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Splatoon 2 guide: Sector 4 Slimeskin Garrison collectibles

Sardinium, sunken scrolls and tickets in Sector 4

Every sector (like Slimeskin Garrison) and level in Splatoon 2 has collectibles for you to find. The 32 sunken scrolls will add pages to the game’s backstory, and the 32 pieces of sardinium will let you upgrade your weapons at Sheldon’s Enhancifier. (There are a total of 37 pieces of sardinium, but you get one automatically each time you defeat a boss, so those aren’t included here.) Almost all of them are hidden, or at least in out-of-the-way places. But we’re here to walk you through finding every one of them — and we threw in a few tickets as well.

Hub world collectibles

When you start this sector, head forward, then hook around to the left. You’ll find an inkfurler that points back the way you came. Take it to the end, then unfurl and jump to the other infurler to your right. You’ll find a platform at the end with an orange crate holding some sardinium.

The series of green(ish) balloons that will give you the scroll start right under the entrance to level 18. As always, you’ll have to chase them around the sector to get the scroll, so watch the video above to see the path.

16 — Secret Bowling Alley

After the second checkpoint in Secret Bowling Alley, watch for two rows of octoballers leading to an octosniper. After you make your way across and take out the sniper, turn to the left. Drop through the grate to find the sardinium.

The scroll takes a bit of work to get to. You’ll find a cannon that you can use to take out the giant octoballers shortly after the fourth checkpoint. Take out one of the octoballers with the cannon, then run straight to where they’re dropping in. The scroll is in an orange crate on the right.

17 — Octocommander Fortress

Shortly after the first checkpoint in Octocommander Fortress, you’ll have to cross a large rotating block. Cross it, then take out the octotrooper on the other side. Turn around and climb back onto the rotating block. Use the car to stop your fall if you have to. Ink the wall on the left side and swim up it to find a crate with the sardinium inside.

Right after you land at the final checkpoint, drop through the grate and head back under the checkpoint platform. You’ll find the scroll in an orange crate.

18 — Towering Heights

Towering Heights’ third checkpoint will bring you to an area with a bunch of ramps, dangerous drops and a pair of octosnipers. Drop off the left side to the platform below to find the scroll in an orange crate.

The final checkpoint of the level involves several waves of enemies appearing and floating down to you on balloons. Stick around to the end — a pair of twintacle octotroopers — and some sardinium will float past as well.

19 — The Experimentorium

When you get the option of three launchpads in The Experimentorium, start with the one on the left. Shoot the red switch in front of you to rotate the walkways around you. Head to the left and shoot the other switch on the side of the block. Go back to the center of the walkway and swim-jump to the block. The sardinium is in the orange crate on top.

Getting the scroll will take a few tries, but you can come back and redo it as many times as you need to. When you get back to the starting area, take the center launchpad. In the second set of grapplinks, watch for a switch on your left. When you trigger it, it’ll raise a platform with the scroll. It’ll be just past the launchpad that takes you back to the beginning and the final launchpad.

20 — Propellorland

Once you unlock the propellor off of the central area of Propellorland, you can get two collectibles.

Stand at the top of the ramp that leads down to the propellor. Hit it with your brella, then turn around. Jump onto the platform above the central area to find a ticket.

Head back to the propellor and ride it up. Hop onto the platform it carries you up to, then turn around. Hit the propellor some more to bring it up above where you’re standing to reveal a small switch. Hit the switch, then turn around again. Go past the launchpad and down the narrow walkway to find the scroll.

Shortly after, you’ll find a propellor on the other side of an L-shaped wall. Hit the propellor to move the platform all the way to the end, then turn around and hit the valve. You’ll find some sardinium at the top of the spout.

21 — Octolings Ahoy!

After you clear out most of the octolings in Octolings Ahoy!, head straight across to the far side of the arena. Shoot some ink around the floor under the octolings’ spawning platform to reveal an orange crate and some sardinium.

Head to the left from there to the edge of the area. You’ll go past the cannon on your way. Drop off the left side of the platform with the zapfish onto the narrow grate. Jump around the corner to the right to pick up the scroll.

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