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This turn-based tactical roguelike makes zombies cool again

Tchia stands on the shoulders of Zelda — then leaps off

The Resident Evil 4 remake pulls off the same great trick

Evil Dead Rise is a movie for sickos by sickos

Cyberpunk’s new equipment book is smart satire on the future of American gun culture

The Tetris movie doesn’t do its story justice

The deeper I dig into roguelike Have a Nice Death, the less value I find

Critical Role’s Till the Last Gasp straddles the line between board game and RPG

Bayonetta’s new spinoff can’t decide what it wants to be

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is everything a D&D fan could want

Is Patch Quest a roguelike, Metroidvania, bullet hell, or Pokémon-like? Yes

Unicorn Wars takes ‘adults-only animation’ to the absolute limit

We have been dying to talk about part 2 of You season 4

Scream VI’s latest meta twist: justifying the whole Scream franchise

Dead Cells’ Return to Castlevania DLC is joyous roguelike fan service

Destiny 2: Lightfall offers a future with too much past

Apparently no one can get Stephen King’s Children of the Corn right

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty brings Sekiro’s combat to a mesmerizing new world

Phantom Brigade can’t convey the nuances of its own subversive mech combat

Arctic management sim The Pale Beyond is as messy as it is thrilling

The Outwaters breaks the found-footage rules in squirmy ways 

Vallejo created 20 new paint colors for your D&D miniatures

Creed III is an anime-inspired knockout

PlayStation VR 2’s game library is already getting stronger, and I’m excited

Netflix tried to make a British Get Out, but it went wrong

Aggretsuko’s lead finally got her shit together — now it’s her loser boyfriend’s turn

Kirby’s new Switch remaster runs in circles

In Brandon Cronenberg’s Infinity Pool, the sex and satire drip off the screen

Company of Heroes 3 propels real-time strategy past the real-time part

On Physical: 100, every ripped athlete is also a devout cheerleader

Like a Dragon: Ishin! can’t outrun the Yakuza series’ past

Hogwarts Legacy wants to make everyone happy, but Harry Potter gets in the way

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