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Resident Evil 7: Banned Footage Vol. 2 ‘Daughters’ walkthrough

That girl’s our family now! And we’re hers!

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Just like the Resident Evil 7 beginning hour demo, there are two endings to this prequel, Daughters. We recommend playing through the bad ending first before going for the true ending. The true ending is similar, it just has more steps.

Table of contents

The bad ending

Everything in ‘Daughters’ takes place in the main house — which you’ll remember from earlier in the game. Do as you’re told and head to the laundry room to pick up the change of clothes for Eveline — turn right in the hallway and it’s at the end of the hall on the left.

When you climb the stairs, there are going to be three rooms you can get into. It’s worth taking a second to figure out the rooms before things get crazy. From the top of the stairs, you’ll pass the bathroom, then the recreation room and then come to the bedroom. You’re going to running past these rooms in a hurry in a minute, so learn the order.

Take the clothes upstairs to Lucas’ old room. It doesn’t go well.

Head back downstairs and check on Lucas in the dining room, then turn around and come back upstairs — you just have to do that to trigger the next event. Open the bathroom door to find Marguerite. It doesn’t go well.

Follow Jack’s directions and run downstairs again. Turn right at the bottom of the stairs to go to the garage. Push the button to open the door, then grab the rope that is hanging right in front of you. Head back to the bathroom. It doesn’t go well.

Run from the bathroom toward the recreation room. As soon as you push through the door, turn to your right. Tie the rope to the hook there to lock the door behind you.

That rope won’t hold for long, so you have to hurry to do the next couple steps. Duck into the room on the right side of the recreation room — Grandma’s room in the main game — turn to your right again and pick up the fork.

Head straight out of the door to Grandma’s room and to the back right corner next to the mannequin. Use the fork on the two nails holding the board in place to escape to the walkway outside. Turn right and head to the end of the walkway. Pry the sheet metal away from the wall to get back inside.

Turn left and go through the doors to the main hall. Your goal is to get through the double doors right beneath you and back into the hallway — the doors with the ox lock in the main game — but Marguerite will be patrolling below you. Stay crouched and try to stay out of sight. If you’re lucky, she’ll climb the stairs and you can sneak down the other side unnoticed — this happened for us once and it was wonderful. Otherwise, just wait for her to get far enough away from the base of the stairs to give you enough time to sprint.

This goes … better than expected.

This last section is just about getting to the garage, but it’s obviously not that simple. Jack’s patrolling down here, so we have to take a couple steps to avoid him. Sprint straight down the hall and into the laundry room — Jack will appear in the hallway on the left, but you can ignore him.

Drop into the crawlspace on the right side of the laundry room and crawl through to the pantry. Stay crouched and start walking forward into the kitchen, but stop next to the trash can.

Jack is still in the hallway, stalking back and forth between the dining room door and the kitchen door. This next part is very tricky — you have to avoid being spotted by Jack while you make your way to the garage — if you’re spotted, it’s pretty much all over and you’ll have to restart.

When you see Jack leave the kitchen doorway, follow him into the hall, but stop right there — you’re not trying to get to the garage yet, just trying to stay out of sight. When Jack ducks into the dining room, start back into the kitchen very slowly. Jack will look around in the dining room for a second, then return to the hallway.

When he’s in the hall again, head from the kitchen, through the dining room and straight across the hall into the garage stairwell. Stay crouched the whole time and don’t stop moving — the timing is tight here.

Open the garage door again, then crouch so you can get through it as soon as possible — Jack will hear and be headed your way.

Get into the SUV and drive to your freedom — and by freedom we obviously mean "nightmare imprisonment."

The true ending

You’re going to follow a lot of the same steps to get the true ending, but there’s a few extra things to do at the same time. You still have to go through all of the steps, through — the game prevents you from skipping anything.

When Marguerite asks you to get the change of clothes, you’re going to ignore her for a minute. First, follow Lucas when he sits down at the table and watch when he unlocks his phone — we need that passcode (it’s 1019).

Next, head into the pantry — the room behind the kitchen. Drop into the crawlspace and look at your feet to pick up a lock pick. Take the crawlspace to the laundry room and pick up the change of clothes.

Go upstairs and duck into the bathroom before you go to Lucas’ bedroom. Use the lock pick on the drawer to retrieve the small component. Now you can go to the bedroom. Instead of walking over to Eveline, turn right and examine the trophy. Install the small component to access the attic.

Poke around Lucas’ desk and in his computer — you’ll use his passcode (it’s 1019) to access it. You’ll find a note about something of Lucas’ out on the veranda.

Now you have to trigger the next sequence of events.

  • Take the change of clothes to Eveline
  • Check on Lucas downstairs
  • Find Marguerite and Jack in the bathroom
  • Get the rope from the garage
  • Go back to the bathroom
  • Lock the recreation room door with the rope
  • Go pick up the fork
  • Pry open the window and climb onto the veranda

Before you pull away the sheet metal, turn to your left. Squeeze between the shutters and the house and open the red box on your left to find a dog head relief. Head back inside and into the main hall.

Instead of escaping through the double doors like you did before, this time you’re going out through the Cerberus door. You still have to avoid Marguerite, though. Crouch down and move slow to stay out of sight.

Sneak down the stairs on the right side, then follow along behind Marguerite as she circles the room. Break to the right and head for the back door while Marguerite continues to patrol.

Use the dog head relief to get out to the back yard and head straight for the trailer. Inside, you’ll find another shipwreck survivor and some information that leads to the true ending.


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