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Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shores guide

Welcome to Devil’s Roar


The newest Sea of Thieves expansion pack, Forsaken Shores, is live. The expansion is free, gives a wealth of new achievements and doubloons, and comes with new cosmetics. Devil’s Roar is the most dangerous region yet, with active earthquakes, volcanoes, and even lower vision due to ash in the skies.

Before you sail into Devil’s Roar from the starting regions, make sure you’ve stocked up your ship to accommodate for the increased difficulty. Also, make sure you know how to create or join an Alliance, as Devil’s Roar will be full of pirates seeking their fortune. Alliances are controlled from your flag box at the top of the mast. Climb up there and select the second tab to create an Alliance, or join an Alliance if a nearby ship is sailing the white and red heart banner.

You cannot spawn in Devil’s Roar. You must sail into the region. If your ship sinks in Devil’s Roar, it may respawn outside of the region. The Megaladon and Kraken can spawn. Skeleton Forts cannot and Skeleton Ships will be added in an update.

Natural disasters


There are three kinds of natural disasters to watch out for:

  • Geysers will split the ground beneath you before shooting up a rocket of water. If you are standing on the expulsion of the water, you will be propelled into the air and take fall damage upon landing. If you find yourself airborne from a geyser, aim for water.
  • Earthquakes shake the island (and your screen) and prevent you from running.
  • Eruptions rain magma and rocks down from the sky and superheat the water around the island, causing you to take damage while swimming. If you or your ship get hit by a rock, it deals damage and rips holes in your hull.

Luckily, the new rowboats will allow you to navigate waters quickly. Park your ship at a safe distance and then use the rowboat to get to islands (or just row around, or put snakes or explosive barrels on it and launch it at your enemies. Your call.)

Now that you know what you’re dealing with, you’re ready to set sail and get some Dubloons.


To get easy Dubloons and unlock the new cosmetics, go to every new island on the map. You need to set foot on the island. Sailing by isn’t enough.


There’s only one outpost in the new Forsaken Shores region. Head there. You’ll meet Grace, aka Captain Morrow aka Captain Sorrow outside the tavern. You’ll learn that Grace led an expedition to these shores long before they opened up to the Sea of Thieves players, and the crew was betrayed by Stitcher Jim … who then framed Grace for his crimes. Grace survived drinking his poison, and she offers proof of her innocence: Find her crew.

Captain Grace Morrow at the Morrow’s Peak Outpost in Devil’s Roar Rare/Microsoft via Polygon

Grace doesn’t give you any clues, but if you check your Voyages, you’ll have achievements to find each crew member and discover their fates. Some of the crew members’ names give hints to their location. You’ll need to find others through luck and hard work (or this guide).

Hepzibah Jones is on The Forsaken Brink. She has been abandoned to die, and you find her body huddled under a buried rowboat in the center of the island.

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores  Hepzibah Jones body is found on The Forsaken Brink in Devil’s Roar Rare/Microsoft via Polygon

Ruby Carter is on Ruby’s Fall, which seems to have been named in her honor. Look for the bridge on the higher levels of the island, with a rope dangling from it. Her body is on the sea level, right underneath the bridge. She either fell from a quake or she was pushed.

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores Ruby Carter’s body is on Ruby’s Fall in Devil’s Roar Rare/Microsoft via Polygon

Old Coop is on The Devil’s Thirst, which is another ominous name once you find the body and realize what happened. You’ll find a shark jawbone on the north side of the island. Old Coop is resting near the, next to a tankard. His grog was poisoned!

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores Old Coop location Devil’s Thirst Rare/Microsoft via Polygon

‘Fetcher’ Farley is on Fetcher’s Rest. Poor guy was struck down with a cutlass. He’s on the west side of the island, up a tall hill.

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores Fetcher Farley location on Fetcher’s Rest Rare/Microsoft via Polygon

Finally, ‘Flintlock’ Bert can be found on Flintlock Peninsula. He’s on the north side of the island, on the shore. His corpse is wedged inbetween the island wall and some rocks; look closely for bones among the dark background of the rocky walls.

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores ‘Flintlock’ Bert location on Flintlock Peninsula Rare/Microsoft via Polygon

Complete voyages

To complete the rest of the Forsaken Shores achievements, all you have to do is complete Order of Souls and Gold Hoarder missions in Devil’s Roar. Make sure you buy these voyages from Morrow’s Peak Outpost. Devil’s Roar voyages will be color-coded red and yellow, and contain Ashen loot. This doesn’t change the value of the goods, but it does mean that the achievement is region-locked to Devil’s Roar.

When all is said and done, you will be able to earn 185 doubloons. All limited-time cosmetics add up to a total of 220 doubloons (15 a piece for weapons, 40 a piece for ship customizations).

Duke has the following time-limited cosmetics for sale:

  • A set of Forsaken Ashes weapons (Cutlass, Eye of Reach, Blunderbuss, and Pistol)
  • A set of Forsaken Ashes ship customizations (Figurehead, Hull, Sails, Flag)

You can earn the doubloons and achievements forever, but you must unlock the cosmetics before the end of the Forsaken Shores event. Additional achievements will open up as the event progresses.

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