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Splatoon 2 guide: Sector 5 Cephalon HQ collectibles

Sardinium, sunken scrolls and tickets in Sector 5

Every sector (like Cephalon HQ) and level in Splatoon 2 has collectibles for you to find. The 32 sunken scrolls will add pages to the game’s backstory, and the 32 pieces of sardinium will let you upgrade your weapons at Sheldon’s Enhancifier. (There are a total of 37 pieces of sardinium, but you get one automatically each time you defeat a boss, so those aren’t included here.) Almost all of them are hidden, or at least in out-of-the-way places. But we’re here to walk you through finding every one of them — and we threw in a few tickets as well.

Hub world collectibles

Turn right on the platform depot, and hop onto a yellow moving platform. Ride it over to the stop with the yellow and green lights. There’s an invisible platform below and behind that stop. Drop down and smash the crates for some sardinium.

Back on the yellow moving platform, look below the entrance to level 25 for the start to the blue balloons that will bring you to the scroll. Using a charger to snipe the balloons makes this a little easier. The final balloon will drop the scroll on an invisible platform. Use one of the pink moving platforms to get close and figure out where to jump.

22 — Underground Expressway

Toward the end of Underground Expressway, after the seventh checkpoint, you’ll find a large block surrounded by a ditch. Running around in the ditch, there’s a tentakook that carries a key to the locked container on top. Open the container for some sardinium.

At the next checkpoint, you’ll find a pair of Squee-Gs running around an invisible arena. Ride one of them to the (invisible) tower in the back right corner. Use your brush to splash some paint around so you can see where the platforms are — they’ll snake around in a U-shape to the left. You’ll find the scroll at the end.

23 — The Octo Galaxy

A little past halfway through The Octo Galaxy — after the seventh checkpoint — there’s a launcher that will toss you onto the center of three rails. Hop around a little to avoid the rollers, but come back to the center one when you can. Jump at the very end to grab some sardinium.

You’ll find yourself at a rail that snakes around some white, floating towers a couple checkpoints later. Ride the first rail until you can jump to a second rail on your right. Take that one to the end, take out the twintacle octotrooper and grab the scroll out of the crate.

24 — Transfer Junction

The sardinium is pretty early in Transfer Junction, just after the first checkpoint. Make your way across the area with the moving platforms until you come to a moving wall. Ink the wall, then ride it to the right. Take out the octotroopers, then turn back to the moving wall. The sardinium is on the back side. Ink the wall from the platform you’re standing on, then jump onto it.

After the next checkpoint, you’ll face a few more octotroopers at the top of a tower. Before you start making your way across the sponges, stand between the two moving blocks and look down the back side of the tower. Hit the sponge below you with ink, then drop onto it. Turn around and grab the scroll.

25 — Platform Madhouse

After the fifth checkpoint in Platform Madhouse, you’ll make your way through an area with moving floor sections that lead to a moving wall. And it’s all protected by a couple of octocommanders. Take them out, then climb over the wall. On the far side, look below you on the left side to find the sardinium.

To get the scroll, you have to wait until the very end of the level. After you’ve shot the spinning targets a lot and ridden the the platform all the way up to the zapfish, keep the platform close. There’s a switch on the very back corner of the zapfish’s platform that will reveal a launchpad on the edge of the moving platform. Take it, then avoid the octostomp’s attack(s). Hit the launchpad on its back to get launched onto the top of a stack of orange crates. The bottom crate has the scroll.

26 — Paradise Lanes

Right after the first checkpoint in Paradise Lanes, you’ll come to an area where you have to take out a twintacle octotrooper on a narrow walkway below you. As soon as you drop down, turn around and look under where you just were to find some sardinium.

The fourth checkpoint will have you jumping back and forth between a couple of octoballer dispensers. There’s a valve that will carry you to the top level where you can move on to the next area. Instead of moving on, jump to the right lane from the top of the spout. The scroll is in the orange crate ahead of you.

27 — Octoling Workout

Once again, clear out most of the octolings before you worry too much about treasure hunting. Look on the far side of Octoling Workout near the octolings’ spawn platform for a vertical inkfurler — it’s on the left side of the room. There’s an orange crate on top with the sardinium inside.

The scroll is basically right in front of your spawn point. Head toward the center of the room and look for some boxes that form steps. Spray some ink into the pool of enemy ink at the top to reveal the crate with the scroll inside.

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