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Shadow of the Tomb Raider guide: Paititi crypts

Manko’s Boots, Savior’s Amulet, Yaway’s Wooden Greaves, Greaves of Six Sky, Ch’amaka’s War Vest

Eidos Montreal, Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

There are five crypts in Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s Hidden City region. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find them, where to collect all of the relics, documents, and survival caches along the way, and how to solve the puzzles.

Abandoned Village crypt

This crypt is located in the Abandoned Village area to the northwest of the Hidden City of Paititi.

Finding the crypt

  1. From the Abandoned Village base camp, head west across the village. You’re aiming for the southernmost tip of the pond.
  2. Climb the wall to the right of the doorway, then follow the path there.
  3. Create a zip line for yourself when you get to the pond, then ride it across.
  4. Use the ledges and pickaxe walls to make your way to the right, then up along the waterfall.

Finding the sarcophagus

  1. Head into the low tunnel, then disarm the trap on the other side.
  2. Continue along until you come to the round room with the pit in the middle.
  3. Visit the mural on the right before you jump down into the water at the bottom of the pit.
  4. Swim down to the bottom of the water, then look around for the group of statues standing in a circle — there’s a survival cache in the middle of them.
  5. Near that cache, also underwater, look for a small gap in the rocks along the bottom of the pit. Squeeze through, then continue along the hall on the other side.
  6. Keep going along that hall until you come to the right turn. There’s a relic right below the trapped air there.
  7. Turn to the right, then look for a set of stairs on your right. Run along the hallway and disarm the trap you find. Keep running down the hallway until you find archivist map.
  8. Dive into the water next to the archivist map, then swim a little way along the hall there to find another survival cache.
  9. Backtrack through the hall and back down to where you picked up the relic earlier.
  10. Knock down the pry barrier ahead of you. Keep following the hall until you can finally surface and get out of the water.

Sarcophagus and exit

  1. There are two braided rope barriers on either side of the round room where you can pick up some jade.
  2. Head through the doorway and up the stairs. Keep following the stairs as they loop up until you come to the sarcophagus. Open it to find Manko’s Boots.
  3. Continue past the sarcophagus and climb the stairs on the other side. Yank down the rope pull barrier at the top of the stairs to return to the top of the pit.

Fishing District base camp crypt

You’ll find and enter this crypt as part of the Hearts and Minds side mission from Uchu.

Finding the crypt

  1. From the Fishing District base camp, follow the shore back toward the Hidden City. You’ll come to a climbable tree just a few feet from the base camp.
  2. Climb the tree, then jump from the branch to the ledge on the cliff. Climb up, then continue to the right.
  3. Leap across the gap, then climb onto the ledge above you. Keep heading forward, jump the next gap, and use the branch to swing to the wall ahead of you. Climb up to the next platform.
  4. When you reach the clearing, turn left and climb up to the tunnel in the wall.

Reaching the sarcophagus (but not really)

  1. Follow the hall into the cliff. Duck under the first trap, then jump over the spiked pit. Continue to follow the hall, then duck under the next set of spears.
  2. Check out the mural in the room at the end of the hall, then smash through the pry barrier on the left.
  3. Disarm the two traps in the next hall and grab the relic and document in the room at the end.
  4. On the left side of the room, near the document, climb the wall and into the narrow tunnel.
  5. Drop into the room on the other end, then duck under the door on your right.
  6. Turn right and duck under the next door as well, then grab the gold on the ground.
  7. Head back under the two half-closed doors, then take the right into the more natural-looking hallway down.
  8. Follow the hallway as it loops down. At the bottom, all you have to do is cross the rickety, not-collapse-y-at-all bridge.

