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Re-Animator fans, rejoice: The horror movie Suitable Flesh was made specifically for you

Netflix’s Pain Hustlers crams Wolf of Wall Street and Erin Brockovich into one mismatched movie

The Five Nights at Freddy’s movie is a dizzying mashup of decades of culture

Alan Wake 2 is worth every minute of the 13-year wait

Of course Jackie Chan and a horse are a perfect comedic duo

Junji Ito is still the only comics artist that scares me

The sequel to the bestselling Dungeons & Dragons cookbook contains a secret weapon

Poirot’s genius eludes the new Murder on the Orient Express game

The sci-fi adventure Scavengers Reign is an anomalous alien wonder

Cities: Skylines 2 does the brain good

Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon aims a righteous fury at American history

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a perfect end for the Switch

Spider-Man 2 toys with Marvel history to be as much fun as possible

AGGRO DR1FT is what would happen if 2009 Xbox Live voice chat made a movie

The Beast is the purest science fiction experience a movie can offer

Star Trek: Infinite leans in to the best of Trek

Lords of the Fallen is an exhausting technical achievement

In Saltsea Chronicles, community is a salve for the post-post-apocalypse

Total War: Pharaoh is more of a pretender than a true heir

The Quest 3 is Meta’s best VR headset, but it’s not a must-have yet

Loki wants you to care about the MCU at its lowest point

Surprise! Dicks: The Musical is actually a meta comedy masterpiece

When Evil Lurks is 2023’s scariest possession movie — no exorcisms required

Dungeons & Dragons’ Planescape campaign should be played as quickly as possible

Counter-Strike 2 pulls off a monumental task

Ahsoka never bothered telling anyone it was just the middle of a story

Apple TV Plus’ best new movie is about rocking out with your mom

The Exorcist: Believer abandons the core idea that makes the series great

Detective Pikachu Returns gives Pokémon more personality

Assassin’s Creed Mirage’s focus makes it one of the best games in the series

Forza Motorsport is OK with being the boring Forza

You should watch Fright Krewe, because we need more shows like Fright Krewe