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The Hungering Deep campaign guide

Learn how to complete “Merry” Merrick’s quest and avenge his lost legs

“Merry” Merrick waits to help players uncover the Hungering Deep Rare/Microsoft Studios

The Hungering Deep is the latest addition to Sea of Thieves, offering new cosmetics, content, and tools. The goal of the expansion is to discover what, exactly, lies in the deep with the help of “Merry” Merrick, a profoundly unlucky pirate with one eye, two legs, and a brush in his past with the beast below.

A quick note: It’s impossible to brute force your way forward in the campaign by trying to skip steps and head to quest destinations before you have all the hints. You’re going to need to do this step by step, cross your t’s and dot your i’s.

Finding the Deep

When you load into the game, you’ll see a new NPC in the tavern, a member of the Bilge Rat faction. These rebellious, low class pirates have a lot of attitude and a hint for you: Talk to “Merry” Merrick. Set sail to Shark Bait Cove, the double ringed set of islands in the Ancient Isles. Merrick is on the southwest side of the island, on the outer ring.

A map to Shark Bait Cove. Rare/Microsoft Studios

Upon speaking to Merrick, he’ll provide you with the Speaking Trumpet, which is a tool on your inventory ring that allows you to project your voice across the sea to other players. (The trumpet doesn’t alter your voice, so you can use this to project your voice and play some tricks on other crews.)

Ask Merrick how he lost his legs, and he gets a little short with you, but says that you can find the answer in the middle of Shark Bait Cove at the shark statue, in his journal. Head to the island’s center, past both rings of land.

The resting place of “Merry” Merrick’s journal in Sea of Thieves Rare/Microsoft Studios

His journal has two entries. The first:

“Disaster has struck! I played me shanty with me crew, inspired by the notes of the old tribes. Even another ship joined in! But... the beat somehow called to a creature... just like what the tribes worshipped. It was over in moments. The sea was red before, but so much more after. Me crew were reduced to nothin’ but shark bait, along wiv me legs. The last of us fled. I’ve noted the map number, in case I ever get so drunk I forget. The letter needed is one dear to me heart.”


“I’m goin’ for a drink! I’ll charm one out of me favourite tavern keeper, with a little romantic verse. Red haired and fair of face, her tavern stands at a shining place! A place where captains hang their hats, head there for boozy chats!”

Clues cruise

We know who that tavern keeper is — red hair, shining place — that means we’re talking to Tina at Golden Sands Outpost, straight to the north and a little to the west. Sail there and ask Tina if she’s seen any drunks lately. She has some information for you regarding Merrick.

A map to Golden Sands Outpost Rare/Microsoft Studios

Tina remembers Merrick. Ask her about any drunks who have come in recently and she’ll give you your next clue.

“Well there’s that scallywag Merrick! Always trying to charm free drinks out of me with shanties and stories. You seen the wreckage of his ship, the Killer Whale? The crow’s nest is still standing out of the water. He said he ‘fled for sanctuary’ after fighting some beast, but ran out of planks! It’s north of that place... Idiot Island or something. East of... Double Trees. I’m awful with place names. If you see that drumming drunkard, tell him to pay his tab!”

Tina, the Golden Sands barkeep Rare/Microsoft Studios

Tina is bad at place names, but we can tell what she means: Fool’s Lagoon and Twin Groves. Sail to square L14 after consulting your map, and you’ll find the wreck of the Killer Whale, tucked by a nearby small and uncharted island. Since the mast is sticking out of the water, it’s easy to spot it, and you’ll find a journal in the crow’s nest.

There are two entries, both written while drunk. The first explains that Merrick tried to summon the creature alone but couldn’t. The second one chronicles Merrick’s decision to get drunk from “T,” who serves at a tavern with a “nasty bite.” Sail to Dagger Tooth Outpost up at Q8.

Once you arrive, find Teri in the tavern and ask her about any memorable drunks. She tells you that the last time she partied with Merrick, they were in a “fishy lil cave” under “the golden arch.” She remembers it was just west of South Tooth Key, south of Dagger Tooth, with a rock nearby that looks just like “his enemy”.

Rare/Microsoft Studios

Head for Shark Tooth Key and sail a little west to an uncharted island at S16. Make landfall, and then swim off the northeast side of the island and under a nearby stone arch, which will lead you to a cave. Go in and read the final journal, which contains one final clue: The beast was near an “infernal ridge.”

Battling the Beast

You’ll need to return to Merrick — there’s something he has that you need. The drums come up again and again, and you don’t have a set. Speak with Merrick, and he’ll give you the third musical instrument in the game: the drums.

The final spot on your journey.
Rare/Microsoft Studios

After you have the drums, you’re almost there. You want to go near an “infernal ridge” where the seas are red — that’ll lead you to T26 on the map.

Cooperation with other crews is the name of the game in Sea of Thieves, and you’ll need either three sloops or two galleons’ worth of crews for at least five players, but you can all travel on the same ship and still summon the boss.

When you’re near Merrick, start playing his shanty. One person will need to hold the tune (you can pick it up from your ship if you park close to him), and the rest of the crew can sail and join in on the shanty once you arrive. Once you reach T26, have all players join in on the shanty with the drums, and you’ll summon the Hungering Deep.

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