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Soulcalibur 6 guide: Character types and recommendations

Bandai Namco/Project Soul

It’s hard to choose a character in a big, deep game like Soulcalibur 6, and there are simply too many to discuss individually. So we’ve decided to group the characters by what they’re good at doing, and offer some suggestions in order of how easy they are to pick up.


A character who isn’t the best at anything in particular, but who still boasts strong moves for every situation. The most common type, and ideal for beginners … but some of these characters get quite complex. All-rounder characters include most of the cast, actually, but the easiest characters to pick up off the bat include Sophitia, Geralt, and Mitsurugi. If you want to try something a little more complex in the samerange, try out Raphael, Zasalamel, or Xianghua.

Close-range rush

Fast characters carrying short-ranged weapons like daggers and nunchucks. These characters need to get in close and pressure their opponents with barrages of attacks. Their struggle is getting in close in the first place, particularly against wary players who keep them at arm’s length. The new character Groh is very much in this style and exceedingly easy to play. Other examples of the type include Taki, Talim, and if you’re up for a challenge, Maxi.


Big guys with big weapons. Slower movement and attacks than normal, but you’re not here for that because you’re here for crushing damage. Astaroth is the closest this game has to a traditional grappler type, with big hits and powerful throws. Nightmare and Siegfried are more nuanced, with a complex greatsword style that involves shifting from one stance to the next. Though the two share moves (and are the same person), Nightmare’s style is more offense-oriented and Siegfried is more about defense.

Ranged Specialist

Characters with ranged weapons like staves or whips wage a battle of attrition, keeping opponents away while whittling down their life bar. Kilik is the most versatile of this type, able to work at all ranges and to transform into a beast who gets up close and personal. Seong Mi-Na is the most specialized: She wants to keep her opponents away at all times. Ivy is a difficult character to learn, but she’s even harder to fight against. The versatility of her whip-sword makes her terrifying in the right hands.

The next level of puzzles.

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