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batmobile and bat signal at the comic-con museum

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Tour the Comic-Con Museum’s prop-filled Batman exhibit in 35 photos

DC celebrated the anniversary of the hero by putting its archive to lavish use

On Wednesday, DC Comics and AT&T unveiled “The Batman Experience,” a sprawling collection of Batman-related props, costumes, and vehicles housed in the future site of the Comic-Con Museum, part of San Diego’s Balboa Park. The exhibition was a splashy ode to the character for his 80th anniversary, with curation appealing to any type of Bat-fan, from those with deep comics knowledge to fans of the Dark Knight’s big-screen blockbusters.

Polygon walked the shadowy halls of the Batman exhibit with camera in hand to bring the experience to those who aren’t in walking distance of the Comic-Con Museum. Below, you’ll find shots of the Batmobile, the nippled wonders of Batman & Robin, and a full collection of the Batman Black and White figurines.

the floor of the comic-con museum

Batman movie costumes and props

Bat Signal, used in one of the Batman movies, beside a large poster of the cover of Detective Comics #27 at San Diego Comic-Con

Yes, Gotham got prominent placement as well.

Christian Bale’s Batman was given its own section in the basement next to a gallery of Batman games. Speaking of ...

The toys and games

Bonus! From just outside the venue:

Costumed Batman taking happy phone picture of Riddler and Joker posing outside Batman museum

Joker 2 will be a musical, with Lady Gaga in early talks to play Harley Quinn


The new Justice League lineup sucks


Black Adam’s first trailer shows The Rock’s reluctant superhero

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