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Shadow of the Colossus shrine maps and locations

Bluepoint Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment

There are 25 shrines scattered throughout Shadow of the Colossus. Visiting (or praying at) these shrines will restore your health and act as a quick save point. In the image below, we’ve circled the location of every shrine in the game. Find them all, and you’ll receive the “Seeking Salvation” trophy after you “Pray at all shrines.”

Bluepoint Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Each of the 16 colossi you fight during Shadow of the Colossus is a puzzle to solve. You have to find where it’s hiding in the world. Then you have to figure out how to get close to it. And finally you have to figure out how to reach its magic sigil weak points and kill it.

Polygon’s Shadow of the Colossus guides will take you from the Shrine of Worship through defeating each colossus, stopping at shrines and gathering collectibles along the way. If you’re looking for lizards, fruit trees or just some help defeating a colossus, check them out.

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