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Splatoon 2 guide: Sector 2 Suction-Cup Lookout collectibles

Sardinium, sunken scrolls and tickets in Sector 2

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Every sector and level in Splatoon 2 has collectibles for you to find. The 32 sunken scrolls will add pages to the game’s backstory, and the 32 pieces of sardinium will let you upgrade your weapons at Sheldon’s Enhancifier. (There are a total of 37 pieces of sardinium, but you get one automatically each time you defeat a boss, so those aren’t included here.) Almost all of them are hidden, or at least in out-of-the-way places. But we’re here to walk you through finding every one of them — and we threw in a few tickets as well.

Hub world collectibles

This sector’s sardinium is in an orange crate at the bottom of the tower where you find the entrance grate for level 6.

Just like in Sector 1, you have to shoot a series of green balloons to find the scroll. You’ll find the first one in the alley near level 7.

04 — Enter the Octohurler

Early in the level, when you pass your first pair of the automated squeegee-things, go past the launchpad to the second checkpoint. Drop onto the walkway below you to find this level’s sardinium.

Later in the level, you’ll fight several octohurlers riding more of the squeegee-things. This time, the squeegees don’t go back and forth, but in a big clockwise loop. Hop on one of the squeegees and make your way around and down to the small platform underneath where you started. Smash the crate for the scroll.

05 — The Octopark

Watch for the area where you first learn to jump between rails. You can hop between them to gather the power eggs, but make sure you’re on the left one at the end. Jump off and onto the platform. Smash the crate to find a ticket for Crusty Sean’s.

A little later, you’ll find another series of rails to jump between — when Marie says, “Keep an eye out for new rails to jump to.” You want to be on the leftmost one at the end again. Ride it up onto the elevated part, then smash the crate next to the tree for some sardinium.

Toward the end of the level, you’ll ride a rail around a few pillars with octotroopers on top. Watch as you’re spiraling up for a pillar on your left with a crate on top. Hop off the rail and smash the crate for the scroll.

06 — Octozeppelin Invasion

One of the launchpads you find in this level will be directly in front of an octozeppelin hangar. Destroy one of the octozeppelins just as they come out of the hangar — shoot the tentacle sticking out of the top — then go past the launchpad to find the sardinium.

When you get to the area with the line of missiles, watch for a path around to the right that will let you get around the side of the first area. It looks like a dead end, but you can see an ink rail you can target with your charger. Shoot it, then head back to the main path. When you get close to the missiles, watch on your left side for the rail you just created. Ride it around and behind the missile launchers. The scroll is on the ledge on your right. Just make sure you don’t smash all of the crates — you’ll need one to climb onto the ledge.

07 — Back-Alley Cleanup

In the area where you first ride a Squee-G, look for the tower in the back right corner. There’s an orange crate on it that you can smash, but mostly you’re here to get out of the way of the Squee-G. Drop off the left side and follow the path around to the left to find a crate with sardinium inside.

Later, you’ll have to retrieve a key to open a locked container. When you find the key, there’s an ink rail right in front of you that you can ride back down to where you started. Time your jump carefully to jump right at the very end of the rail, and you’ll land right next to the crate with the scroll.

08 — Spinning Campground

When you find the first vertical inkfurler in this level, you’re right next to the sardinium. Continue past the vertical infurler, and drop to the platform below.

Next, watch for the area with the six inkfurlers. The fourth one goes a bit further to your left. Follow it to the end and drop to the pillar below and to your right. Smash the crate for the scroll.

09 — Octoling Strike

Before you worry about the collectibles, clear out most of the octolings — there are a lot of them, and they make treasure hunting difficult and dangerous.

Starting at your starting platform, turn left and make your way across the arena. Stick to the left wall until you find a splash wall. Destroy the wall, and you’ll find the scroll right behind it.

The sardinium is near the octoling starting platform in the opposite corner of the arena where you start. Watch for a bicycle propped up against a wall. Shoot some ink into the corner to the left of the bicycle and a crate will appear.

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