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Spider-Man: Miles Morales combat guide: How to yank, disarm, and more

You’ll need to know these to complete crime bonus objectives

Image: Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon
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In Spider-Man: Miles Morales, you have a ton of moves at your disposal, and it’s easy to forget everything you can do. For every crime and enemy base there are bonus objectives that ask you to do things like Air Yank or Web Throw. But these terms can be tough to find in your move list.

Here’s a list of some of the most common combat terms in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, what they mean, and how to execute them in a fight.


Some missions will ask you to raise your Combo meter to a certain degree, like x30 or even x60. To do this, you need to hit enemies multiple times without taking any damage or waiting too long between hits. You can play relatively safe and raise these combos as long you stay in combat.

The best way to do this is focus on dodging, but you can also reduce your difficulty in the Game section of the settings. If you get to 100x you’ll earn the special “100x Combo!” Trophy.

Perfect Dodge

The Perfect Dodge is much easier to execute in Miles Morales than it was in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Whenever Miles is about to get hit, his head will glow blue and white — prompting you to dodge some damage. But if you wait, Miles’ head will get a red glow instead. If you time your dodge right when that red appears, you’ll do a Perfect Doge and stun the enemy attacking you.

Stealth Takedown

Sometimes Miles Morales will prompt you to do a Stealth Takedown. This actually encompasses a few different moves like Perch, Ceiling, and Wall Takedowns. All this means is that you need to take an enemy down without them seeing you.

But if you don’t get all the Stealth knockouts you need before alerting all the enemies, you can actually stealth and run away a little to reset the enemies without resetting the mission. Just turn on your Camouflage and hide on a nearby building until the enemies lose interest in you (they’ll get yellow question mark icons above their heads).

Air Launch

To Air Launch an enemy, hold Square. This will break some block attacks and send them into the sky.

Air Yank

The Air Yank is like a reverse Air Launch. Instead of starting from the ground and holding Square to launch someone, you need to jump into the air first to Yank. While mid-air, hold Triangle to pull an enemy to you.

Throw Objects

There are tons of objects around that you can chuck at enemies. You’ll get a prompt to hold L1+R1 to throw things at enemies, dealing some bonus damage and knocking them down.

Web Throw

Web Throw is actually different from Throw Objects. Web Throw refers to throwing an enemy instead of an object. To Web Throw an enemy you need to web them up first with your Web Shooters and then hold Triangle to spin them in a circle. You can then throw them into walls to fulfill other bonus objectives.

Swing Kick

To execute the Swing Kick, jump into the air and hold Square. Miles will stick a web to a nearby wall and swing into an enemy, dealing a bunch of damage and knocking them into the air.

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