Flooding the chamber

  1. When you land in the water, do a quick sweep for resources and ore, then find the tunnel — it opposite the ore deposit.
  2. At the end of the tunnel, check out the mural, then head into the room on your left. Throw the jaguar head switch to start flooding the hall you’re in. Once you’re underwater, swim straight back along the hall and into the main chamber.
  3. At the surface, you’ll see another tunnel — swim into that hallway. There’s another mural to check on the left. Pull the switch here as well to further flood the chamber.
  4. Rush back and duck under the door to the main chamber before it closes.
  5. There’s another tunnel at the top to swim into. Inside, pull down the pull rope barrier. Check out the mural on the right, then go throw the third switch.
  6. The hallway will flood before you can get out. Swim up through the hole in the ceiling and the knock down the pry barrier ahead of you. Squeeze back into the main chamber, then up to the surface again.
  7. Climb out to find the sarcophagus. Open it to retrieve the Savior’s Amulet for the side mission.

Exiting the crypt

  1. Continue past the sarcophagus to the pry barrier behind it. Knock it down and squeeze through the gap.
  2. Turn to the right, then jump across the gap to the pickaxe wall. Climb to the top, then duck through the tunnel.
  3. Follow the tunnel around until you come to another gap. Jump the gap to the pickaxe wall, then rappel down to the ground.
  4. Keep walking forward under the traps to exit the crypt.

Temple of Kukulkan base camp crypt

You’ll find this crypt on the eastern side of the Hidden City near the Temple of Kukulkan.

Finding the crypt

  1. From the Temple of Kukulkan base camp, face the rope bridge. Drop off the ledge to the right of the bridge, then make your way left.
  2. Climb down the pickaxe wall at the far left end of the ledge, then rappel down. Swing to the left to the platform.
  3. When you land, grab the survival cache on your left, then climb through the wall on your right.

Finding the sarcophagus

  1. Follow the hall on the other side of the wall until you have to duck through another low opening.
  2. You’ll immediately fall and slide down a slope when you land. Dust yourself off, then follow the path ahead of you.
  3. In the next room, there’s a mural on your left and a document and some jade on your right. Once you’ve grabbed everything, continue straight through the room.
  4. Ignore the bodies hanging from the ceiling and jump to the counterweight ahead of you.
  5. Ride it to the floor and the sarcophagus will be just to your left. Open it for Yaway’s Wooden Greaves.

Exiting the crypt, part one

  1. Continue past the sarcophagus and into the next hall. Disarm the two traps there.
  2. Turn left at the end of the hall. There’s a document on your left and a mural ahead of you in the next room.
  3. Smash through the pry barrier to the left of the mural. Follow the hall, then turn left. Jump across the pit, then disarm the trap on the other side.
  4. After that trap, there’s one more pit to jump. Once you get past, duck through the hole in the wall ahead of you.

Exiting the crypt, part two — climbing

  1. Turn around when you enter the next room, and look at the wall to the left or right of the door you just came through.
  2. Fire a rope arrow at the wooden contraption to pull it down and create a scalable path to the platform above you. Climb up, then turn around.
  3. Jump to the hanging cage in the middle of the room. Before you continue along, look around for more of the wooden panels to shoot. Pull down any you see — there’s one above you to your left, then another behind you and a little higher up.
  4. Once you’ve pulled down those two panels, jump across the the ledge. Make your way left, then climb up over the first wooden panel.
  5. At the top of that panel, work along the ledge to the right. Climb up onto the wooden platform, then continue across to more ledges.
  6. Climb the ledges and two wooden panels up and to the right to the wooden beam.
  7. Jump to the wooden cage, then turn left and hop across to the platform. Climb the ledge on your left, then grab the gold ore deposit. Once you’re richer, return to the cage.
  8. Jump across to the pickaxe wall, then climb straight up to the tunnel at the top.
  9. When you drop out of the tunnel, you’ll be back at the beginning of the crypt.

Wild Jungle base camp crypt

You’ll find this crypt in the Wild Jungle region to the west of the Hidden City of Paititi. It’s in the cliffs above a nearby challenge tomb.

