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List of all traits in Rogue Legacy 2

All of the different traits your characters can have

Image: Cellar Door Games via Polygon

Every time your lineage continues in Rogue Legacy 2, your new heir will have a trait that often has some kind of trade-off. Most will buff your gold gain, but stunt you in another way. Our Rogue Legacy 2 trait guide lists out all the traits and what they do, so you’ll know what to pick.

Traits are not inherently tricky to understand, but all traits will be listed alongside question marks the first time you pick them. This can make choosing a successful heir difficult when you don’t know what the traits actually do. (After all, nobody wants to be blindsided with a trait that makes them die faster, or flips their screen around.)

Not every trait has a negative effect, either. Some just make your heir fart or turn blue. Yeah.

With the help of the Rogue Legacy 2 wiki, we’ve listed out all the traits currently available in the game below.

Rogue Legacy 2 traits list

Trait Effect
Trait Effect
Aerodynamic Spinkick is replaced with a Downstrike ability that lunges you straight down.
Alexithmia Gold +25%, but you can't see damage dealt.
Algesia Gold +50%, but you don't have an immunity window after taking damage.
Antique You start with a random relic.
Associative Agnosia Gold +25%, but enemies are blacked out.
Avant-garde/Contrarian Gold +25%, but your weapon and talent are randomized.
Bookish +50% Magic Damage and +50 Mana Capacity, but -30% HP.
Cartographer Gold +25% and the map is revealed, but you have no position marker.
Charismatic 15% gold discount from all shops.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Gold +25%, but all Spells and Talents have a cooldown.
C.I.P Gold +25%, but you can't see your health.
Clownathropy You can Spinkick off of terrain, but you have -30% HP.
Clumsy Objects break when you touch them.
Colorblind Gold +25%, but everything is greyscale.
Combative +50% Weapon Damage, but -30% HP.
Compulsive Gambling/Lootbox Addict Gold +25%, but chests only drop gold and the amount of gold dropped varies.
Compulsive Hoarder All relics are Twin Relics (if they can be).
Crippling Intellect You have Low HP, Mana, and Weapon Damage, but Mana regens over time.
Disattuned You can only be hit in the heart, but you have -25% HP.
Diva Gold +50%, but the screen is all black with spotlights on enemies and your heir until the room is cleared.
Dyspraxia Gold +25%, but items fling around.
Ectomorph Gold +25%, but taking damage knocks you around.
Emotional Dysregularity +100% Mana costs and Spell Damage
Endomorph You barely move when enemies hit you.
Exploding Casket Syndrome Gold +50%, but enemies drop explosives after dying.
FMF Fan Gold +25%
FND Gold +50%, but when you get attacked you can't attack or use spells for 2 seconds after.
Gigantism Gold +25%, but your hitboxes are bigger.
Hero Complex +100% HP, but you can never heal.
Histrionic All numbers are exaggerated.
Hollow Bones You fall slower.
Hypercoagulation HP regenerates, but every hit decreases your max HP.
Hypergonadism Enemies get knocked back more when hit by melee attacks.
IBS Your character farts sometimes.
IIB Muscle Fibers/High Jumper Hold down the jump button to Super Jump.
Masochism Gain 50% of your mana back when hit, but you don't regain mana from attacking.
Methemoglobinemia/Blue You turn blue.
Muscle Weakness Gold +25%, but enemies barely move when hit.
Nature Your heir is LGBTQ+.
Nostalgic Gold +25%, but everythign is sepia-toned.
OCD/Breaker Breaking items restores mana.
Osteogenesis Imperfecta/Fragile Gold +200%, but you die in one hit.
Pacifier Gold +150%, but -60% HP.
Pacifist Gold +150%, but -60% HP and you can't deal damage or Spinkick.
Panic Attacks Gold +50%, but getting hit darkens the screen.
Paranoid/Exploding Chests Gold +25%, but chests drop explosives.
Perfectionist Gold +50%, but only your skills will crit and Spinkicks deal damage.
Puritan Gold +25%, but enemies have a censorship mosaic on them.
Spelunker You can see all the chests on the map, but -20% HP.
Superfluid You can dash in any direction, but your HP is very low.
Super IBS Your Talent is replaced by Super Fart, which deals burn damage on enemies and launches you upwards.
Synesthesia Gold +25%, but moving objects, enemies, and your character leave behind a trail of color.
Vampirism You gain 20% of your Weapon Damage as HP, but you take 150% more damage.
Vegan Gold +50%, but eating food hurts you.
Vertigo Gold +75%, but game is flipped vertically.

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