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Rogue Legacy 2 guide: All armor and runes

All the different upgrades currently available in early access

Image: Cellar Door Games via Polygon

Rogue Legacy 2 is officially out in Early Access. Not even half of the armor upgrades are currently available at launch, but the ones that are can make a serious difference in your ability to succeed. Currently, Rogue Legacy 2 offers an armor and rune system, both of which improve certain aspects of your characters.

Here’s a complete list of all the armor and rune upgrades currently available in Rogue Legacy 2. (Rogue Legacy 2 is currently in early access, and Cellar Door Games will add new upgrades and items over time.)

Armor upgrades from the Blacksmith

Before you can start upgrading your gear, you need to unlock the Blacksmith on the castle upgrade tree. He’s pretty early along the upgrade path, so you should be able to unlock him after a few runs.

To unlock armor pieces, you need to first collect a blueprint, which you can find during runs by looting silver chests. Once you have the blueprint, you can buy the armor (the Blacksmith also makes bands and weapons) from the Blacksmith. After that, you just need to toggle which piece you want on or off.

Different pieces take up a different amount of weight on your character, so you can’t just wear the best stuff all the time. You need to make sacrifices and choose. You can upgrade your weight limit via the castle upgrade tree.

  • Leather Weapon — +2 Strength (attack damage), +10 Weight
  • Scholar Weapon — +4 Strength, +20 Weight
  • Leather Helm — +2 Vitality (HP), +10 Weight
  • Scholar Helm — +3 Vitality, +15 Weight
  • Leather Chest — +30 Armor (Shield), +20 Weight
  • Scholar Chest — +40 Armor, +25 Weight
  • Leather Cape — +2 Magic (magic damage), +10 Weight
  • Scholar Cape — +5 Magic, +25 Weight
  • Leather Band — +15 Armor, +2 Dexterity (attack critical %), +15 Weight

Rune upgrades from the Enchantress

Runes offer small bonuses, but you can eventually upgrade them
Image: Cellar Door Games via Polygon

The Enchantress works like the Blacksmith. To start equipping runes, you need to unlock the Enchantress on the castle upgrade tree. She’s close to the start and pretty cheap, so you can unlock her within a few runs.

You’ll start out with one rune, but need to find the rest. You find runes by unlocking Fairy Chests, which appear in bizarre challenge rooms that ask you to do a variety of tasks like complete the room without jumping, attacking, or getting hit. Like the Blacksmith, runes have a weight limit. You can increase the number of runes you can equip simultaneously via the castle upgrade tree.

Runes can also be upgraded for effectiveness, but it increases their Rune Weight. For example, you can double your Bounty Rune for a +.2 Gold Gain Bonus, but you’ll need to use up 100 Rune Weight to do it.

  • Bounty Rune — +0.1 Gold Gain Bonus, +50 Rune Weight
  • Capacity Rune — +0.1 Mana Capacity, +20 Rune Weight
  • Vault Rune — Adds a double jump, +40 Rune Weight
  • Magnesis Rune — Pull in coins from a greater distance, +10 Rune Weight

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