Finding the crypt

  1. From the Wild Jungle base camp, loop around to the left and follow the shallow water to the south. When the you reach the waterfall and the deep pool, look for a climbable tree on your left.
  2. Climb out of the water and then climb the tree. Jump from the tree to the branch and then to ledge on the cliff.
  3. Work your way to the right. When you round the corner, climb to the ledge above, then continue to the right.
  4. Climb up to the ledge above you when you can, then run around to the right. Jump the gap, then walk out onto the branch sticking out from the cliff you’re standing on. Balance along it, then jump to the ledge on your left.
  5. Work your way to the right, then climb the rest of the way up. The crypt entrance is ahead of you on the right.

Navigating the crypt

  1. Follow the tunnel down, then jump over the hidden spike pit. On the other side, grab the relic on your right.
  2. Continue along the tunnel to the left, then squeeze through the gap. Grab the document on the ground in front of the mummy, then head into the tunnel on the left.
  3. When you come to the fork, take the left path first for some gold ore and resources. Return to the intersection and take the right path.
  4. Go down the stairs and keep following the tunnel until you come to a ledge.
  5. Drop all the way down to the ground. Pick up any resources you can find and visit the mural, then smash through the pry barrier.
  6. Immediately on the other side of the barrier is an extra wide spike pit. Jump and axe grapple your way across.
  7. Follow the room around to the right and go through the door. Pick up the archivist map and jade in that chamber, and head back out.
  8. When you get back to the main room, climb the ledge on your left. Jump up and climb the pickaxe wall to the top of the stone column. Step out onto the wooden beam on the right, then jump across to the left to the ledge there.
  9. You’ll land right in front of the sarcophagus. Open it to get the Greaves of Six Sky.

Exiting the crypt

  1. On the other side of the sarcophagus, walk out the door. There’s a rope-wrapped pillar on the left. Fire a rope arrow across the gap to the rope coil above the door you originally came through.
  2. When you begin to cross the rope, look below you. Drop down and collect the document on a ledge below you.
  3. Retrace your steps and use the rope to exit — or just climb the ledges — back to the first door. From there, backtrack all the way to the entrance.

Temple of Kukulkan base camp crypt 2

There is a second crypt near the Temple of Kukulkan base camp to the east of the Hidden City of Paititi.

Finding the crypt

  1. From the Temple of Kukulkan base camp, cross the narrow bridge across the water. Stop at the stone island halfway to the temple.
  2. Climb the stairs there, but head to the left of the second bridge. Jump off the ledge to the cliff below. Drop down one more level to grab an explorer pack.
  3. Climb back up, then use a rope arrow to create a path the rest of the way across the water to the wooden scaffolding.
  4. When you drop off the rope, there’s a mural to check. Turn left and climb the ledge. Continue forward to the outcropping, then jump to the ledge. Follow the ledge around to the left, then climb up.
  5. There’s another mural on the right, and the entrance to the crypt is on your left.

Navigating the crypt

  1. Climb the stairs and follow the hallway. You’ll eventually come to a chamber. Turn to the right and follow the wall. Jump across the gap to the pickaxe wall, then rappel down to the floor below you.
  2. Head through the door ahead of you and into the tunnel leading down. Squeeze through the gap, then continue along the tunnel. Pull down the rope pull barrier.
  3. Turn to the left after the barrier, and continue following the tunnel. You’ll squeeze through another gap,
  4. When you get to the room with a carving above you, head to the left to find a survival cache. Then climb the stairs on your right, then follow the ramp around to the left.
  5. Jump the gap to the pickaxe wall and climb up as high as you can. Hop to the left to another pickaxe wall and continue upward.
  6. At the top, work a little to the right, then climb up to the sloped wall above you. Rappel from there, then swing across to the ledge with the closed gate.
  7. Push the switch on your right to open the gate, then head through. The room behind you will flood, but that’s a problem for later.
  8. Follow the hallway forward to find the sarcophagus and pick up Ch’amaka’s War Vest.

Exiting the crypt

  1. Backtrack through the hall to the newly flooded chamber. Dive down and head back through the flooded tunnel.
  2. Keep following that tunnel back until you can surface. Climb out of the water and up the stairs there.
  3. Continue up the tunnel until you exit the crypt.

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