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Splatoon 2 guide: Sector 3 Beaker’s Depot collectibles

Sardinium, sunken scrolls and tickets in Sector 3

Every sector (like Beaker’s Depot) and level in Splatoon 2 has collectibles for you to find. The 32 sunken scrolls will add pages to the game’s backstory, and the 32 pieces of sardinium will let you upgrade your weapons at Sheldon’s Enhancifier. (There are a total of 37 pieces of sardinium, but you get one automatically each time you defeat a boss, so those aren’t included here.) Almost all of them are hidden, or at least in out-of-the-way places. But we’re here to walk you through finding every one of them — and we threw in a few tickets as well.

Hub world collectibles

Turn right at the first platform you come to. Ride the propellor platform to the end, then turn right. Watch for a grapplink between the towers. Use your charger to hop over. Run left to the end of the platform, then turn around. Swim up the platform, then jump across the tops of the platform to find the crate with some sardinium.

Just like the last two Sectors, you’ll have to shoot a series of balloons to find the scroll. The first one is near the entrance to level 10. Check out the video above to see the path you have to follow to shoot them all.

10 — Octoseeker Shakedown

After the first checkpoint in Octoseeker Shakedown, you’ll face off with an octoseeker at the top of a tower. You’ll have to find a key while climbing. On the far side of the tower from where you start, you’ll use a few sponges to cross a gap. Halfway across the gap, look down for sponges below you. Drop down to one of them to find a platform and this level’s scroll.

At the final checkpoint, avoid the octoseeker, then ride it back to its resting position. Jump off the back of it — toward the red balloons — and drop down to the platform below. Smash the crate to find some sardinium.

11 — The Floating Garden

Right after the third checkpoint in The Floating Garden, watch for an octotrooper next to a narrow ditch. At the far right end, shoot into the ink to find a ticket.

When you find the key after the fifth checkpoint, look for a net that you can drop through. There are a few calamari rings under it to let you know you’re in the right place. Take out the tentakook on the platform below to find the scroll.

Toward the end of the level, there’s a small area with a bunch of platforms and several tentakooks. There are two locked containers as well. Find the tentakook with the key to the first container to unlock the sardinium.

12 — Octo-Resort Spring

Watch for the flooder after the second checkpoint in Octo-Resort Spring. Follow it to the right and swim up the wall on your left. You’ll find some sardinium at the top of the wall.

Shortly after, you’ll find another flooder after some moving walls. Get past it, then climb on top. Ride the flooder until you pass a wall on your left. Swim up the wall to find the scroll. This crate is just to the left of the next checkpoint and the launchpad.

13 — Dancing Floors

The sardinium in Dancing Floors is at the top of the moving steps you find after the first checkpoint. At the top, look to the left side for a small wall to climb. You’ll have to hit the spinning target again to make sure the steps are far enough across. Smash the crate for the sardinium.

The next area to watch for has a pair of flooders in it. Use the grapplink to land on top of one of them. Lead them around and jump to other one if you have to. Your goal is the pillar in the back right. Smash the crate for the scroll.

14 — Parking Garage

At the third checkpoint, drop off the platform to the right. You’ll find the scroll directly underneath the checkpoint.

Look for a car near the fourth checkpoint in Parking Garage. You can jump from the roof of the car onto some blocks to find a ticket.

At the end of Parking Garage around checkpoint 6, you’ll fight some octolings. In one of the corners, look for a car parked between a couple black blocks. Climb over the car to find the sardinium.

15 — Octoling Assault

Watch for a pair of orange crates next to one of the zapfish in Octoling Assault. It’s near a valve.

Both remaining collectibles in Octoling Assault are near the octolings’ spawn platform. The sardinium is in an orange crate to the right of the platform.

The scroll is a little harder to get. You’ll have to retrieve a key. It’s around the center of the room near a rollonium bundle. Shoot the ink in the corner to reveal the box. Take that key back to the locked container near the octolings’ spawn. Open it for the scroll.

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