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Splatoon 2 guide: Sector 1 Tentakeel Outpost collectibles

Sardinium, sunken scrolls and tickets in Sector 1

Every sector and level in Splatoon 2 has collectibles for you to find. The 32 sunken scrolls will add pages to the game’s backstory, and the 32 pieces of sardinium will let you upgrade your weapons at Sheldon’s Enhancifier. (There are a total of 37 pieces of sardinium, but you get one automatically each time you defeat a boss, so those aren’t included here.) Almost all of them are hidden, or at least in out-of-the-way places. But we’re here to walk you through finding every one of them — and we threw in a few tickets as well.

Hub world collectibles

Start with the yellow balloon on your left just as you enter the main area of Tentakeel Outpost. You’ll have to chase the subsequent balloons across the area, but you’ll be rewarded with a scroll.

Further along in the back left corner, climb the platform, then turn around. Jump to the grate, and climb up to find some sardinium.

01 — Return of the Octarians

About halfway through, you’ll take out the shielded octotrooper in front of a wall. After the ramp raises and you can climb the wall, climb up past the launch pad to the top of the wall to find some sardinium.

Very shortly after, you’ll cross a narrow bridge. After you blow up the balloon fish and drop through the grate, turn around and run to the back of the tower you’re in. Climb up to the grate, then out to the end to find the scroll.

02 — Welcome to Octopia

There are two towers protected by octotroopers in the middle of this level. After clearing out the octarians, drop down on the far side of the second tower to find the scroll.

A little further along, you’ll find a wall that you have to zig-zag up to get to the launch pad. Just like in the first level, swim up past the launch pad to the top of the wall. The box in the back right corner has sardinium.

03 — Sunset Octocopter

After you get past the first set of paint rollers, climb the ramp to the next set. Head over to the left, then turn back to the area you just came from. Jump across to the platform ahead of you to find some sardinium.

Further along, you’ll come to a wall with paint rollers blocking your passage. When you climb up past the rollers, turn to your right immediately. Drop down onto the little walkway below you, then climb up the tower using the treadmill. You’ll find a scroll at the top.

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