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Resident Evil Village easy-to-pick lock and Lockpick guide

Maps and locations for finding your first Lockpicks

Resident Evil Village attic lockpick
Resident Evil Village’s lowly Lockpick is your key to easy-to-pick locks
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Resident Evil Village Lockpicks are super scarce, even for a game where item scarcity is the norm. You’ll find easy-to-pick locks long before you find your first Lockpick, which is the item that opens locked drawers like those in Old Town and elsewhere.

In Polygon’s RE8 Lockpick guide, we’ll show you where to find your first four Lockpicks.

[Warning: While we wouldn’t say that there are huge spoilers directly ahead, we’re using our spoiler warning image, just in case you don’t want to see what happens after open the castle gate, which is where this Resident Evil Village collectibles guide begins.]

Resident Evil Village spoiler image Graphic: Dave Tach/Polygon | Source images: Capcom via Polygon

Castle Dimitrescu

There are two lockpicks inside Castle Dimitrescu.

Kitchen hallway

Resident Evil Village Kitchen hallway lockpick location Graphic: Dave Tach/Polygon | Source images: Capcom via Polygon

You’ll find your first Lockpick in the hallway next to the kitchen just after your first fight with one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters. As you can see on the map above, there’s an easy-to-pick lock on a bureau in the same hallway. Use the Lockpick there, and you’ll get the Wooden Angel Statue, which you can sell to the Duke. (And if this is the first lock you’ve picked, you’ll receive the Petty Thief Resident Evil Village achievement or trophy.)


Resident Evil Village attic lockpick location Image: Capcom via Polygon

Solve the bells puzzle, and climb to the Attic. Get off the ladder, and hug the left wall until you see a corpse on the ground. It’s not dead. Shoot it, kill it, and pick up the Lockpick on the wooden crate next to the lantern.

Bonus: As soon as you get off the ladder in the Attic, turn around (preferably with the invaluable Quick Turn mechanic), and you’ll find a Goat of Warding collectible.

The Village

There’s (at least) one Lockpick to find in West Old Town, but you can’t find it until you escape Castle Dimitrescu and return to Old Town.

West Old Town Outhouse

Resident Evil Village lockpick west old town map location
Who uses a Lockpick in an outhouse? Who cares! Take it!
Graphic: Dave Tach/Polygon | Source images: Capcom via Polygon

After you defeat the armored werewolf, look for a large blue gate on the bent road that leads south. Shoot the lock (you can see the lock icon on your map), walk in, and turn right. Open the outhouse ahead of you for a lockpick.

Bonus: There’s a Goat of Warding collectible on the snow-covered corrugated roof of the shed right next to the destructible yellow crate.

West Old Town Well

On your journey to find the house with the red chimney, you'll discover the Well Wheel.

Resident Evil Village lockpick West Old Town map screenshot
Use the Well Wheel, get a Lockpick.
Graphic: Dave Tach/Polygon | Source images: Capcom via Polygon

Use the Well Wheel in the backyard of a house in the southeastern corner of West Old Town to get another Lockpick.

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