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Sekiro guide: Memory and leveling up Attack Power

Remember to level up after a battle

Sekiro memory attack power enhanced FromSoftware/Activision via Polygon

Sekiro isn’t a role-playing game, but it has a bunch of RPG mechanics — some more obvious than others. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use a Memory and level up your Attack Power.

If you’re familiar with Dark Souls or Bloodborne, you’ll know that that FromSoftware games tend to have have a bunch of attributes for you to directly manipulate. You could pour points into Strength or Endurance or a dozen other stats to create the exact character you like. There is no direct equivalent of that in Sekiro. The Wolf only has two stats: Vitality and Attack Power. You’ll need a Memory to increase the latter (and Prayer Beads to upgrade the former).

How to level up Attack Power

Sekiro memory item
A Memory from an early game boss in Sekiro, but we’ve made the details blurry because spoilers
FromSoftware/Activision via Polygon

After you beat certain bosses in Sekiro, you’ll receive a Memory of the battle you fought. Take it to Sculptor’s Idol, and you’ll have the option to Confront Memory. (It’s initially listed as Enhance Attack Power in the Sculptor’s Idol menu.)

Confronting a Memory sounds like it might be tough, but it’s easy. Just follow the prompts, and you’ll get a Remnant item and a 1-point boost to your Attack Power.

There’s genuinely nothing to worry about (in the game) — you don’t have to replay the fight or actually confront anyone when you confront the memory. The only thing you really need to worry about is in real life: remembering to use it. Sekiro will tell you how to use a Memory when you get your first one, but if you’re anything like us, you’ll see something shiny, run for it, and then forget that the Memory — and the ability to level up your Attack Power — is in your inventory waiting for you.

Sekiro stats Vitality and Posture FromSoftware/Activision via Polygon

You can see your new stats at the bottom of the Equipment tab in Sekiro’s main menu.