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Final Fantasy 7’s long-awaited return, and other highlights from this week on Speedrun

Polygon’s Quibi TV show had a busy debut week.

After months of planning, scripting, and shooting — and editing magic I don’t fully understand — Polygon has itself a TV show. You can watch new episodes every weekday at 12 p.m. ET, and all five episodes of our debut week, right here on Quibi.

And what a week it’s been. Final Fantasy 7 Remake was released. Riot Games finally made something new. Formula 1 and NASCAR held virtual races, while NBA pros squared off in a digital tournament determined by their 2K player ratings.

Of course, we covered it all, and we’ll do it again next week, from the bedroom studio of our esteemed host Jimmy Mondal. (He not only constructed the set himself, but also learned how to contour cheekbones for a 4K lens. Shoutout to The Jimmy!)

In an effort to keep you up to date on Speedrun happenings, I’ll be writing a wrap-up post every Friday to recap our coverage. I’ll also be pointing you to the work of the Polygon writers, producers, editors, and reporters that helped inform the show’s coverage. Because what is Speedrun if not a new extension of the Polygon voice?

For Friday’s show, we caught up with Drew Scanlon, producer of the Shift+F1 podcast, to explore professional racing’s transition into digital circuits. We also began our weekly Friday Recommendations segment, this time focused on games to play for non-PS4 owners with Final Fantasy 7 Remake FOMO.

Earlier this week, Speedrun covered just as wide a range of stories: the anniversary of Perfect Dark; The Last of Us Part 2s delay; the impact of Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis on video games’ best villains; how Animal Crossing: New Horizons lets players define their own meaning of progression; and last but certainly not least, Valorant’s closed beta, and what the shooter means for the future of Riot Games.

Polygon’s coverage provided an array of useful research and essential reading. Austen Goslin’s cover story on Valorant’s inception, creation, and impending launch helped set the stage for our time with the beta. The staff’s Animal Crossing coverage in general (this story in particular by Patricia Hernandez) shed light on the myriad ways people are escaping into their island getaways. And Carolyn Petit’s review of Final Fantasy 7 Remake gave us insight and excitement in equal amounts. Go read it.

The world is super weird right now. So it’s become an agreement among the Speedrun team to put extra emphasis on the connections that come about in the weird, wonderful community of video games. And going forward, I’m looking forward to sharing those stories with all of you.

Speedrun will be back Monday, and I’ll be back Friday. See you then.

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