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Resident Evil Village guide: Lone Road chest key

How to open the Lone Road lox box treasure, with some posthumous help from Luiza

Lone Road chest in Resident Evil Village Image: Capcom via Polygon

You can find Resident Evil Village’s Lone Road chest as you return to the Village from House Beneviento, but that’s long before you can open it. In Polygon’s RE8 Lone Road chest guide, we’ll show you how to open the Lone Road lock box, where to find the Lone Road key, and reveal the treasure you’ll get for your effort.

Luiza’s Heirloom, Luiza’s Necklace, Luiza’s Key

To get the Lone Road chest key, you need to find a necklace. And to find the necklace, you need to get an heirloom. It’s first available during the “Collect Rose: 2/4” objective, which happens after you return from House Beneviento.

Make your way back to the Village, and head east through the Church yard and the Fallow Plot, stopping at the treasure chest in front of Luiza’s House (which you can see in the map above). The treasure chest icon is labeled Luiza’s Heirloom on your map. Open it, and you’ll get Luiza’s Necklace.

Examine Luiza’s Necklace, and you’ll discover the Necklace Stone.

But wait — there’s more! Examine Luiza’s Necklace again, and you’ll discover Luiza’s Key. That’s it. That’s the solution. That’s the item that you need to unlock the Lone Road chest.

Lone Road chest key

Travel back to the Lone Road, which is west of the area within the Village where the Duke, a typewriter, and the Altar are. Head through the gate, and take the first (hard to see) door on your left (which is south on the map).

Resident Evil Village Lone Road chest key map location Graphic: Dave Tach/Polygon | Source images: Capcom via Polygon

Open the Lone Road chest, and you’ll receive Cesare’s Goblet, a Very Valuable treasure. Sell it to the Duke for 19,000 lei.

Cesare’s Goblet Resident Evil Village
Cesare’s Goblet is your reward.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

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