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Shadow of the Tomb Raider guide: Kuwaq Yaku challenge tomb

Huracan’s Mantle

Eidos Montreal, Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

There is only one challenge tomb in Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s Kuwaq Yaku region. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find it, where to collect all of the relics, documents, and survival caches along the way, and how to solve the puzzle.

Finding the challenge tomb

  1. The challenge tomb is to the northeast of Kuwaq Yaku. Starting from the Kuwaq Yaku Ruins base camp — near the temple and the town’s market — follow the path through the ruins to the north.
  2. Drop down into the low area of the jungle and head northeast.
  3. Keep heading northeast until you start to see the yellow paint and skull markers.
  4. Follow the path as it funnels you into a cave. Keep heading northeast into the cave.
  5. When you drop off a small ledge, there’s a heavy rope pull barrier ahead of you. If you’ve picked up the rope ascender, you can yank it down to find some gold ore.
  6. Head to the left onto the wooden platform and jump into the water below.

From the entrance to the wolf pit

  1. Collect any resources you want under the water, then climb out onto to edge in the only place you can.
  2. Follow the path there forward until you come to a spiked pit. Climb the ledge on the left of the pit.
  3. Follow that path around the pit, then continue on. You’ll come to a long, steep slide.
  4. Leap off at the end of the slide and pickaxe into the stalactite across the gap. Rappel down and swing over to the ledge below you.
  5. Look for the skull carvings on the wall ahead of you and a little to the right — there’s a very hard to see ledge there. Jump over to it and work your way to the right.
  6. When you run out of ledge, jump to the pickaxe wall, then rappel to the ground.
  7. Crawl into the tunnel to continue on.
  8. When you drop into the room on the other side of the tunnel, you’ll be attacked by three maned wolves.
  9. Once they’re dispatched, check around for a mural and a bunch of resources and arrows.

Wolf pit to Petroleum Deposit base camp

  1. To the right side from where you entered this pit, near the mural, there’s a large fire. Stand next to it and use the rope coil there to create a zip line to the area above you.
  2. Climb along your rope to the top, then turn left to find a document.
  3. Climb the pickaxe wall ahead of you to the top, then follow the path to the left.
  4. At the first corner, you’ll find a survival cache and a document.
  5. Follow the path to the right to find the Petroleum Deposit base camp.

To the puzzle

  1. Continue past the Petroleum Deposit base camp and down to the left.
  2. If you try to cross the beam, you’ll get blown off — this is a hint about the puzzle. Instead, just climb up to the entrance from the ground.
  3. Run up the stairs and drop into the puzzle room.

First switch

  1. Head to the right and look for the switch — it’s right below the gold statue counterweight next to some fire.
  2. Throw the switch to open the vents on the right side of the hall. The first pendulum will start swinging in the wind.
  3. Go to the bridge and wait for the pendulum to return to the middle. Climb onto it and then move as far as you can to the left.
  4. Wait for the pendulum to blow to the left again, then jump across to the next platform.

Second switch

  1. Throw the switch at the end of this platform to open the second set of vents. This will put out the fire between the first and second pendulum.
  2. Use the ledge to your right to return to the main bridge (where the fire was).
  3. Continue across the bridge to the right, jump to the platform on the right side of the hall and keep working forward as far as you can. Watch for some gold on your right.
  4. Turn around and fire a rope arrow into the coil on the top of the second pendulum. Your goal is to give it a yank so it swings forward into the debris blocking the path.
  5. Once you clear the debris, backtrack all the way to the second switch and throw it again. With the vents closed, you can make it farther forward along the bridge.
  6. After the vent is closed and the second pendulum has settled down, cross the beam.
  7. Turn to the left after the beam, and jump across to the platform along the wall to find the next switch.

Third switch

This switch is jammed and doesn’t work at the moment, so you’ll have to do some work to get it open.

  1. Just to the right of the switch, there’s a wall you can climb. Climb up to the ledge, then shimmy across to the right and drop to the ground on the other side of the stuck pendulum.
  2. Backtrack a little to beneath the pendulum and stand next to the rope coil on the bottom.
  3. Fire a rope arrow into the rope coil on the second pendulum to tether it to the stuck one.
  4. Use the rope to cross back to the platform with the third switch, then use the bridge to return to the second switch.
  5. This time, when you throw the second switch, it will pull the third pendulum free and unblock the third set of vents.
  6. Once it’s clear, close the second vent again, then return to the third switch.
  7. When the fire is out, close the third vents again, then return to the bridge.
  8. Keep going forward and jump the gap in the bridge. Climb the stairs and pick up any gold you see on the ground along the way.
  9. Interact with the tomb stele to receive Huracan’s Mantle.

Exiting the tomb

  1. Backtrack along the bridge and all the way back out of the hall.
  2. When you get back to the first beam, turn left. There are two paths ahead of you. If you go right, you can return to the Petroleum Deposit base camp.
  3. The path on the left is your exit. Run along the hall, past the fire, then jump to the pickaxe wall ahead of you.
  4. Climb to the top, then grapple axe across the next gap. You’ll slide down a slope when you land. Dust yourself off, then turn right.
  5. Climb the ledges there, then ride the zip line you find at the top down to a pool of water.
  6. Get out of the water on the ramp to your left, then start climbing the ledges and pickaxe walls up.
  7. At the top, cross the wooden beam, then keep climbing.
  8. On top of this climb, you’ll find another beam. Drop off of this one to the path below. This is where you encountered the first spiked pit of this tomb. Climb up on the right side of the path to circumvent the pit.
  9. Keep following the path until you get to the pool of water you jumped into to start this tomb. Use the ledges on your right to climb up, then jump across to the pickaxe wall on the far side of the pool.
  10. Climb as high as you can on the first chunk of wall, then jump across to another pickaxe-able wall section to your right. Climb to the top of that one to reach the top and exit this tomb.