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Rift S review: PC-driven VR gets much simpler

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For parents, TABS is an outstanding game

Sea of Thieves 2019 review: A sea change

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Astro C40 TR controller review: Customizability at a cost

Days Gone review: A repetitive apocalypse

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Cobra Kai season 2: Capable, not captivating; competent, not compelling

Mortal Kombat 11 review

World War Z is an OK multiplayer game elevated by hilarious zombie physics

Katana Zero review: a game about death, death, death, and life

Heaven’s Vault review: an archaeology video game actually about archaeology

Satisfactory’s end goal? Replacing myself

God’s Trigger captures the joy of co-op Hotline Miami-style chaos

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Big sticks get some soft speaking in MLB The Show 19’s career mode

Rainbow Six Siege review: three years and 1,000-plus hours later

The best games of 2019 (so far)