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Resident Evil Village guide: Iron Insignia Key

Find the Iron Insignia Key with our maps, unlock doors and gates with our screenshots

Resident Evil Village Iron Insignia Key guide header gate Image: Capcom via Polygon

Resident Evil Village’s Iron Insignia Key is one of the game’s first mysteries. You’ll find the first locked gate requiring it not long after entering Old Town. And then, if you’re like us, you’ll spend the next few hours wondering if you somehow missed its map location.

In this RE8 Iron Insignia Key guide, we’ll show you how and where to find it.

[Warning: While we don’t really think there are enormous spoilers here, we do have to skip ahead a bit, so we’re invoking our trusty Resident Evil Village spoiler image out of an abundance of aggressive caution. We’ll see you on the other side below.]

Resident Evil Village spoiler image Graphic: Dave Tach/Polygon | Source images: Capcom via Polygon

Resident Evil Village Iron Insignia Key location

Before you can find the Iron Insignia Key, you must make your way out of the graveyard and through the Castle Gate, enter Castle Dimitrescu, find Dimitrescu’s Chambers, and begin hunting for the Mask of Joy, which is part of Resident Evil Village’s “Find the four angel masks” objective. Your search will lead you to a new area of Castle Dimitrescu.

Beginning at the Courtyard, unlock the northernmost door with the Dimitrescu Key. You can also pick up the Castle Map (Annex) in the far right corner of the little entrance hall.

Head upstairs, turn right, and walk down the hallway until you find an Iron Insignia Key door, with this helpful note:

The piano hides the way to open the door.

Resident Evil Village Iron Insignia Key map location, Opera Hall piano
You’ll find the Iron Insignia Key here in the Opera Hall.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Go through the door on the left into the Opera Hall, hugging the eastern wall, and take the stairs down. In the middle of the room pictured above, you’ll find a piano.

Resident Evil Village walkthrough part 5: Mask of Joy
Opera Hall piano puzzle solution.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Play the notes in the order they’re shown, and you’ll (finally) receive the Iron Insignia Key.

Now you can use it on the door in Castle Dimitrescu that we mentioned above. And, when you eventually leave the castle, you can use the Iron Insignia Key back in Old Town, too.

The Iron Insignia Key in Resident Evil Village
Behold! the Iron Insignia Key in Resident Evil Village.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

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