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Shadow of the Tomb Raider guide: Paititi mirror puzzle challenge tomb

Temple of the Sun

Eidos Montreal, Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix via Polygon
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Finding the Temple of the Sun challenge tomb in Shadow of the Tomb Raider is as much of a challenge as solving the tomb’s puzzle. This challenge tomb is located in the south of the Hidden City of Paititi. You’ll even get an archivist map in the process.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to find the tomb, where to collect all of the relics and survival caches along the way, and how to solve the puzzle.

Finding the Temple Path base camp

  1. Starting from the Village Caves base camp, turn left and climb up the stone terraces — you can follow the irrigation channel backward.
  2. At the top, look for the stairs to the left.
  3. Just a little up the stairs, go into the open courtyard on your left.
  4. Head into the house on your right and look for the opening in the floor above some water.
  5. Dive in and swim straight through the tunnel. (Make sure to grab the ore at the other end.)
  6. Climb out of the water on the right to find the Temple Path base camp and a document behind it.

From the Temple Path base camp

  1. Climb up the stairs to the left of the Temple Path Base Camp. There’s another document on your right when you reach the top.
  2. Just past that document, climb the wall on your right.
  3. At the top, there’s an archivist map on your left. The platform on your right is part of the exit (and part of the high dive challenge).
  4. You’re looking for the destructible wall in front of you. Knock it down and squeeze through the wall.

Unknown Area: Challenge tomb

  1. You can ignore the path on your left for now. Jump forward and grapple swing over to the wall ahead of you. Pickaxe into the rock, then climb up to the ledge.
  2. Use the ledge to work your way all the way around to the left, then jump to the other pickaxe-able wall.
  3. Rappel down, then start running back and forth along the wall. You’re aiming for the ledge on the left, but it’s going to take a bit of momentum to get to it.
  4. From the ledge, drop down and use your pickaxes to continue working around to the left.
  5. When you run out of pickaxe wall, climb up and use the ledges to keep working left.
  6. Continue along that way and you’ll see the tomb entrance above you on your left.
  7. Jump across the gap and use the ledges to climb into the tomb.
  8. Inside, walk forward and grab the document on your right.
  9. Take the first right and go down the stairs to find a mural.
  10. Head back up to the top of the stairs and climb the broken ladder to find the Temple of the Sun base camp.

Entering the tomb

  1. From the Temple of the Sun Base Camp, walk over to the opening in the wall to the right.
  2. Jump onto the pole, then swing across to the pickaxe wall. Rappel down to the floor.
  3. There’s another mural up the stairs to your left. Up the stairs behind you, there’s some gold offerings near the top.
  4. Head through the hallway that was ahead of you when you landed, and follow it to the left.
  5. Duck under the door to find this tomb’s puzzle.

The gimmick

You’re probably familiar with this puzzle’s gimmick: Use the mirrors to bounce beams of light around. There’s a twist to this one, though — you’re not trying to point the light at a target, you’re trying to point it away from the center.

The mechanic here is that when you point a light beam at the green collar on a pillar, it will turn. For the large platform in the center, the mirrors are holding the platform up — which is what you’re trying to undo. For the T-shaped pillars between the mirrors, pointing a mirror at them will rotate them so you can cross them. And that’s how you’re going to solve this puzzle — you’ll move a mirror away from the central platform toward one of the T-shaped poles, then move on to another mirror.

Mirror 1 to Mirror 2

  1. Turn the Mirror 1 to the left until it points at the T-shaped pole between Mirrors 1 and 2 and turns it.
  2. Cross the pole to Mirror 2.

Mirror 2 to Mirror 3

  1. Turn Mirror 2 to the left just a little. You’re aiming at the pole closest to Mirror 3.
  2. Use your Hunter’s Instinct to help you aim.
  3. Cross back over to Mirror 1, then turn Mirror 1 to the right and aim at the other pole leading to Mirror 3.
  4. Cross both poles along the right side of the room until you get to Mirror 3.

Mirror 3 to Mirror 4

When you move Mirror 3, the central platform will descend and block the beam from Mirror 2, so you’re trapped here for now.

  1. Turn Mirror 3 to the left until it points at the closest pole (the one you just crossed) and restore the path back to Mirror 1.
  2. Jump to the pickaxe wall to the left of the pole, then climb up to ledge above.
  3. Jump over to the pole, then cross all the way back to Mirror 1.
  4. Turn Mirror 1 to the left to restore the path to Mirror 2 and cross it.
  5. Turn Mirror 2 to the right to also point at the pole to Mirror 1.
  6. Cross back to Mirror 1.
  7. Turn Mirror 1 to the right until it points at the pole closest to Mirror 4 (remember to use your Hunter’s Instinct).
  8. Cross back to Mirror 2.
  9. Turn Mirror 2 to the left until it points at the first pole on the left side (leading to Mirror 4).
  10. Cross both poles on the left side to get to Mirror 4.

Mirror 4 and central platform

  1. Turn Mirror 4 to the left to point at the pole closest to the stele.
  2. Turn around, then climb the wall behind you (make sure you check out the mural in the corner).
  3. Use the ledges to get back to the pole, then cross to the platform halfway back toward Mirror 2, then turn left.
  4. Follow the walkway and jump across to the central platform.
  5. Turn left, then cross the final two poles to the end of the tomb.
  6. Collect Hoatzin’s Hunger and the gold offerings behind the stele.
  7. Head back to the central platform and get back to the platform between Mirrors 2 and 4.

Collectibles and exit

  1. Head into the hallway from the platform on the left side of the room. The exit is on your right, but there are things to collect on the left.
  2. Follow the hallway to the left and pick up the document along the way.
  3. There’s a survival cache at the far end of the hall.
  4. Head all the way back down the hall, then climb the wooden wall.
  5. Use the rope pillars at the top to create a zip line, then cross it.
  6. Climb the rock wall on your right up to the ledge. Creep along to the left until you run out of ledge.
  7. Jump across the gap to the pickaxe-able wall, then rappel down.
  8. Swing over to the ledge on your left, then drop to the ground. This is the path we told you to ignore way up above.
  9. Turn to the right and squeeze back through the gap.
  10. Grab the document on your left, then head out onto the wooden platform.
  11. Swan dive off the platform to collect one of the high dive challenges.

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