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Spider-Man: Miles Morales skills guide

Here are all the skills you can unlock in Miles Morales, including New Game+-only skills

Image: Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

In Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Miles has a huge list of skills he can learn throughout the game. And they break nicely into four categories: Challenge Skills, Combat Skills, Venom Skills, and Camouflage Skills.

There are two methods for unlocking your skills in Miles Morales. For Challenge Skills, you need to complete specific training missions located around the world. Do these missions as soon as you can. Some of these skills are invaluable early in the game.

The second and most common method of skill acquisition is via Skill Points, which you’ll use for Camouflage, Combat, and Venom Skills.

When you level up as Miles, you’ll earn a skill point — up to the max level of 20. There are 24 skills and each — except the first — costs a single point. So does that mean you can’t max out your trees? Not exactly.

At the end of each tree there’s a “New Game+” ability which is only accessible on your second playthrough. The New Game+ playthrough also increases your max level to 30, so you’ll earn enough skill points to finish out your tree.

Here’s an organized look at each of Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ skills.

Challenge Skills

You can earn these Challenge Skills by completing the Spider-Training missions for Peter.


Spin Cycle. When throwing an enemy, rapidly press triangle during the throw to continue spinning them.

Payback. Press triangle after a Perfect Dodge against rifle and pistol shots for an instant Takedown

Air Marshal. Air attacks deal additional air damage and generate more Venom


Point Launch Boost. Press X on contact when zipping to a point to massively boost Point Launch distance

Quick Recovery. After landing, press X during a roll to launch back into the air

Quick Zip. Web zip with X a second time without losing altitude


Silent Step. Enemies take longer to detect you in stealth

Scare Tactics. Stealth Takedowns generate more Venom

Surprise Attack. Upgrades Web-Strike Takedown so nearby enemies are knocked back

Combat Skills

These skills upgrade your combos and give you new non-Venom moves.

Energy Syphon. Increases the rate of Bio-Electric Power generation from attacking and dodging, raising the amount in the Venom Bar

Web Yank Opportunist. Hold Triangle to perform a Venom Yank attack after sending an enemy flying from a melee combo or Venom attack

Spread the Love. Venom Stunned enemies knocked into other enemies will transfer their Venom Stun

In for a Shock. Venom Stunned enemies take 50% more damage from basic attacks

Trained Technique. Allows a second Finisher to be banked. Reduces combo requirement for a second Finisher to 10. Special enemies can be defeated with two Finishers

Gunslinger. Hold Triangle to yank and throw guns imbued with Bio-Electric Power. They will explode on impact, Venom Stunning and knocking enemies down.

Final Countdown, Finishers generate 40% of a Venom bar

Let’s Go! (New Game+ only). Allows a third Finisher to be banked

Venom Skills

These skills give you new Venom abilities and increase the potency of your existing attacks.

Venom Smash. Press L1+Square+X to perform a Venom Smash that will damage and Venom Stun surrounding enemies

Venom Jump. Press L1+X launches nearby enemies into the air, disarming and Venom Stunning them

Floodgate. Increases the range of Venom Punch splash damage, which allows more enemies to be Venom Stunned on impact

Synaptic Breakdown. Double the length of time enemies are Venom Stunned

Miles Smash! Increases the Venom Smash’s area of effect

Venom Dash Launcher. Press X when landing on an enemy during Venom Dash to perform a free Venom Jump, launching enemies into the air.

Venom Rocket. Off the Wall attacks cause Venom Stun on impact. This can happen only once every five seconds.

Bio-Electric Intrinsics (New Game+ only). Mega Venom Blast automatically triggers before a fatal hit at no cost. Can happen only once per combat encounter.

Camouflage Skills

The Camouflage skills impact your invisibility, giving you some unique moves and increases your actions while Camouflaged.

Concealed Presence. Camouflage Energy refills 20% faster

Measured Response. Attacking while Camouflaged costs less Camouflage Energy

Never See It Coming. Venom Punch does bonus damage when used while Camouflaged

Unseen Strike. When defeating an enemy with Venom attacks, the final blow doesn’t cost Camouflage Energy

Patient Spider. Increases the maximum amount of Camouflage Energy, allowing you to remain invisible longer

Blinding Light. Press L3+R3 while Camouflage to trigger a blinding flash of light that reveals you and stuns surrounding enemies

Web Cocoon Bomb. Press L1+R1 to yank down stealth cocooned enemies, causing them to impact the ground and web up nearby enemies

Unseen Force (New Game+ only). While Camouflaged, the combo counter no longer resets, and a bonus combo point is generated per attack

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