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Sekiro boss guide: Folding Screen Monkeys

Find, catch, and kill every monkey

In this Sekiro boss guide, we’ll show you a reliable way to find and kill every Folding Screen Monkey using the Illusive Hall Bell Quick Item — and a video to show you how to find every one.

Every monkey has a starting position. Knowing those positions allows us to find and kill them without chasing them (and you don’t want to chase them). The Illusive Hall Bell will help us do that.

How it works

You have to find and kill four kimono-wearing monkeys (and probably some other monkeys, and we’ll get to that, too). Before we show you how to do that, we need to explain a few things first. If things go sideways, then you’ll know what to do.

Monkeys and the Illusory Hall Monk

There are four Folding Screen Monkeys:

  • Orange kimono monkey
  • Purple kimono monkey
  • Green kimono monkey
  • Invisible monkey

Speak to the Illusory Hall Monk, and he’ll tell you about their personalities. Your job is to exploit their weaknesses, catch them, and kill them.

Illusive Hall Bell

When you arrive, you’ll get the Illusive Hall Bell Quick Item.

When you first warp here — and when you ring the Illusive Hall Bell — the monkeys assume their starting positions. We’ll be killing monkeys and resetting a few times.

Random purple monkeys

Throughout your travels, you’ll almost certainly run into random purple monkeys. When they hit you, they build up your Terror meter. And when that fills, you’ll die instantly.

We have a sense (though we can’t prove it) that some combination of the longer you stay in the realm and the more you use the Illusive Hall Bell, the more purple monkeys will appear. The good news: They’re weak. So when you find them, kill them immediately. Unleash ruthless aggression.

How to find and kill Sekiro’s Folding Screen Monkeys

Invisible monkey

This is the first monkey we’ll find and kill. Here’s how to do it:

  1. From your starting position near the folding screens, run straight, and turn left at the first intersection, passing the Illusory Hall Monk on your right.
  2. Run into the Roaring Hall with the waterfall.
  3. Turn right and exit, running up the stairs and into the next room.
  4. Run straight through the next room, but stop when you’re most of the way through.
  5. Turn around, and you’ll see golden footprints on the ground. This is the fourth (and invisible) monkey. Those footprints tell you the rough location of where it is.
  6. Walk to the center of the room, and start swinging a bit past where the footprints end — the snowy white spot in the middle is a good guide.

The monkey will die the moment your sword makes contact. One down, three to go.

Purple kimono monkey

From the room where you killed the invisible monkey, run into the Light Hall. It’s the one with the door you can open. Feel free to do that, but you don’t have to.

  1. Run until you’re near the door that you can open in the room.
  2. Turn around, and look up for grapple points.
  3. Move Wolf so that the highest grapple point farthest away from you is available.
  4. Grapple up, and immediately run down the roof — and then up the roof of the adjacent building. The purple kimono monkey is just on the other side of the roof’s crest.
  5. Attack and kill the purple kimono monkey.

As you can see in our video, we ran into some random purple monkeys here. If that happens to you, kill them dead.

Use the Illusive Hall Bell to return to the starting position.

Orange kimono monkey

Technically, you could do this one first, but we prefer getting two early wins.

  1. As soon as you respawn, run or slide behind either one of the folding screens. The orange kimono monkey is on the roof above the Illusory Hall Monk, and you’re hiding from it.
  2. When the triangle over its head disappears, run out from behind the folding screen toward the monk and the monkey.
  3. Grapple up to the roof where the monkey is.
  4. Kill it until it is dead.

Use the Illusive Hall Bell to return to the starting position one more time.

Green kimono monkey

We saved the trickiest for last.

The green kimono monkey’s starting position is on the tree in the middle of the level, behind the monk. You’re going to sneak up on it. Our path is designed so that the green kimono monkey never sees or hears you. Because if he does, then he’ll flee. If that happens (or if you run into a pack of random purple monkeys), ring the bell and start over.

  1. From the starting position, turn left, and grapple up to the roof of the nearest building.
  2. Run left along the outside of the roof. We’re making sure that the monkey on the tree in the middle doesn’t see you, so we’re taking the long way around.
  3. Turn right on the roof, and follow the roof until it ends.
  4. Walk on the outside — the side farthest from the tree in the middle — across the roof above the staircase.
  5. Walk on the outside of the next building’s roof.
  6. Jump down to the walkway on the far side of that building’s roof.
  7. Crouch down (just in case), and walk into the room.
  8. Turn left and walk into the hallway that leads to the bell.
  9. Ring the bell. The sound will prevent him from hearing you approach him. (He’s still on the tree.)
  10. Run from the bell toward the tree.
  11. Grapple onto the tree, and kill the green kimono monkey.

Kimono monkeys’ drops, items, and rewards

Defeat the kimono m, and you’ll receive Defeat the monkeys, and you’ll receive the Folding Screen Monkeys Achievement/Trophy, the Memory: Screen Monkeys (to increase your attack power), and the Puppeteer Ninjitsu skill (which allows you to turn an enemy you’ve defeated with a Deathblow against their former allies).