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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Peruvian Jungle crypts guide

Eveningstar’s Boots and Eveningstar’s Cape

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

There are two crypts in Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s Peruvian Jungle. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find both, where to collect all of the relics, documents, and survival caches along the way, and how to solve their puzzles.

Crypt 1 (Plane Wreckage base camp)

The first crypt you’ll likely discover in Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a little to the west-northwest of the Plane Wreckage base camp.

Finding the crypt

  1. Follow the water away from the base camp to the west past the Challenge Tomb. Climb up to ledge at the westernmost end of the water.
  2. At the top of the ledge, turn left to find a survival cache.
  3. Head into the cave toward the crypt. Watch for the document on your left as you approach.
  4. Shoot the Rope Pull Barrier and yank it down to get inside.
  5. Follow the hall and push past the spears (and the unlucky travelers that came before you).

Inside the crypt

There are no tricks or side paths in this crypt, so you’re just going in one way, then coming back out the other.

  1. Once you’re past the spears, you’ll see two wooden portcullises. Look for the lever in the jaguar head between them.
  2. Pull the lever to open the left door, then follow the hallway. You’ll have to slog through some mud to get past.
  3. Follow the stairs down. At the bottom of the stairs, cut the tripwire to disarm the trap.
  4. At the intersection, turn right for a mural. The path to your right is the exit, so turn left once you read the mural.
  5. Slide into the final room and push open the sarcophagus to receive the Eveningstar Boots. You’ll have to repair the boots at a base camp with one cloth, three eagle feathers, and three hides before you can equip them.

Exiting the crypt

  1. Look for a crack in the wall to the left of the sarcophagus and squeeze through it.
  2. If you have picked up your pickaxes at this point there is some gold ore to mine on the wall right ahead of you.
  3. From the ore, turn right and climb the ledges in front of you.
  4. At the top of the wall, create a rope bridge for yourself and climb up. Squeeze through the low tunnel at the end, then drop through the floor. This will drop you at the intersection where you found the mural earlier.
  5. Take the left tunnel this time. Go slowly and watch the floor — there are two spiked pits you have to leap over.
  6. At the third pit you come to, jump to the wall ahead of you and scramble up to the ledge, then jump up to the next ledge up and hoist yourself out.
  7. Slog through some more mud in the next hallway to find another mural. This one mentions a hidden room nearby.
  8. Turn to the right from the mural, then watch for a gap in the wall on your right. Squeeze through to find a room with some resources, gold, and an archivist map.
  9. Head back out and follow the hall to the right, then pull the jaguar-head lever to open the other portcullis from the beginning and exit the crypt.

Crypt 2 (Plane Fuselage base camp)

You’ll find this crypt in the very southwest corner of Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s Peruvian Jungle. It’s just south of the Plane Fuselage base camp.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to find the crypt, where to collect all of the relics and survival caches along the way, and how to solve the puzzle.

Finding the crypt

  1. Head all the way to the southwest corner of the Peruvian Jungle map and look for the waterfalls there.
  2. Turn right before you get to the water(falls) and climb the ledges there.
  3. Turn to the left at the top, then use the branch ahead of you to swing over to the pool above the waterfalls.
  4. Swim through the pool and look for the Pry Barrier on the other side. Smash your way through to enter the crypt.

To the puzzle

  1. On the other side of the barrier, you’ll enter a hallway. Grab the document next to the statue and dead body, then continue along the hall.
  2. You’ll come to a mural on your right just before you get to a Rope Pull Wall.
  3. Yank the wall down and continue past. Take the left at the fork in the next room, and disarm the trap just inside.
  4. Follow the long dark hallway until you come to a room with wooden spikes on the left. There’s a relic ahead of you.
  5. Look for a low tunnel on the right side and cross through it. Push the lever ahead of you when you come out of the tunnel to open the path to the exit.
  6. Head to the left instead. There’s another lever on your right to open the next gate.

Climbing the pillars — phase 1

  1. Run between the right two pillars and loop around to your right.
  2. Climb the wall on the left side (the rightmost pillar when you entered).
  3. Jump up to another ledge, then jump over to the middle pillar and keep climbing up.
  4. Jump across to the right again (to the leftmost pillar when you entered) and climb to the top.
  5. Turn right and run along the hallway. Just past the row of statues, watch for a trap tripwire to cut.
  6. Duck under the spears and keep following the hall until you come to another switch.
  7. Push the switch to open the gate on your right and raise the pillars further.

Climbing the pillars — phase 2

  1. Head out onto the platform next to the switch, then turn left. Jump across the gap to the pickaxe wall.
  2. Work your way over to the right and jump to the other pickaxe wall in the corner.
  3. Climb up, then climb to the top of the wooden wall above the pickaxe rocks.
  4. Use the ledge at the top to work your way to the left until you can jump across to the center pillar.
  5. Keep working left and jump the next gap as well.
  6. Climb up to the platform above you. The sarcophagus is on your right, but there’s a quick detour on your left.
  7. Turn left and smash through the Pry Barrier ahead of you.
  8. Grab the document on your right and the other resources in the room behind the Pry Barrier, then head back to the sarcophagus.
  9. Push open the sarcophagus to find Eveningstar’s Cape.

Exiting the crypt

  1. Run around the sarcophagus and jump onto the counterweight there.
  2. Ride the counterweight all the way to the ground, then run through the tunnel ahead of you when you land.
  3. Just keep running straight along the hallway until you exit the crypt.