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Rogue Legacy 2 guide: All castle upgrades

Use your gold to upgrade your characters

Image: Cellar Door Games via Polygon

Rogue Legacy 2 is a rogue-lite, meaning you’ll carry over some progress after each failed run. You can take any gold you pick up and spend it to upgrade your family castle, which then generates certain perks for you. These upgrades can improve your stats, add new character classes, or unlock different vendors in town.

Here’s a look at all the castle upgrades in Rogue Legacy 2. (Rogue Legacy 2 is currently in Early Access, and developer Cellar Door Games will add new upgrades and items over time.)

Castle upgrades

(listed from the bottom of the castle going up, left to right)
  • Universal Basic Ingress — Increase gold gain for certain traits (3 upgrades)
  • Fashion Chambers — Increase max weight capacity (5 upgrades)
  • Universal Health Stair — Traits now give gold modifiers
  • Etching Chambers — Increase max rune capacity (5 upgrades)
  • Foundation — Unlock the Blacksmith
  • Archery Range — Unlocks the Ranger class
  • Enchantress’ Quarters — Unlocks the Enchantress
  • Arsenal — Improves strength, raising weapon damage (10 upgrades)
  • Butchers Shoppe — Unlocks Barbarians
  • Mess Hall — Improves vitality, raising max HP (10 upgrades)
  • Academy — Unlocks the Mage class
  • Study Hall — Increases health gain from meat (10 upgrades)
  • Offshore Bank Account — Unlocks offshore investments, which lets you save some unused gold
  • Foundry — Gain bonus armor, which absorbs a percentage of incoming damage before eventually shattering (10 upgrades)

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