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Rocket League stages guide

From the Wastelands to Neo Tokyo and everything in between

Rocket League has several stages. While most of them only have cosmetic differences from one another, a select few alter the playing field. The bonus: To this point, all stages have been added to the game free of charge.

Each stage below has the classic rectangular layout:

  • DFH Stadium
  • DFH Stadium (snowy)
  • Urban Central
  • Urban Central (night)
  • Mannfield
  • Mannfield (stormy)
  • Beckwith Park
  • Beckwith Park (stormy)
  • Beckwith Park (midnight)
  • Utopia Coliseum
  • Utopia Coliseum (dusk)

Then there are the stages that alter the field. These two have wormed their way into competitive play:

  • Wasteland
  • Neo Tokyo


Wasteland has larger boundaries and is slightly wider and longer than traditional fields. It also slants toward the center of the field, making it much easier to center balls. Balls that are hit hard around corners tend to drop right in front of the goal, so be mindful of that when on both defense and offense. Because of its size, Wasteland can be a pain to play 1v1. Since it favors offense, it can be fun to play 2v2 or 3v3.

Neo Tokyo

Neo Tokyo is the furthest departure from Rocket League's traditional maps. It's new, so people are still getting the hang of it. Neo Tokyo features slightly slower play than the other stages for a few reasons. It has an upper level on both the right and left sides. It takes time for the cars to get to the upper level, which also slows things down.

Don't simply drive up the ramps to the upper level. You'll go airborne at the top, and you want to get your wheels back on the ground. Instead of driving, double jump to the top. You'll get there faster and will be able to more easily make a play on the ball.

Rocket Labs

Rocket League features more experimental maps called Rocket Labs. They have several zany maps that drastically change the layout. Since none of them are featured in competitive play, jump into the casual playlist and check them out.

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