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Analogue Pocket review: It’s real and it rules

Riz Ahmed elevates Amazon’s new blunt sci-fi drama Encounter

Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story is a radical act of fervent fandom

The Expanse deserved more space to wrap up

Sandra Bullock can’t save The Unforgivable

Marvel’s Daredevil crossover is everything event comics should be, but rarely are

Batman’s new era is off to a disjointed start

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Halo Infinite saves the series by finally doing something different

Fights in Tight Spaces stuffs a lot of good into a small package

All I want for Christmas is this fancy Pac-Man book

D&D’s Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos understands what makes college memorable

Exo One is a deliriously fun trip through sci-fi dreamscapes

Netflix’s intense animated manga adaptation The Summit of the Gods is a literal trip

Benedetta is here to take us all to horny church

In the ferocious drama Wolf, one of today’s best young actors unleashes the beast

Acclaimed board game Root is a resounding success on Nintendo Switch

Pen15’s final season is a punch to the throat

Netflix’s relentless Western The Power of the Dog is 2021’s best movie so far

Lost in Space doesn’t deserve to be lost in Netflix’s catalog

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Pringles has Halo-themed flavors and I tried them

Every page in Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons is a flex

Unsighted works wonders with its brutal time system

South Park: Post Covid jumps 40 years into the equally dumb future

Peter Jackson’s Beatles series Get Back is a feast for one particular kind of fan

Arcane is great TV even if you don’t care about League of Legends

Halle Berry’s Netflix movie Bruised triggers the usual Halle Berry Curse

Black Panther #1 pushes Wakanda forward but rolls T’challa’s character back

Hulk #1 wants Bruce Banner to terrify you

The new Resident Evil movie finally embraces horror, but it should be trashier

Part 2 of Netflix’s He-Man sequel gets real philosophical, and… kinda sexy?

Nintendo’s new Zelda handheld feels like a hint at things to come

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is the perfect popcorn RPG