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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Peruvian Jungle challenge tombs guide

Eagle’s Perch and Caiman’s Heart

Eidos Montreal, Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix via Polygon

There are two challenge tombs in Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s Peruvian Jungle. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find the tomb, where to collect all of the relics and survival caches along the way, and how to solve the puzzles.

Challenge tomb 1 (Plane Wreckage base camp)

The first challenge tomb you’ll come across in Shadow of the Tomb Raider is close to the Plane Wreckage base camp in the Peruvian Jungle. You’ll need to collect your pickaxes before you can get inside, though.

Finding the challenge tomb entrance

  1. Watch for the telltale yellow paint and decorative skulls to the west of the Plane Wreckage base camp.
  2. Climb the ledge, then follow the path right to the entrance to the tomb.
  3. Knock down the Pry Barrier and head inside.

To the Jungle Cavern base camp

  1. There’s a Grapple Axe point ahead of you. It’s good to practice on, but you’re going to fail by design and fall into the water.
  2. There are a couple of underwater plant resources to grab while you’re here, but you’re mostly just looking for a tunnel out of this room — it’s straight ahead and to the right when you fall into the water.
  3. Walk through the water and find the mural to the left of the stairs.
  4. The stairs lead to a dead end at the top, so head to the right and climb the ledges there.
  5. At the top of the ledges, jump over to the counterweight to lift the statue blocking your path.
  6. Head through the doorway and to the left to find the Jungle Cavern base camp.

To the puzzle

  1. Head through the doorway next to the base camp and cross the rope bridge.
  2. Run down the ramp on the other side and into the water. Dive under the wall ahead of you and climb out at the other end of the tunnel.
  3. Follow the hall around to the left and climb the wall at the end. Keep jumping to the next ledge until you get to the top.
  4. Walk straight forward for another mural, then turn right and enter the Pok A Tok court.

The left statue

  1. Drop into the court and head to the left where there’s a cart holding the counterweight for the statue on this side.
  2. Run around and push the cart as far as you can to the right — up against the bridge-ladder thing in the middle of the court.
  3. Grab the other cart — the one next to the left statue — and push it to where the first one was, right under the counterweight. The sides will fall open when it’s in the right position.
  4. The statue in the back left corner will drop to the ground when you move the cart.
  5. Go stand next to the rope-wrapped part of the statue, and tie it to the rope-wrapped part of the bridge.
  6. Still standing next to the statue, look for a climbable pillar on your right (along the left side of the court from where you entered). Climb to the top, jump the gap to the next ledge, then enter the hallway there.
  7. Grab the document from the hallway, then turn to the left. (There’s a trap down the hall on your right, but nothing to pick up — it’s just another way up here).
  8. Jump off of the balcony and onto the left statue’s counterweight. Ride it down until it locks into position. This won’t raise the ladder all the way, but it will raise it enough to push the other cart under.

The right statue and tomb stele

  1. Push the second cart the rest of the way to the right until it is under the right statue’s counterweight.
  2. Stand on the ladder next to the other rope-wrapped section and tether it to the statue on the right.
  3. Run the rest of the way up the ladder and jump over to the balcony where you entered.
  4. Turn to the left and climb up to another hallway. There’s a pry barrier ahead of you that you can ignore for now — it’s the exit. Instead, turn left again.
  5. At the end of the hallway, grab the document out of the alcove on the right.
  6. Turn around and jump onto the right statue’s counterweight ride it down to lock it in place as well. This will raise the ladder the rest of the way.
  7. Drop back down to the court, climb the ladder to the top of the pillar, then jump the gap over to the tomb stele.
  8. Grab the gold on either side of the stele, then interact with the tomb stele to get the Caiman’s Heart skill.

