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Resident Evil Village guide: How to make money

Break things, shoot things, and kill things

Resident Evil Village Crystal Fragments Image: Capcom via Polygon

Making money in Resident Evil Village is the most direct path to power and survival. You can trade in stacks of lei for weapons, ammo, upgrades, and crafting recipes. But none of this is clear at the beginning of the game, even though you should start hoarding cash as soon as you can.

In this RE Village guide, we’ll show you how to make money as soon as possible.

Search everywhere, and break things

You’ll find bags of lei, RE8’s currency, scattered around the landscape from the very beginning. Sometimes, you’ll find rare items just sitting out in the wild. So search everything — every drawer and cabinet and door you see. Whip out your knife if you see something like a vase that might break. You may just find a bag of lei.

Kill things

Resident Evil Village teaches you early that you can’t kill every monster you see. But you can kill some of them, and some of the monsters that you kill will drop a Crystal Skull. Each one of these items is worth 900 lei when you sell it to The Duke, Resident Evil Village’s merchant.

Find and shoot glowing spots

Keep an eye out for seemingly random glowing white spots that dot the landscape of Resident Evil Village. Shoot them, and you’ll dislodge Crystal Fragments.

Resident Evil Village walkthrough part 2: Open the castle gate
Shoot the goat’s left eye for a Crystal Fragment.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

You can find your first Crystal Fragment early on, when you’re exploring the area around the Maiden of War statue while trying to open the castle gate. Each Crystal Fragment is worth 2,000 lei when you sell it to The Duke.

The next level of puzzles.

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