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Spider-Man PS4 skill tree guide

The best and most useful skills

Spider-Man PS4 skill tree guide Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Spider-Man isn’t usually a confusing game, but any game will a skill tree begs the question: Which are the best skills? In this guide, we’ll offer some advice.

Which skills to buy first

Skills aren’t complicated, especially at the beginning of the game. You’ll need to unlock the first skill in each category — Innovator, Defender, Webslinger — to unlock the skills underneath. And the simple truth is that two of the first three skills you unlock in each column are among the most useful in Spider-Man PS4.

  • Web Throw (Innovator) allows you to hold Triangle and “grab and throw webbed and electrified enemies.” This is the most basic form of crowd control in Spider-Man, and you’ll use it hundreds (thousands?) of times.
  • Perfect Dodge (Defender) allows you to evade and enemy’s attack if you time it just right. Check out our Spider-Man PS4 Perfect Dodge guide to learn how to get it right every time. (There’s a trick to it.)
Spider-Man PS4 Perfect Dodge Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

The best (and our favorite) Spider-Man PS4 skills

It’s overwhelmingly likely that, by the time you finish Spider-Man, you’ll unlock all of the skills available to you. Thing is, there are a lot of skills, which means that there’s a lot to remember (and a lot to forget). So we’ve put together a short list of what we consider to be the best (which is also a way of saying our favorite) skills. They mostly exist in the beginning to the middle of each skill tree, so if these sound good to you, follow the path down each branch to unlock them.

  • Dodge Window (Defender) basically gives you a little more time to pull off a Perfect Dodge.
  • Quick Zip (Webslinger) is all about swinging fast. As Spidey swings through the air, you can hit X to keep your height and momentum. This skill allows you to hit X a second time and keep more height and speed. It’s essential for the late-game challenges.
  • Air Marshal (Webslinger) grants you more Focus for air attacks (when you hold Square to punch bad guys into the air and then attack them above ground). This will be your primary way of gaining Focus throughout the game, so boosting that ability always pays off.
  • Point Launch Boost (Webslinger) allows you to gain a huge burst of speed and distance when you perform a Point Launch. (That’s the thing where you hit L2 and R2 to grab onto something and then hit X as soon as you land.) Like our previous two recommendations, it’s about fast traversal, which isn’t a requirement but sure makes the game easier.

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