern off of the hook on your left and start to explore the room — you can’t interact with anything in this room unless you’re carrying the lantern. Continue past the locked door on your left and follow the wall around.

  • There’s a knife taped behind the dresser (we’ll point you to a note leading to the location of this knife later)
  • There’s a lighter in the vase on top of the dresser
  • The drawer on the left of the dresser has a note inside that says "The same time as all other clocks."
  • DO NOT open the drawer on the right — it’s noisy and it’ll get stuck, alerting Marguerite to your deception.
  • There’s a painting on the wall — untitled painting C — that you can pick up. You can also see that there are three locations for painting on the wall with three different silhouettes. We’ll deal with this in a second.
  • Continue around, past the locked grandfather clock into the back corner. Pick up untitled painting B from the barrel.
  • Next to the bed, interact with the clock on the table to knock off the lock pick-shaped broken clock hand.

Now it’s time to solve the first piece of the puzzle. Head back to the wall with the painting silhouettes and match them up. Install the two you have in their locations — painting B on the left and painting C in the middle. Use the broken clock hand to unlock the grandfather clock. Open the door and note the time on the clock face — 5:00.

When you take the final painting, the clock will chime and call Marguerite back to you. Things are going to happen fast, but you have plenty of time to do everything you need to.

Take untitled painting A from the clock. Your one minute countdown will start now. Close the clock’s door so Marguerite doesn’t notice that it’s open. When you hang painting A in the final location, the book on the table in front of you will open. Retrieve the sewing needle from the voodoo doll.

You’ve got several things to do with your remaining 30 seconds or so.

  • Take all three paintings off of the wall and put painting C back in the leftmost location.
  • Put painting B back on the barrel in the corner.
  • Return the lantern to the hook.
  • Get back in the bed and choose to wait for Marguerite.

Unlocking the storage room

She’ll come in and act suspicious. Once she leaves, free yourself again and grab the lantern. Install the sewing needle on the clock on the bedside table and set it to 5:00 — the same time as the grandfather clock — which will move the bed aside, revealing a door underneath.

Moving the bed gets Marguerite’s attention, so interact with the clock again to move the bed back. Hang the lantern back on its hook and get into bed to wait for Marguerite again.

Take the stove and the fork off of the tray she leaves. Get free and grab the lantern. Read the note on the floor then look at the paintings to solve the next puzzle. The important words are "darkness," "gave of his flesh" and "charred black." Retrieve paintings B and C.

Put them back on the wall in the order described by the note — painting A, the blindfolded man on the left, painting B, the man being eaten by crows, in the middle and painting C, the man covered in flames, on the right. This opens the book to a new section with a new voodoo doll. This one is holding a fork in its right hand, wearing a bib with a leaf on it and holding a spoon in its left hand. Feels like a clue, huh?

Take all three paintings down and put painting C back on the left hook to prepare for when Marguerite comes back.

Head to that locked door you ignored earlier. Examine the fork and the spoon in your inventory to find a couple more symbols — a snake and an apple, respectively. Enter this code into the lock on the door to open it — that’s snake, fig leaf, apple if you haven’t been paying attention.

Inside the storage room, you’ll see a snake key in a cage on your left, a shadow puzzle in the middle of the room, a boarded-shut cabinet ahead of you, a coatrack in the back right corner and another lantern hook on the wall on your right. (There’s a note inside the coat on the coatrack that points you to the knife that you picked up first if you’re feeling guilty about cutting corners.)

Use the fork to pry loose the board holding the cabinet closed and grab the solid fuel inside, then head back into the bedroom. Go to the barrel and combine the stove and the solid fuel, then place the stove on the plate. Use the lighter to ignite the stove and watch the show. The sound once again alerts Marguerite, so you have to act fast.

Pick up the remaining bottle and grab the corkscrew. Then pick up the stove and return painting B to the barrel. Put the lantern on its hook, then get yourself reshackled while you wait for Marguerite one last time.

The shadow puzzle

When she’s gone, pick up the lantern, then use the corkscrew to remove the cork holding lantern hook A to the wall. Head into the storage room and interact with the lantern hook on your right in the same way to pick up lantern hook B. Use your knife to cut open the back of the projector box. Place the lantern inside, then head to the pedestal closest to the painting.

Combine lantern hooks A and B to create an iron statuette. Spin the statuette until its shadow matches up with the side of Medusa’s face. Now, you have to find something to cast the snake’s shadow. If only you had something with a picture of a snake on it.

Head to the pedestal closer to the projector and use the fork to cast the shadow of the snake’s head. Once it’s in place, the cage holding the snake key will unlock.

Marguerite will be back before you have a chance to clean up the room. You can watch her through the hole in the wall. She’s not going to leave this time, though.

Pick up the lantern out of the projector and then equip your knife. There’s nothing to do here but take on Marguerite. You won’t have to do anything, though — she’ll jump you and you’ll stab her. The stabbing will stun her temporarily, giving you time to interact with the clock next to the bed, then use the snake key on the door beneath the bed.

Climb through the door into the tunnel and to your freedom. Well, "freedom."

Rat catcher achievement

There’s only one ending to the "Bedroom" DLC, but there is a hidden achievement you can unlock. There are three dead rats that to find hidden throughout the two rooms that will unlock the Rat Catcher achievement. You don’t have to do anything with them, just pick them up and look at them.

The first is behind the shutters to the right of the barrel where you pick up painting B.

The second is in the second meal Marguerite brings you. Use your fork to eat some of the food(?), then look at your pile of vomit to find the second rat. This will damage you, but you’ll survive.

The final rat is on top of the shelves directly across from the door in the storage room.