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Sea of Thieves events and doubloons guide

Get paid in new and interesting currencies

Sea of Thieves - a crew of pirates play music around a treasure chest they’ve just discovered Rare/Microsoft Studios

Sea of Thieves doesn’t have an endgame. A player who has just started can dig into the commendations we’re about to discuss, and it’s a valuable way to earn a new currency named “doubloons.”

These challenges are more difficult than the traditional gameplay loops of digging up chests or storming a skeleton fort, and they can require some chance or tricky thinking. You can complete them while on another voyage, and many of them will come up while you’re naturally playing the game. Actively pursuing them is a fun way to add new gameplay challenges to your menu (and save up some doubloons for upcoming cosmetic unlocks.) In this guide, we explain how the doubloon and commendation systems work, and how you can advance your character’s cosmetic collection.

Doubloons and gold

There are two major currencies in Sea of Thieves. The first of these is gold, which unlocks cosmetics and voyages. The second currency is doubloons, which has three purposes:

  1. Trading for gold. This is largely not worth the exchange, due to the value of the other two options.
  2. Trading for a full level of reputation with one of the trading companies. This is only worth it when you are in the final run to Pirate Legend, as the highest levels are the hardest to acquire.
  3. Purchasing event and expansion specific cosmetic items. Saving your doubloons for this is the wisest call.

Bilge Rats, doubloons, and commendations

You’ll unlock doubloons through the Bilge Rats faction. When you enter your menu and select Reputation, you’ll see their profile here:

Sea of Thieves - the Bilge Rats reputation screen Rare/Microsoft Studios via Polygon

The Bilge Rats are a faction that distributes quests, challenges, and cosmetics around new events and expansions added to Sea of Thieves. The earliest Bilge Rats commendations were time-limited. While you can still finish those commendations and get titles, they won’t award doubloons. Cursed Sails, the second expansion, is the final set of achievements that no longer award doubloons when completing commendations.

There’s one exception: Mercenary Voyages are no longer available for sale — although they may make a return in future — so that means the following sets of commendations are the ones you can pursue for doubloons: Shrouded Spoils, Festival of the Damned, Forsaken Shores, and The Cursed Crews.

Rare/Microsoft Studios via Polygon

Each one of these categories has an assortment of commendation challenges, which give varying amounts of doubloons. Simple commendations give five doubloons, whereas difficult ones can give 50, with a range in between.

Chasing these commendations is a fun way to change up how you play Sea of Thieves. Shrouded Spoils’ commendations focus on monster hunting, mermaid statues, skeleton fleets, and skeleton forts. Forsaken Shores’ commendations focus on completing voyages and taking care of business in the perilous Devil’s Roar region. Festival of the Damned has players travel the world to light lanterns and die in interesting ways.

No one commendation is particularly difficult to puzzle out, although they can be challenging to complete. Some will reward gold, but they all reward some amount of doubloons, and they are the only way to get doubloons currently in Sea of Thieves. This means that there is a finite supply of doubloons, unlike gold, and therefore it is important to spend them wisely.

Shopping with Duke

Sea of Thieves - Duke, the Bilge Rat’s vendor Rare / Microsoft Studios via Polygon

When a new event begins, players can purchase cosmetics from Duke, the Bilge Rat representative. He’s in every outpost tavern. When no event is active, Duke will sell gold and company reputation. When an event is active, Duke will sell one of three cosmetic types:

  • Clothing
  • Weapon skins
  • Ship cosmetics

A full set of event cosmetics can be quite expensive. A piece of ship livery like a hull or sails runs 40 doubloons, meaning that its usually 160 doubloons to complete a full ship. Weapon cosmetics run 15 doubloons apiece. Clothing cosmetics are 20 doubloons apiece.

Sometimes, you will need to complete a commendation related to the event or expansion before a cosmetic is available for sale. If that is the case, the icon of that cosmetic will be greyed out with chains over it. Simply hover over the icon to see what commendation the game wants you to complete.

Duke’s are the only cosmetics in the game that are time-locked to the event. Anything you can acquire from other vendors, like the Hunter set or the Bone Crusher accessories, will remain in Sea of Thieves, and you can purchase them with gold at your leisure.

New sets of commendations, as well as new cosmetics, will be added to the game in future content updates. In an interview with Polygon, executive producer Joe Neate said that the team was discussing bringing past exclusive cosmetics back to Sea of Thieves with changes to the appearance to distinguish them from the original design. For now, the best thing that players can do is work on unlocking past commendations and prepare a stockpile of doubloons for the next event or expansion to hit Sea of Thieves.

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