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Prey strips the Predator formula down to basics, but finds some room for style

Bodies Bodies Bodies revs up Scream to killer speeds

Bullet Train is the Looney Tunes version of John Wick we didn’t know we needed

Fashion is the best part of The Sims 4’s High School Years expansion

Harley Quinn season 3 completes the Deadpooling of the Batman universe

The horror thriller Resurrection is bonkers in the best way

Paper Girls is acutely aware of how much growing up sucks, time war or no

Grand Theft Auto 5: A 2022 re-review

Citizen Sleeper’s first DLC recontextualizes the RPG’s tough decisions

Bear and Breakfast finds the magic in woodland resort management

B.J. Novak’s thriller satire Vengeance could use a few more sharp edges

We Met In Virtual Reality opens a startling window into people’s most surreal fantasies

DC League of Super-Pets crams every second with satirical superhero (and pet) humor

Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s story blindsided me

Hear me out: Risk of Rain 2 is the Mario 64 of roguelikes

Live A Live’s characters can’t hold the weight of its time-hopping story

Jordan Peele’s Nope brings chills and thrills, but it’s all empty air

Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel is D&D’s answer to Star Trek

The new wave of exploitation cinema is all about the immigrant experience

Stray is the work of sly cat people, and it’s a triumph

As Dusk Falls is a thrilling narrative adventure with no right choices

The reimagined cartoon version of Blazing Saddles is better than it looks

Oh no, they Fleabag-ified Persuasion

Netflix’s The Gray Man shows the Avengers directors can’t think small enough

Netflix’s The Sea Beast shows how far animation has come — and what it still needs

AMC Plus’ Moonhaven is homework from the future

Netflix’s faux Whitney Houston movie Beauty should have gone for broke

Thor: Love and Thunder sells out its characters for jokes

The Princess turns a familiar fairy-tale trope into a satisfying, indulgent kick-ass fantasy

Formula 1 pushes reset with new cars, and F1 22 responds beautifully

The sci-fi morality play Rubikon gets stranded in orbit

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is a hell of a dessert

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