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Resident Evil Village guide: Riverbank Treasure House walkthrough

Find the treasure below Castle Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Village guide: Riverbank Treasure House walkthrough Image: Capcom via Polygon

After you escape Resident Evil Village’s Castle Dimitrescu, you’ll meet Duke in the Altar area of the eponymous Village. When you return from the house with the red chimney, he’ll mark several treasures on your map. Several of the treasures are easy enough to reach. One, though, the Riverbank Treasure House, takes several extra steps.

In this RE8 walkthrough, we’ll tell you how to reach the Riverbank Treasure House, how to pass the puzzle inside, and what you’ll get for your efforts.

Collect the boat key and crank key items

Before you can even get to the Riverbank Treasure House, you’ll need to travel to the Reservoir, collect both the boat key and the crank key item, defeat Moreau, and return.

Mountain Stream

With those key items in hand, head to the drawbridge along the Lone Road area. Use the crank to lower the drawbridge, cross it, and climb into the boat you find there. Follow the Mountain Stream north. You’ll end up near the Craftsman’s House — where you emerged from Castle Dimitrescu.

Riverbank Treasure House

From the dock, take a right and enter the tunnel you find there.

Resident Evil Village walkthrough part 12: Riverbank Treasure House and Mountain Stream Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

Step through the doors and you’ll head down to a room below Castle Dimitrescu. Stand next to the hanging brazier, and line it up with the two, tall, unlit braziers. Shoot the hanging one to open both doors.

On the left, collect the lei from the table.

On the right, smash the crates for some shotgun and handgun ammo. A non-stop supply of vampires will come out of the hole in the wall. That’s a good thing.

Back in the main room, there’s another door leading east with another unlit brazier. Wait for a vampire to approach you, and then use the hanging brazier to light it on fire — this will earn you the Medium Rare achievement or trophy.

Get it to chase you to the unlit brazier to light it. Smash the crate in this room for some sniper rifle ammo.

Continue east and collect the magnum ammo and Golden Lady Statue.

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