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Netflix’s bleak sci-fi film The Colony mashes up Children of Men and Aliens

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Polygon’s 2022 Entertainment Guide

A preview of everything worth being pumped about

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The best science fiction and fantasy books of 2021

The Expanse deserved more space to wrap up

Netflix cancels Cowboy Bebop after one season

A ‘feminist retelling’ of George Orwell’s 1984 is in the works

The Expanse authors were always building toward Leviathan Falls’ world-altering ending

Lost in Space doesn’t deserve to be lost in Netflix’s catalog

Read a brand new excerpt from Leviathan Falls, the final book of The Expanse

The Matrix is coming to IMAX for exactly 2 days

The Expanse season 6 trailer finds the Roci crew making their last stand

Tom Hanks’ Finch is basically a live-action Futurama episode

The Blade Runner anime isn’t what fans wanted, but is more than worthy of the name

Star Trek’s animated series Prodigy takes the franchise in a new direction

David Lynch’s Dune bombed, but was actually foundational

Apple’s Invasion is basically This Is Us, but with aliens

Warning’s relentlessly grim sci-fi plots all fumble toward a message about God

Needle in a Timestack obsesses too much over the feelings of creepy men

What if, instead of being enslaved by AIs, we could date them?

Memoria’s sensory-overload mystery swirls around Tilda Swinton

The Matrix 4 trailer finds Keanu Reeves lost in a new simulation

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The major sci-fi and fantasy books arriving this fall

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Dune’s big surprise: Denis Villeneuve’s clear, sharp approach

The brutal sci-fi film Zone 414 takes all its cues from Blade Runner

Behemoth livens up the eco-thriller with surprisingly intense horror

Reminiscence lays out a terrible future by staring back at the past

Reminiscence director Lisa Joy on the ‘fucking nightmare’ of nostalgia

Dune bookends show off Denis Villeneuve’s take on the sandworm

John Boyega’s sci-fi heist movie Naked Singularity sounds amazing, but, uh

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Doctor Who series 13 trailer hints at the show’s new serialized approach

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Stargate Atlantis cast reunites to remember just how popular Stargate Atlantis was

The indie sci-fi film Settlers feels subversive, but maybe not on purpose