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San Diego Comic-Con is back, starting Thursday July 21 and running through the weekend, with plenty of news and announcements expected in the worlds of TV, movies, and gaming. Polygon will be covering the whole thing, both remotely and in San Diego, providing updates, analysis, and more as news gets announced.

What should we expect this weekend? We’ve previewed what could be in the cards generally, and more specifically for Warner Bros/the DC Extended Universe and the big MCU panel. Generally speaking, we’re on the lookout for more information on Amazon’s upcoming Lord of the Rings series, the upcoming Game of Thrones spinoff series House of the Dragon and the usual surprise announcements from franchises like Marvel, DC, and Star Wars.

We’ll also have every major announcement and update from SDCC collected in one place for you, right here. Happy Comic-Con, Polygon readers!

Illustration: David Huang