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Resident Evil Village guide: Five bells chamber puzzle solution (Atelier)

Let the five bells of this chamber ring out.

let the five bells of this chamber ring out Image: Capcom via Polygon

Resident Evil Village’s bell puzzle takes place on your way to collect the Mask of Fury. A note on Dimitrescu’s Portrait in the Atelier tells you to “let the five bells of this chamber ring out.” In this Resident Evil Village bells puzzle guide, we’ll show you the location of the 5 bells.

Atelier bell locations

We’ve put the locations of every bell in the gallery below. They appear in the same order as the text that follows the gallery.

  1. End table. To the left of the Dimitrescu’s Portrait is the easiest bell to find. It’s sitting on an end table(?) between a statue and a bust.
  2. Cabinet. There’s a tiny bell on top of the cabinet opposite Dimitrescu’s Portrait.
  3. Behind the wall. This bell swings by every few seconds behind the wall. Shoot it when it’s visible between the gears.
  4. Chandelier. Walk up the staircase that conspicuously leads to nothing, and look at the chandelier. The bell is in the top. You may have to shoot this one twice — once to get it swinging and again to light it up.
  5. Outside. Man alive, did it take us forever to find this one. Climb up the staircase to nowhere, and look out the window on the far side of the room. This bell is there. In a bell tower. For some reason. Even though it’s clearly not part of “this chamber.” We’re not bitter.

Shoot the five bells, and you’ll unlock a secret passage behind a painting. Take it, and you’re moments away from a Goat of Warding, a Lockpick, and a new weapon.

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