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For all the latest news on science fiction movies, TV shows, games, and more. Plus the future!!

Memoria’s sensory-overload mystery swirls around Tilda Swinton

The Matrix 4 trailer finds Keanu Reeves lost in a new simulation

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The major sci-fi and fantasy books arriving this fall

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Dune’s big surprise: Denis Villeneuve’s clear, sharp approach

The brutal sci-fi film Zone 414 takes all its cues from Blade Runner

The beautiful sci-fi film The Colony splices Aliens into Children of Men

Behemoth livens up the eco-thriller with surprisingly intense horror

Reminiscence lays out a terrible future by staring back at the past

Reminiscence director Lisa Joy on the ‘fucking nightmare’ of nostalgia

Dune bookends show off Denis Villeneuve’s take on the sandworm

John Boyega’s sci-fi heist movie Naked Singularity sounds amazing, but, uh

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Doctor Who series 13 trailer hints at the show’s new serialized approach

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Stargate Atlantis cast reunites to remember just how popular Stargate Atlantis was

The indie sci-fi film Settlers feels subversive, but maybe not on purpose

The Tomorrow War is Chris Pratt’s ultimate salute to working-class heroism (plus aliens)

Apple’s epic Foundation adaptation readies for a September debut with new trailer

Reminiscence trailer promises sci-fi noir from Westworld creator Lisa Joy

Why the YA dystopia craze finally burned out

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Watch the free online film festival that imagines a wild range of Black futures

Amazon’s anthology series Solos brings a spectacular cast to mediocre sci-fi

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In Speed Racer’s fossil-fuel-free future, speed is freedom

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Apocalypse movies need to imagine climate solutions, too

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Ambitious failures like Jupiter Ascending and The Fifth Element keep sci-fi films optimistic

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Mass Effect’s revival reminds us it’s time to abolish the space police

The Nevers’ shocking sixth episode was like an acting math problem for Laura Donnelly

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The new science fiction and fantasy books to read this summer

Breaking down Love, Death & Robots season 2 by the amounts of love, death, and robots

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The most influential science fiction comics of the last 15 years

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It’s worth studying sci-fi’s false predictions for our terrible dystopian futures

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The claustrophobic Oxygen tests a new direction for Netflix’s sci-fi strategy

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The pitfalls of inventing an alien civilization

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How modern science fiction is imagining the future

A look at looking ahead

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