Exiting the challenge tomb

  1. Turn around from the tomb stele and head over to the rope-wrapped pillar on the left. Create a zip line down to the hall on your left, then ride it.
  2. At the other end of the hallway, break through the pry barrier on your left.
  3. Climb the wall, run into the next room, then climb up to the next zip line.
  4. Ride that zip line to the other end.
  5. After you land and dust yourself off, climb up to the ledge on the left of the hall, then continue up onto the pickaxe-able rocks.
  6. Jump across to the pickaxe rocks on the right.
  7. Continue to the left, then jump onto the rock pillar.
  8. Use the tree branches to continue forward.
  9. When you make it to the next landing area, turn to the left and grapple axe your way across to the next pickaxe-able wall.
  10. Climb to the top of the wall, then follow the path and jump to the next pickaxe wall.
  11. Rappel down to the ground below you to return to the beginning of the tomb.

Challenge tomb 2 (Jungle Ruins base camp)

Finding this challenge tomb in Shadow of the Tomb Raider is about as easy as it gets. This challenge tomb is located right next to the Jungle Ruins base camp.

Finding the challenge tomb

  1. From the Jungle Ruins base camp, stand up and walk forward.
  2. No, seriously, that’s it.

To the Canyon Ruins base camp

  1. Crawl under the branches, and then keep following the path through the jungle.
  2. Crawl under the triggered spear trap, then keep heading forward.
  3. When you get to the ravine, climb the tree on the left side of the path. Jump from there to the smaller branch, then swing across to pickaxe the wall.
  4. Climb to the left, then jump across to the ledge. Shimmy your way all the way to the left, then drop down.
  5. Follow the path and cut the tripwire (triprope?) for the trap, then duck under the spears.
  6. Head to the left to pick up an explorer backpack.
  7. Walk to the top of the earthen ramp on the right, then use the branches to jump and swing to the pickaxe wall ahead of you.
  8. Rappel down, then swing and jump to the landing ahead of you. Follow the path into the abandoned camp and grab any resources you can find.
  9. Turn to the right from the camp and head to the broken bridge. Climb the wall on the right and keep climbing up the pickaxe wall to the top.
  10. Jump to the left onto the ledge and keep working your way left to the other end. Drop down to the ground and continue along to the Canyon Ruins base camp.

To the puzzle

  1. Squeeze through the gap in the wall to the right of the base camp. Go up the stairs and into the ruins.
  2. Climb the wall on the right side of the stairs, then turn left.
  3. Follow the path to the left and jump the gap to the pickaxe wall. Rappel down, then swing to the landing ahead of you.
  4. Duck into the cave on the left for some gold ore and other resources, then come back out and climb the tree.
  5. Jump and grapple axe across the gap. Follow the path around to the left to find some resources, a document, and a survival cache.
  6. Head back to the main path and cross the log on your left.

The puzzle

  1. Start out by turning the wooden pillar clockwise until it stops. Stand to the left of it and create yourself a rope line over to the base of the crane-thing.
  2. Cross the rope, then climb the ledge to the right. Pull the giant lever to swing the crane around.
  3. Jump onto the box you just moved and back down to where you started this puzzle.
  4. Turn the wooden pillar back to its starting position and anchor the box to it with a rope arrow.
  5. Climb back onto the box, then return to the giant lever.
  6. Throw the lever again, then quickly run back and jump onto the box.
  7. Jump from the box into the courtyard on the other side of the cenote.
  8. Grab any resources you can around the courtyard, then run down the stairs on the right.
  9. Visit the mural on the left at the bottom of the stairs, then jump across the gap to the hard-to-spot ledges on the cliff wall.
  10. From the ledge, jump to the right to the pickaxe wall. Dodge the falling rocks as you climb up and jump to the right again. Keep climbing to the top of the cliff.
  11. Pull down the rope pull barrier on your left for some gold, then head toward the edge of the balcony to find the tomb stele where you’ll pick up the Eagle’s Perch skill.

Exiting the tomb

  1. Continue past the tomb stele, then pull down the other rope pull barrier on your left for some more gold.
  2. Head up the stairs, then use the branches to jump and swing across the cliff.
  3. When you’re back on solid ground, follow the path down.
  4. Grapple axe across the last gap and enjoy your ride down the slope where you land.
  5. Create a zip line for yourself and ride that further down the cliff.
  6. Follow the path until it dead ends, then jump down to the path below you.
  7. Turn left and follow the path all the way back out to the Canyon Ruins base camp.

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